Apr 14, 2010

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Metal Powders

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Metal Powders


I was impressed by the MAC Metal Pigments but I am even more impressed with these MUFE Metal Powders.

These are just divine! They apply like a dream. They have a creamy consistency and are more dense that MAC Metal Pigments so they don't fly everywhere. They cling to the lid so there is no fallout. They are rich in color and go on very pigmented on the skin.

They only come in 4 colors so far and they are all from the Gold family. I hope they expand to include silver and bronze soon because these are fantastic.

Shade 1 - Sunflower Gold
Shade 2 - Maize Gold
Shade 3 - Honey Gold
Shade 4 - Olive Gold

I got two of these colors Shades 2 and 4. Shade 2 is a darker bronze gold and Shade 4 is a perfect olive/yellow gold.

                                     SHADE 2                                                  SHADE 4 


  1. oooh, you keep creating MUFE lemmings for me girl! Because of your blog and gorgeous swatches/looks, my makeup collection is much bigger than it was before (and it was already gigantic before).

    Do any of these golds compare to Goldilux?

  2. Hahahahahaa! I'm such a MUFE 'pusher'. I really love this brand. They have some of the best products on the market IMO.

    I don't see any similarities between Goldilux and MUFE Metal Powders. The MUFE powders are so dense it's almost like liquid powder (makes sense?)...they are so opaque and compact it's awesome. Let me put it like this...if you blow at them they won't budge. They cling to the skin and the color payoff is ridiculous!

    Goldilux seems to be a lighter color also and a much lighter pigment. One swipe of the MUFE and it's instant color. BAM!

  3. OMG! love the colour, perfect metallic gold..please do a look on with these, I would love to see how they look on your eyes:) thanks for the swatches!

  4. Hi Ash! These metal powders are so fun. I actually already did a look using Shade #2. See it here http://thefancyface.blogspot.com/2010/04/golden-undercurrent-look.html

  5. Thanks for the link tina, gosh I might have missed that FOTD..gorgeous! inspires me to do some looks, its been a while since i posted in specktra.

  6. any idea when can we get these at sephora?? they are gorgeous!!!!!!!

  7. hey resham...I think they may get them in June when the Aqua Creams come out (or some time in the summer)...or maybe not at all...I'm not sure.

  8. Hey Tina,
    There are great! Have you tried them wet? GORGEOUS!! Sephora will be getting only one in kit with the pencil and diamond power


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