Apr 16, 2011

INGLOT AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

INGLOT AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow
Size: 2g/0.07 us oz
Price: $14

AMC = Advanced Makeup Components
This is a term coined by Inglot to describe their signature formulation for their high impact color makeup and nail polishes.


My Five Ps

To be honest, I didn't really consider the prices of these pigments until now. The Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows cost $14 each for 2g/0.7oz. of product. These are less than half the size of a M∙A∙C Pigment which costs $19.50 for 4.5g/0.15oz. What does this mean? It means these pigments are much more expensive than the comparative M∙A∙C Pigments: Inglot - $7 per gram, M∙A∙C - $4.33 per gram.

But when compared to the likes of Illamasqua Pure Pigments ($24 for 0.04 oz) and MUFE Star Powders ($19 for 0.04 oz) then the Inglot Pigments are a great value!

So what's the verdict? Quite frankly, you get a decent amount of product and will probably never use up a full jar. They are also some of the cheaper pigments you will find in the mid-to-high-end range. I didn't look at price when I got these because at the end of the day I'm spending $5 less than with M∙A∙C (albeit more per oz.) but still getting more than enough product for my buck (and my usage). Are they worth it? In my eyes...yes!

There are rumors of a price increase in May but we will have to wait and see. The biggest price change will be in the Freedom System. I assume the price on these pigments will increase $1 or $2 which wouldn't be too too hard to swallow.

The packaging for the Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows is a very basic plastic jar with a screw-on lid. The plastic is very thick and robust with a solid cover which is great for durability and travel. These come without a sifter lid which may or may not be an issue for some. The lids also fit snugly onto the containers for added secureness and prevention against product spillage during storage.  

There is a label on the bottom of each jar that indicates the eyeshadow number, size, company location, suggested shelf life.

Inglot uses numbers for their products rather than names which can make our makeup lives difficult to say the least. Names are much easier for us to remember and it becomes quite a task to recall numbers for swatches/looks/tutorials/random makeup chats! I suppose it would be daunting to give names to all their products now but I wish they would consider it.

I decided to add another sub-category to my Ps just for Inglot. Inglot is very new to the US (about 2 years now) and started out with their flagship store in Times square NYC. They have now expanded to Las Vegas, Miami, Chelsea Piers NYC (main office), California and even New Jersey. But even with the expansions they were missing a web store...until very very recently.

So thankfully, we are now able to satiate our Inglot appetites in store, via phone orders and now online! The website may be a bit tedious to navigate and understand especially the Freedom Palettes but I will go over that in a separate post.

The Forum Shops at Caesars
Town Square
Aventura Mall
Westfield Garden State Plaza
1592 Broadway
Chelsea Market Building
Fashion Island
Product & Performance
The Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows are fantastic 'loose' eyeshadows/pigments. I use the term 'loose' very loosely here (insert smile here for my double pun).

The eyeshadows themselves are moist and creamy rather than powdery and loose. While they are finely milled and smooth, they are still very dense and moist which is great for limiting fallout and product waste. I say this because other loose eyeshadows can be dusty, powdery and so lightweight that they fall easily onto the face or float away into thin air. These pigments cling together in small clusters but do not mistake them as being 'chunky'. The clusters are form by virtue of the formula rather than by deficiencies in the manufacturing process.

All the pigments have a shimmer, frost, high frost or metallic finish with the exception of one lonely matte black pigment. I find that the frost level varies depending on the color and range from a subtle shimmer/sheen to high impact metallic frosts. They work really well dry or wet with minimal fallout when pressed onto the skin. I do suggest using a primer with these because they are creamy and may crease on oily lids.

The pigmentation and color payoff for these eyeshadows is superb with/without primer, dry or wet. They apply really nicely to the skin with little effort and blend really easily with each other and other products. I notice that if they are layered too thickly they can flake but that is easily avoided by using thin layers.

If you are not a fan of frosts and shimmer you may not love these. But even though I am a matte fan at heart I still collected quite a few of these because they are so beautiful to look at and to use. I love using them dry or wet and the pigmentation is divine. The price is just right too even though M∙A∙C has a better value. There are also some really unique and gorgeous shades in the line-up so I say check them out. 

Since the website has no color descriptions I think swatches are key! So I will now lead you on a pic/swatch journey to tickle your FANCY!


Pictures & Swatches

 High frost golden bronze

Burnt orange with subtle sheen

Bright yellow with gold sheen

Shimmery ice white gold

 Shimmery fuchsia pink

 Shimmery red based brown
 Light lemon gold

  Chartreuse green

 Shimmery white w/ green interference

   Shimmery purple

 Shimmery charcoal silver w/ slight purple sheen

  Shimmery taupe

 Shimmery blue

  Shimmery silver w/ slight pink sheen

  Rich molten bronzen gold

  Shimmery deep pink

  Shimmery teal

  Shimmery moss green

  Shimmery light purple

  Shimmery bronze w/ pink sheen



  1. Wow! These are all super nice colors! I love reading your reviews and with the great pictures! ;)I'm not sure if I can get these here in Netherlands or Belgium. But I will look out for them.

  2. Thanks for the swatches! Amazing picture quality and very helpful.
    I have one of the pigments and so far I love it.
    I also have the even tinier jars with the sparkly dusts...very nice!

  3. Is Inglot shimmery teal comparable to Mac's teal?

  4. Thanks for sharing Tina, awesome pictures :)
    I like 58, such a nice, vibrant blue, love it :) And that yellow pigment (29) is amazing.


  5. i luv 34 and 43! inglot is so my favorite now..i think i luv them maybe more than mac..their shadows r easier to blend than mac IMO

  6. I love ALL the colors, they're soo amazing! So sad that I can't get them here in germany :( I'm really looking forward to looks with these pigments :)

  7. Hey Tina this is Ashley. I love your blog. Your mom just told me about all the stuff you have been doing here and on YT. She gave me some Nars eyeshadows! I was really excited. So jealous you went to IMATS!
    Anyway, congrats on a great blog.

  8. Great swatches! I'm in love with all these colors their pigmentation is amazing.

  9. OMG! They're also!!!!!! I'm gonna need to check them out myself :)

  10. girl I wish i was lucky like u and had access to Inglot easily. I'm loving these swatches!

  11. I'm the opposite to you when it comes to finishes; I love shimmery/glitter/frost finishes rather than matte. With that being said, I'm loving the pigments! Thanks for the swatches =)

  12. Great post. I'm still waiting for when I have time to get to NYC to visit the store. Thanks for the review and swatches.



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