Apr 12, 2011



As you all may know, I attended IMATS NYC 2011 on April 9th and of course I have to do a re-cap of the show!

The venue was just okay and suit the size of the show since after all....it was quite small. But I was bothered by the stairs we had to climb. The entrance was on the 1st floor with all the preparation area for the student competitors, some great FX displays and the Main and Mercer Stages for demonstrations. Then you had to march up 2 long flights of stairs to get to the exhibitors in all their (subdued) glory and the additional stages. There was also a temperamental elevator if you preferred.

The main floor for the exhibitors were split into three partitions with exhibitors distributed through-out. The main exhibitors were located in the two largest partitions but you may have missed the 3rd partition (from the entrance) because the line for INGLOT was blocking the doorway. Hahahaha! I must say that the restrooms were quite nice for such a setup.

The venue was small compared to The Makeup Show and the likes of the Jacob Javitts Center. But alas, this was the first year for IMATS in NYC and the exhibitor list was scanty so I guess they were playing it safe with the space they needed. I am sure next year will be much much larger and more impressive!

Ohhhh! I was LATE! Which is typical of me...but this was compounded by the parking situation. I had to drive in since I live on Long Island plus I had plans after. There was NO parking available. If you know NYC then you know parking is always a problem but geez! I spent 1 hour just trying to find a spot and then gave up and parked in a garage for $41!!! What a pain!

The exhibitor was disappointing to say the least. Crown Brush and Shadow Shields were no shows...they both dropped out apparently. There was no MAC or Make Up For Ever which was a downer but all-in-all it was a good show. There were lots of makeup brushes, eyelashes and artsist supplies! This was a great place to build a kit for makeup artists. For regular makeup enthusiasts there was INGLOT (the star of the show), Stila, Yaby, OCC, etc. Personally, I don't think there were many options for the regular cosmetics consumer.

By far the star of the show was INGLOT! The crowd was massive around that booth....with good reason. Inglot is a great brand with great products and they offered a 30% discount on all their products. To add to that, the sales reps. were super helpful and sweet even though I know they must have been overwhelmed! I didn't touch this booth until the end of the day when the crowds had left so I avoided the commotion.

As suspected, many of the smaller booths only accepted CASH which may have dampened some moods. But you can't say I didn't warn you. : )

Also, some of the exhibitors didn't offer ANY discounts and if they did it was minuscule! Hello, Graftobian I mean you! A measly 10% really? INGLOT offered 30% off which is higher than the usual 20% off for PROs. Stila also offered 20-30% off but this is lower than the PRO discount.

There were also some deals being offered such as bulk purchases. Miss Adoro lashes were $24 for 12 pairs. Blinc sold their mascaras and brow mousses for $12 each. Alcone had lashes for $10 (7 pairs) and $5 (3 pairs). Alcone had the market on artist supplies with bulk disposable items - sponge wedges/applicators/mascara wands/lip brushes/etc., Embryolisse products, Beauty Blender Sponges, cosmetic bags and so on.

I enjoyed seeing Eye Kandy with their shimmer and sparkles (yes Amy I bought glitter...LoL!). OCC Makeup was in the house with their attitudes and poor customer service - I went, I saw, Got Attitude and LEFT! Glamcor was also there with their new lighting setups and cases and even their brushes....but $40 for a stippling brush? I think not! Onwards!

There was also a great (cheap) brush booth, Royal & Langnickel, with super soft brushes of decent quality so Crown Brush was not missed.

MY HAUL: Brushes, Lashes and glitter! : )

The highlight of the show for me was meeting some great subscribers and fellow YouTubers/Bloggers! It was nice to see Koren (Enkore Makeup) and he was super sweet. I saw JulieG who was just gorgeous in person but a lot smaller than I expected. I also glimpsed Nikkie (NikkieTutorials) from behind - she was a super tall glamazon with ice blond hair. Didn't actually see Nikkie up close nor did I see Lauren (QueenOfBlending). Oh well, next time!

