Apr 8, 2010

'Golden Undercurrent' Look

'Golden Undercurrent' Look

Where have I been? : )
I know I have been MIA for almost a week but I took a break from makeup and was going plain face for a few days. It was actually exhilarating....maybe it was the extra sleep or the sunny weather...but alas I had to come back to my first love.

I decided to break in a few new products that I picked up from Make Up For Ever and MAC Art Supplies Collection.


I started off with Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my lid up to the brow bone.
Then I applied MUFE #11 Aqua Cream Color (light yellow gold) as a base all over my lid and lightly in the crease. 
On the inner corner, I applied MAC Blanc Type (matte creamy beige). 
Next on the middle of the lid, I applied MUFE #2 Metal Powder (metallic mustard gold).
On the outer lid and outer V I applied MAC Deep Brown Pigment (matte deep brown).
For blending I used Smashbox Nude Eyeshadow (matte nude brown).
For highlight I used MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow (shimmery champagne gold). 
My brows are filled in with MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked and MAC Showstopper Eyeshadow.

I lined my upper lashline with Wet 'n' Wild Creme Eyeliner in Black. 
I lined my lower waterline with Loreal HIP Creme Eyeliner in Black.. 
I lined my lower lashline with MAC Undercurrent Pearlglide Eyeliner (deep green with yellow gold sparkles).
I used a tester Mascara for my lashes and Beautee Senses Smashing Eyelashes.


MAC Bronzilla Lipstick with MAC Ember Glow Lipglass.


I used NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Tahoe with MAC Select MoistureCover Concealer in NW35 under my eyes. I set with MAC Blot Powder in Dark.
I used MAC Gingerly Blush for my cheeks.      


  1. That is so pretty! Welcome back. :-)

  2. gorgeous look! I need that MUFE gold shade u have on. How do you think it'll look on someone with my complexion?

  3. Yayyy Tina, glad you're back - I was starting to miss my "fancy face" fix! Love the browns!

  4. Thx so much for the Welcome Back guys! I have been missing makeup and my blog friends so much!

    Hahahaha @ Sarah! Fancy Face fix...lmao! It's catchy!

  5. Hey Lady! The MUFE Metal Powders come in 4 shades - a yellow sunflower gold, an olive green gold, a bronze brown gold and a more reddish brown gold. I'll swatch the two that I bought for ya!
    I actually think they would nice on all skintones...just depends on what u wear it with u know what I mean? The Olive is great for greens and the golden one is better for yellows and browns...and so on. But they r just DIVINE!

  6. Yes I missed you blog also.......... Did you buy any other pearlglide eyeliners? I got Designer purple and undercurrent. I was thinking of retuening it though because the glitter gets in my eyes

  7. Hey Camille girl! Sorry I was MIA for so long :)
    I bought Industrial, Designer Purple and Undercurrent Pearlglides.
    Do you use them on the waterline? They r not recommend for that use. I use them on my lower and upper lashlines and it's LOVE. I stay away from my waterline tho because of the glitter. If that's y u bought them then I'd say it's not safe (or comfy).

  8. gorgeous combo!!! that gold is so hot!

  9. *edit....recommended... :)


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