Apr 16, 2011

Maybelline FIT ME Foundation - THOUGHTS...

Maybelline FIT ME Foundation - THOUGHTS...

Why You'll Love It
It's makeup that fits you. 
- No oils, no waxes, no nonsense   
- Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be…fresh, breathing, natural    
- Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin's natural highs and lows to show through  
- Non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested

    For Best Results
    Apply smoothly and evenly to your face and blend with your fingertips.  


    My Five Ps

    The price for the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation varies by store and by sale. The retail price is $7.99 for 1.0 fl. oz. (30ml) but, as is the usual case with drugstore makeup, you are able to get a cheaper price during sales or by using coupons. For instance, as I type Ulta has this foundation on sale for $4.79.

    The best thing about drugstore makeup  is of course the prices! This foundation is one of the least expensive of drugstore brands. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Foundation is $11.99 while Revlon Colorstay Foundation is $9.99. The amount of product is 1.0 fl. oz. which is the usual size of most foundations on the market.

    The price is a great selling point here since you don't have to break the bank to try it out.

    There are numerous stores to purchase the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation which makes it much more accessible.Check stores such as Ulta, Harmons, Target, Walmart and even online at Amazon.

    As with most drugstore makeup, the drawback is that you are not able to test/swatch the product of your skin since they don't provide testers at your disposal. This means that shade matching is only by sight and finger-crossing.

    There are 18 shades in the color range to choose from with a decent selection of warm/neutral/cool undertones. However, the shade range does not cover very deep skintones so my ladies of color be aware of this. I am shade #320 which is the second to darkest color so that can give you an indication of how deep the colors go.
    The packaging is a rectangular glass bottle with a screw-on cap. There is no pump here, which again is typical of drugstore foundations. This means that you will need to pour the product out rather than pump which can lead to product wastage (over-pour). Also, with an open top bottle they is more exposure to air and bacteria which can lower the shelf life of the product.

    The packaging is basic and sturdy but of course there a few ways to tweak the functionality for easier use.

    Product & Performance
    Maybelline has made very very basic claims for the Fit Me Foundation. Natural, lightweight coverage that matches easily to your natural skin.

    I can attest to all the claims. This foundation is truly lightweight with sheer to light coverage and matched very well with my natural skin. The coverage is similar to a tinted moisturizer and allows your natural skin to show through the foundation. This will work great for anyone who is looking for minimal coverage and can be used in conjunction with concealer for trouble spots. If you require more coverage and have trouble skin then this foundation will not be your friend.

    The foundation leaves a very noticeable sheen to the skin. The sheen did not translate as a natural 'glow' to my skin but rather as an overly-dewy finish. This was easily counteracted by adding a setting powder on the high-shine areas. Maybelline does recommend and has a matching Fit Me Pressed Powder to set the foundation.

    I do not need heavy coverage in my foundation so my skin looked great after application. The biggest disappointment for me was the wear of the foundation. My skin looked great after foundation and powder but within 2 hours the melting started. : (  Ooooohhhh! My poor skin oozed oil and sebum and the foundation started settling into lines and creases. I was a shiny mess by the end of the day even though I blotted (and cried).

    Oh I almost forgot to mention that this foundation has an SPF of 18 which is great for some added skin protection! The active ingredient is Octinoxate 7% so be mindful of that in case you have skin reaction to this ingredient. The SPF did not create a white cast in my flash photographs so that is great! That is great that a drugstore foundation offers some sunscreen protection for our delicate facial skin.

    The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation meets all the claims made by the company which I suppose is easy to do if you limit the expectations of the product. The foundation is lightweight. The foundation does gives a very natural (if somewhat super dewy) finish to the skin.  

    I think this foundation would be great for youthful dry-to-normal skin ONLY. Be sure to have a setting powder handy to minimize some of the 'glow' this foundation provides. Teenagers and young adults that are just getting into makeup and want a natural finish will appreciate this foundation. However, it will not provide a lot of coverage and is best for those with near flawless skin. I do not think this foundation is bad at all...just not suitable for all skin types.