But onto the good stuff!

Hey to Amy (AmbientBlu) - she kept me in the loop with texts while I was driving in and gave me the scoop once I finally arrive. Girl you need to tell me what you got!

Shout out to Jenine (may be spelling that wrong) with her fierce color block makeup on..going to work! LOL! Girl excuse me for trying to peek into your shopping bag. I'm obsessed like that!

Andrea luv, who I met the day before at MAC but forgot to ask her name because I am un-mannerly, was on a shopping spree! Every booth I went to I saw you girl. I know you got a lot of stuff! How is that Candy-Yum-Yum lipstick working out?

Hey hey hey to Megan, La-Shawn (one of my best friends' names) and Lisa! You guys were all in a rush to get your makeup! Hahahahaa! But thanks for saying hi! it was nice to meet you all!

And we cannot forget my girl, Diva (Welcome2DivasWorld) and her great friends! Girl you are too crazy! Luv ya boo! Diva recorded my demo with Roque Cozzette (details coming up). I can't THANK YOU enough girl! She is fierce and down to earth! Loving her!

If you saw me let me know! Send me pics too if you have any - thefancyface@hotmail.com! YAY!

Tina, Camille, Erika (Mz. More) and Diva Lisa!

And who did I meet but Roque Cozzette! Oh my! The IT guy for airbrushing, brush designer and former MAC makeup artist. He also works closely with Kett Cosmetics and is by far the sweetest guy you will meet! So here's the story...I was walking around when I saw the Cozzette Inc. brush booth with beautiful purple handles and designs. I was intrigued! The brushes are all vegan and synthetic so I started playing around with them. Needless to say I fell in love! They are so soft and well made plus they had some unique shapes.

So I asked to purchase two of the brushes that I was about to die for and Roque comes up and flatters the heck out of me : ). And he asks me what I'm doing in about a hour because he needed a model for his makeup demo. His thanks to me would be the brushes I wanted! Of course I said I would do it! Even without the brushes! How often do you get asked to model for a well-known makeup artist? Hello!

So I prance onstage (I was missing MIA from the floor for about 2 hours - minor sacrifice) and got airbrushed and 'beat' by Roque Cozzette! My new lover (LOL) Diva filmed some on the demo so I will share that with you guys coming up. Thanks again girl! Roque made me a drag superstar and it was so much fun! I looked like a stiff corpse for the most part but ah well. The best part is...he gave me ALL his brushes! ALL of them!! OMG! I thought I would get the two I wanted but he gave me a full set! And let me tell you...these are luxury, great quality brush ($18-$40 a pop). That made my WHOLE DAY, NIGHT, WEEK, MONTH!

After Roque 'dragged' me out! : )

Tina and Roque Cozzette! 
(But what is going on with my cone t!ts? Geez!)

Tina, Roque Cozzette and Felisha (my cousin and my date)!
(But what is going on with my cone t!ts? Geez!)

This was also a highlight for me because it showcased so much talent. The funny thing is I was thinking I could do most of what I saw. There was a lot of face-painting but I guess this is what makeup is about these days!



WOW! I will tell you right now that I was grossed out and amazed at the same time. I touched the Jake Gyllenhaal corpse and screamed for no reason! Silly girl!


  1. Looking forward to next year. It can only be bigger and better. I had my sister stalk you for me at the show while I was online @ Inglot. I did catch a glimpse as you ran by lol.

  2. Awesome! I loved this post.

  3. Wow! Glad you had such a wonderful time! I'm so jealous! :)

  4. wow you got asked to be a model! thats great! so did I. I was in the student competition as well and they pulled me from the line to model. I wish i would have saw you. i agree the list wasnt all that great but since the show sold out i hope next year will be better and more impressive

  5. You look like a completely different person,

  6. You are the one person my sister(DILLAGAF posted above)and I wanted to see. I saw you and she didnt. LOL. I'm so happy..and she's so jealous, lol. I wish I took a pic with you but at least I got a hug. You are gorgeous in person. Not to mention tall too!

