Feb 16, 2011

The FANCY FINDS - Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar

Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar

Are you a glitter lover? Are you in search of a great way to use glitter without the mess? Well search no more....and end infomercial banter here...

I found a great way to help glitter adhere to the skin and eyelids without making a mess. Plus it's great for sensitive skin, long wearing and water soluble to boost! It's Liquid Sugar from Eye Kandy Cosmetics.

What is great about this product is that it is a liquid which makes it much more user friendly. I have seen others use eyelash glue, LA Splash Eye Shadow Base, mixing mediums, etc. which can be tedious since these methods tend rely on the tackiness of the base combined with loose glitter flying every which way. I have used MAC Eyeliner Mixing Medium to create glitter liners which works well with a brush but I did not venture into glitter on my eyelids because if the effort it took.

Now enter Liquid Sugar. Because it is a liquid you can easily create glitter effects on your eyes with a brush and this bad boy! It can be used sheerly (so you don't get clumps of glitter - yes glue I see you) or layered for more intensity. It allows time for you to move the product around as well so you can get your desired effect. The best part....it HOLDS tight throughout the day and washes off in a SNAP!

Liquid Sugar is a water based sealer that bonds glitter, metallic’s and micas (powder make-up) to your eyelids, lips or any other skin surface. This product is safe for sensitive skin and contact lenses.

$16.99, Net Wt. 1.0 oz. 

Eye Kandy Cosmetics and various Retailers.
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Gently squeeze a small amount of liquid into lid. Dip your brush into the Liquid Sugar, slide along rim to remove excess liquid, dip your brush into the glitter and apply like a liquid eyeliner. When applied, eyelids may feel tight at first, but product loosens up within minutes. Use more or less liquid for desired intensity - from sheer to opaque!

This product will take 30-60 seconds to air dry depending on how thickly it is applied.

Washes off easily with soap and water.

* The Fancy Finds is just a quick post showcasing products/tips that I have found useful that may not warrant a full review but are noteworthy enough to share!


  1. I love the Fancy Finds series :D I use MAC's eyeliner mixing medium now and it works great for me. Though this products sounds more user friendly. I gotta see if the Walmarts here in canada have it.

    Thanks for the review sweetie :)

  2. nice :D I shall give this a try :D

  3. I need to pick this up for my kit! i've seen this around on the web thanks for the post

  4. There is also a less expensive version-Hard Candy's "Showgirl Secret Glitter Adhesive" They almost have the exact same ingredients and it runs about $7! It can be found at Wal-Mart or anywhere else Hard Candy is sold!

  5. This stuff made my eyes burn! It also left my my eyelids really dry and patchy


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