Apr 20, 2010

All About Eyeliner

All About Eyeliner....

Ok guys....here goes another basic video tutorial...this time on eyeliner specifically for the upper lashline...feedback is welcomed! : )

Basic chat....

How to...


  1. This tutorial really helped and I will be getting a creme eyeliner. Could you do a tutorial on how to wear bright lipcolour.


  2. Tina you are too cute, I was on the floor last night, "Oops I made a mess", LOL

  3. Thanks for the video, it was great! I always have trouble creating the "winged" look but the way you do it looks a lot easier than the way I've been trying to do it LOL I also have a lot of trouble keeping eyeliner on my waterline. After I have applied it, my eyes tend to water and then it all gradually comes off and ends up under my eyes - not a good look. I'm gonna try this out again on the weekend!

  4. Awesome video!!! I will be trying this over the weekend! Thank you!

  5. Thx guys! I glad u guys liked it! Hope I gave some decent tips even tho I made a mess! LOL LOL!


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