  7. Wow the special effects were really cool. That's what I wanted to see and shop of course. I'm glad you were asked to model and were able to get brushes in the bargin. Great post, it looks like fun was had by all. I will be there next year for sure.

  8. loved reading about ur expertience Tina. Sucks about the parking and the no shows but the rest sounds amazing!

    Love love love the makeup :)

  9. I wish I had gone but reading your post makes me feel like I was there... Please post the any updates for the MakeUp show. I'm going to try my best to make that one

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! The pictures are great. I am going to definitely try and make it next year. That haul is awesome; nothing like stocking up on the essentials at a good price.

  11. It sounds like you had a ball! I have several of the Roque Cozzette brushes on my list for the Chicago Makeup Show. Roque beat your face! That is so amazing and generous that he gave you all of the brushes! I know you just about died! Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

  12. sounds like u had fun hun,nice pics&u look amazing! Am jealous lol

  13. Me too DILLIGAF! Next year should be so much better. Hahahahaaaa @ seeing me run pass Inglot. It was such a hectic day. next time I'll be early. If u r going to The Makeup Show then we will have to meet up then!

    Thanks Erin!

    Thanks Meme! It was a great time! Wish u could go too.

    That's awesome KayKay! Did u have fun with it? I saw the students getting ready. It looked so cool. Next year will definitely be better. Can't wait!

    I looked like a drag queen Tysh! LOL! It was great! LOL! But posing for pics was not that fun. I get camera shy.

    Thanks ssebonynyc! I think I met u last and after that I was off to the stage. It would have been so cool to have pics with u and ur sister. Next time we have to do it! I need to rememeber too. Hahahaha. I am tall but Nikkie made me feel so short. LOL.

  14. WOW!!! Awesome Blog!

    That's all I can say... LOVE IT!

  15. It's so true Beruda. The Special FX were awesome. I was such a fool screaming after touching them. Next year I will see u there!

    It was so cool Saadeh. I wish u could have made it from Canada!

    Good to hear Sharon. I'm glad I could share with u. I will be posting soon about The Makeup Show. Just bought my tkt for Sunday. That one will be very nice!

    U r welcome favorisntfair! It was fun and I only picked up essentials so that was even better. Can't wait to see u next year.

    U understand perfectly Devin. I almost died when he handed me ALL the brushes. I am so so grateful. These brushes r top quality! U will love them. When is the Chicago show? Hope u have fun!

    Oh Sher I had so much fun! U shud so come next time!

  16. Hey Tina,

    You did spell my name right, LOL! Thanks so much or the shout out. You are even more beautiful in person.

    I completely agree with your run down of the show. I'm happy I went, but I was a little disappointed. I'm giving them a pass, because its the first year. If they move the venue and have more exhibitors next year I will give IMATS another chance.

    As for my shopping bag half of it was for my cousins in Delaware. I recently introduced them to Inglot and they begged me to get them some stuff.


  17. Thats so awesome! I'm drooling over those lashes too!

  18. It was nice meeting you at IMATS, Tina. That's me Mz. More, standing next to my girl Diva Lisa, and that is my Soror Camille next to me. I also posted the pics of us on my blog and you're in my youtube video. Hope to see you at The Makeup Show!


  19. wow! sounds like you had a blast! i wish i could have gone. would have loved to have met you & mz.more in person. :O) thanks for sharing

  20. Helloooooooo, Lovaaaaaaa..... LOL! It was so fun meeting you and hanging out. I'm so pissed the lil' "patois" spiel wasn't recorded.

    I was considerably "behaved" in the finances department as I have BIGGER fish to fry at the Makeup Show! Looking forward to seeing you again at the Makeup Show as well. Who knows? Maybe I'll plan a NYC meetup!

    Shout out to my peoples showing Ms. Tina love... Tysh, Mz.More & Devin!

    Love ya back, mama!


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