Apr 28, 2010

MAC Oil Control Lotion REVIEW

MAC Oil Control Lotion REVIEW

From MAC:

The ultimate no-shine base for oil control. Natural exfoliants help improve texture and clarity. Lightweight and instantly matte, bonds makeup to the skin for fewer touch-ups. Oil-free hydration with natural colloidal minerals and antioxidants. Formulated to keep skin pH-balanced. Use day or night.
50 ml / 1.7 fl oz


From Me:

I tend to do some research before I invest in any makeup or skincare product and found that the MAC Oil Control Lotion received mixed reviews. So I wanted to test this product out for a few weeks before I did a review so that I could get a real feel for the product. 

First off I am an oily girl. LOL. Let's make that clear. I have major problems in my T-zone and can look like I had a grease bath by the end of a long day. But I'm happy to be oily since oily skin has less aging issues down the road.

My 4 P's...

The Packaging is ideal. It comes in a pump action bottle much like Fix + with the added locking function. The pump dispenses small amounts of product at a time allowing for great control of how much is used. It's compact and easy to travel with because of the locking feature of the pump. No unintentional squirting in your luggage here.

The Price is a bit on the high side but when compared to similar high end products it falls in line. One bottle will last almost a year or more depending on how much you use it so it's worth it to me.
The Product itself is a lightweight lotion that goes on clear and dries down to a matte finish. It leaves your skin feeling moisturized but not tight as a lot of mattifiers have been know to do. It sinks into the skin pretty well with no greasy feeling left over. It also does not have the slippery feel of silicone based primers. Many people use this as a primer in addition to their moisturizer because it is so lightweight. Personally I don't need an additional moisturizer since this gives me just the right amount I need. It blends well with my foundation and helps it stay in place all day.

The Performance for me has been superb! The effects are gradual as it is for many skincare products. The first day I used it I was impressed but not overly so since I still had to touch up during the day. By the 5th day I was down to 1 touch-up versus 3. And by week 2 I did not touching up over my 9 hour days. So don't expect instant gratification with this product. Just give it a week for better results.

 I will buy this product over and over! This is now my go to moisturizer/primer! This comes Highly Recommended by moi!



  1. I've been thinking about getting this product for a while. Sounds really good, I might have to take the plunge soon, as the weather gets warmer! :)

  2. I love this lotion...it is a staple for me!

  3. You should try the phillip's milk of magnesia. I was very skeptical but I've been using it for a week and it works like a charm! Only about $4. You won't regret it!

  4. Thank you for doing a review on this! I was always interested in this product but couldn't force myself to shell out the $$ to try it, I guess this is going on my "To Buy" list.

  5. I also have an oily face and use this moisturizer. I loved it and will forver be in my daily routine

  6. I'm glad to hear that some of u guys use this too and love it! I was hoping it would be a savior for me and YES I finally found my Holy Grail moisturizer!

    Hey Makeup On A Budget...I have heard about using the Milk of Magnesia but I don't try to skimp too much when it comes to skincare. This lotion has antioxidants and it hydrates my skin too. I think the MOM would really help with the oil but not help my skin much. You know what I mean? But thx for the feedback....never know when it will come in handy!

  7. Do you use this with a primer as well? Or alone? x

  8. Hi Lora, I use this alone without a primer. I don't feel the need for a primer with this lotion.

  9. I just recently purchased this lotion and it is great. I have a BIG problem with my T-zone being extremely oily. It definitely works. I love it and will continue to buy it.

  10. I'm hoping to find this product at my local Mall; my t-zone area is really oily. This sounds like two products in one- primer & moisturizer; should be worth the bucks! Thanks for the review! If I purchase, this will be my first MAC product.

  11. Hello i have a blog too, iam a french girl and like you, i have got a oily skin, your review reconforte me, i want to purchase this product...
    Thank you for this good review, sorry if my english isn't totaly good

  12. Can I use this without makeup?
    Because I have oily skin but do not wear any makeup

    1. Certainly! I use it even when I don't wear makeup.


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