    COMBINATION-to-OILY skin ladies...RUN! Flawed skin...RUN! Leave this to the young and fresh faced with dry/normal skin and minimal flaws.

    I will now show you what I mean....I shall expose my greasy self...be kind!



     Maybelline Fit Me Foundation w/ setting powder


     The melting...3-1/2 hours later

     Holy grease stick batman!!!
     the tears came a little later : (


    1. Oh wow! That is greasy!! I use this foundation and it gives me a lot of coverage and I dont have flawless skin! I wonder what it could be!! I loved the review by the way!

    2. Neer heard of this foundation coming out.
      Brilliant review..

    3. Yes girl! I was a grease ball! I think this foundation gets a bad rep but it is actually quite nice for some of us. I'm glad it works well for u my dear and gives u great coverage. I think u r just shy and bashful about ur great skin tho. LOL!

    4. Thx Mercedes. Maybelline is advertising this foundation like crazy. I am sure u will run into it soon :)

    5. lol at combination to oily skin- run!!!
      so true this is more for normal to dry skin, it was awful on me, AWFUL!

    6. I have extremely oily skin. Using milk of magnesia to control the oil I am able to wear this foundation with no oil break through for a least 8 hours. This foundation looks really good on you. I love this foundation!!!

    7. Tina....looks like you were frying chicken!
      Ha-ha-ha!(I have extremely greasy skin and I always say that about myself)

      I saw this foundation in our local stores and they had small testers---I did not like any of the colors. They were too red or too pinkish on me. I'll just stick to NARS sheer matte or MAC Pro Longwear, and I may give MUFE Mat Velvet a try as well.

    8. LMAO! ur hilarious. the face in the last pic- priceless. i will definitely NOT b getting this. Thanks for the review, i was gonna buy this foundation too.

    9. The end of this post was hilarious!

      I had the SAME problem with the foundation as you, Tina. I returned them. Not only did I have the same oil slick as you, but there was NO shade match for me...so I had to mix two colors. Not worth it, IMO.

    10. I love that you have such a sense of humor you always make me laugh.. OMG I tried this foundation and took it back the NEXT day what a hot mess they should be shamed...and the color selection is horrible only good thing about this product is the price..

    11. We appreciate your bravery and taking one for the team :) but you still look great. I've thought about trying this foundation but as you say they don't have a lot colors. Have you tried L'oreal true match? That's my fav drugstore brand right now.

    12. I've found that you have to use a better quality powder to set this foundation. The FiT powder is good to use as a touch up powder, but doesn't set this foundation well at all.

      I am bummed that it doesn't last very long either but the finish is nice!

    13. So true mw. Definitely not for us oily girls.

      I have heard about the MofM method but I really don't want to try it. LOL. I think this foundation is nice for adding a glow to matte foundations. I'm keeping it just for that.

      Felicia girl I was frying chicken or fish or something! I actually looked oilier than I would without foundation so that was weird. U have all the oily girl foundations down pat! LOL!

      LOL sarah! Did u see my pain? I wiped my face right off after those pics. ICK!

      I agree Erin. Geez I have no idea y it got so greasy. I'm saving mine to add a touch of glow to other foundations cawz it is after all a nice glow....but not for wear alone.

      for real Cocoagirl! I think dry skin girls may like this tho. But surely not us greaseballs. LOL.

      Thx naatajla!

      I had to keep it real with u guys Beruda. Had to show my pain! Yes they have limited colors. I have tried True Match but I can't stand the smell. But that was years ago so maybe it has improved.

      Idk Meredith. I used my best setting powder for this. I haven't had an issue with that powder b4 :(
      But I agree u need a great setting powder for this...altho it's sad that we have to rely on a good powder for it to work right? The finish is nice so I'm keeping it to mix with other foundations. :)

    14. I had the same problem... had coupons and got the powder and the makeup for cheap. It's the worst makeup I tried in a very long time. I have dry skin and I too looked like I was frying chicken! Ang

    15. This is the best review I have seen on this product. Thanks to your honest review I am saved from purchasing a foundation that would never be suitable for me.


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