Feb 12, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection - HAUL, SWATCHES and THOUGHTS...

M∙A∙C Wonder Woman Collection - HAUL, SWATCHES and THOUGHTS...

M∙A∙C Spring Colour 2011 is the feminine force that saves the day! No nemesis can match her super-sized Mineralize Skinfinish, Eye Shadows, Lipsticks and Powder Blush for this transformation! Our Artists work wonders every day - now with the help of one of the most exciting feminist figures...

You can find complete details on the collection here: MAC Wonder Woman Collection

I only picked up 4 items from the collection (one was just for novelty and collection purposes). I got both blushes, Heroine lipstick and Emancipation lipglass.


The PRICES for this collection are considerably higher for the super sized items - Lipglasses, Blushes, Mineralize Skinfinishes and the Penultimate Liner. For the regular sized items there is also a price increase for the Wonder Woman licensing. There are also a few permanent products mixed in that can be bought for the regular price and MAC and MAC Pro. Those are Marine Ultra Pigment, Golden Bronze Glitter, Reflects Pearl Glitter, Russian Red Lipstick and Opulash Mascara in black. So keep that in mind.


The PACKAGING is a hit or miss based on your personal preferences. There has been a lot of back and forth in the beauty community regarding the packaging and the Woman Woman feel. Personally I believe MAC stayed true the the Woman Woman franchise and her signature colors - Red, Blue and Gold. The product boxes are well designed and beautifully done. I do feel like the casing for the blushes and mineralize skinfinishes (MSFs) are a bit on the flimsy side...particularly the red lid. They feel slightly cheap and breakable. The blushes do come with an added mirror which is not typical for MAC blushes meanwhile the MSFs are much larger but missing that mirror (they just have a big empty lid). That design is of course questionable but it may have been based on the larger size where putting a mirror in may not have been practical.


The actual PRODUCTS were somewhat of a let down for me. First let me say that I don't think eyeshadows are MAC's strong point. Their eyeshadows have more misses than hits with pigmentation and color payoff. I prefer other brands for eyeshadows. The eyeshadow quads are no different than I expected. The colors are not super pigmented or unique and for $40 a pop ($10 per eyeshadow) I think you can find better options.

I LOVE MAC Pigments but my issue with these are the price - $21 versus $19.50! Yes you get tons of product for your money but I am a bit leery of this price hike since Marine Ultra is permanent and Bright Fuchsia is a re-promote (and not that special). Marine Ultra is also one of those patchy mattes...although it is a beautiful color.

The Blushes are the stars of the collection and I say get both! LOL! Or at least the one you love the most. They are beautiful, pigmented and have a great finish. Loving these colors.

The MSFs are HUGE! But I was not drawn to any of them. The bronze shades came off a bit too orange on my skintone and the highlight sides were a tad frosty and ashy on me as well.

The Mascaras looked fun but I prefer the Estee Lauder Sumptious Color Mascaras for colored mascaras.

The Penultimate Liner is another HUGE product and I was never a fan of the original. It reminded me of a sharpie marker but it may come in handy for some of you guys.

The Lipsticks were also fun but I only grabbed the only unique shade - Heroine. Many people are chasing after Marquise d’ which is a Lustre finish meaning light color payoff - I don't see the hype. It's a pale pink...not unique in my eyes. Russian Red is a great red but it's permanent. Spitfire was also a nice color but I was not moved.

The Lipglasses were hilarious! I got one just for fun and collection purposes. They are HUGE and almost ridiculous to work with. The colors are not unique for me but the huge packaging and wand is a great conversation piece. LOL. They are also tricky to use because the wand pops out with enough force to splatter lipgloss everywhere and if you have smaller lips...good luck!


Heroine Lipstick
 Beautiful bronze lipstick with berry interference and slight silver sparkles.

Emancipation Lipglass
 Sheer light pink with pink and pearl sparkles.

Golden Bronze Glitter 
 Beautiful golden bronze glitter

Reflects Pearl Glitter 
 White glitter with pink pearl reflects.

Amazon Princess Blush
 Bright satin pink with a plum accent.

Mighty Aphrodite Blush
Satin golden peach with berry accent.



 Wonder Woman Blush versus Spring Forecast Blush Ombre
0.38 oz versus 0.31 oz
The Wonder Woman Blushes are larger than the Blush Ombres

Wonder Woman Blush versus Regular Blush
0.38 oz versus 0.21 oz

 Mighty Aphrodite Blush, Ripe Peach Blush Ombre, Mighty Aphrodite Blush

 Wonder Woman Lipglass versus regular Lipglass
Of course the regular lipglass is seriously intimated!


  1. Great post! I was going to pass on this collection altogether, but thanks to your post I just may get one of the blushes and definitely the Heroine lipstick! BTW, you're hilarious- the regular lipglass is intimated lol!!

  2. Not really feeling this collection as much as others and I think its mainly because of the packaging. Like you said, its a hit or miss and for me its a miss. That lipstick 'Heroine' looks absolutely gorgeous you on doll! Now thats a hit! Lol

  3. Hey Tina!Your post on this collection is on point per usual. I got that Mighty Aphrodite and I totally agree that it is a great buy for people like me who missed out on that Ombre blush. Amazon Princess reminds me of Band of Roses from 1 of the 1 million collections last year. lol. I didn't even glance at the e/s either because they were def a disappointment. I picked up Athena's Kiss and I felt like I was going to fly across the room trying to pull the applicator out of the gloss....SMH. Its really starting to be quality over quantity w/MAC and they need to fix that ASAP.

  4. LOL look at the size of that lipglass! Definitely intimidating! Hahaha representation of wonder woman, perhaps? But that blushes look lovely!!

  5. Thx Kendra! I was going to pass too that's why I didn't order online. I had to see it in person first. The blushes r def. worth checking out and if u like bronze lips Heroine is the way to go!

    Hahahaa Candy! Poor WW. LOL. It can seem like loud packaging but it's a cartoon so I expected it. I don't like that the blush and MSFs lids feel so cheap tho. Ick! Heroine rules!

    Awesome Fair. I agree with the Mighty Aphrodite comment. I never get too sad about missing out since there is always a dupe coming out soon :)
    I like Amazon Princess because I don't really have a bright pink blush like it. The e/s were not special at all. LOL @ the lipglass...man they r seriously difficult to pull out! LOL. None of the new MAC collections r screaming at me at all. If I get anything it's just for collection purposes now :(

    Hahahahahaha Cendana! Poor little lipglass! Yep...WW is all about super sized! She is an Amazon Princess afterall :)

  6. Tina, words cannot express how GLAD I am to see a popular blogger admit that they prefer other shadows over MAC... because I DO TOO! Sometimes the company is over hyped... especially eyeshadow wise. I can't tell you how many times I've walked to class and girls would come up to me & ask me "are your wearing MAC on your eyes?" And I'm like ummm no! It's either MUFE, NARS, or UD.... I like Rock & Republic eyeshadows as well... wish more would expand their horizons & realize that there are other brands who top MAC effortlessly.


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