Feb 18, 2011

The FANCY FINDS - Smashbox Iconic Eyes Eye Palette

Smashbox Iconic Eyes Eye Palette


Iconic Eyes Eye Palette ($46 Value) is now available on the Sephora website for a Limited Time and retails for $12...yes my lovelies I said $12!!!

It is a mirrored eyeshadow palette featuring four gorgeous shades. This palette features metallic brown, shell, peach, and soft blue shades — perfect for designing of-the-moment looks.

Each eyeshadow is 0.07 oz which is almost double a MAC Eyeshadow (0.04 oz). At $12, each eyeshadow is $3 a piece which is even cheaper than a lot of drugstore brands.The eyeshadows are smooth and buttery soft with great pigmentation. All the shades have a subtle sheen to them without being overly frosty and blend easily onto the skin.

Definite STEAL for a great product! Check it out!


  1. Yes girl... I saw this on Sephora in my 'Mobile Deals' section of my app and was floored by the price. The colors looks great but I am in need of more mattes and less shadows with sheen/frost/shimmer.

  2. They look really nice!! Loving them and the price OMG!! Thanks for letting us know! Love reading all your posts ;) x

  3. Oh i wish we had Ulta and so good prices here in Greece..
    You girls in America are really lucky!

    Thanks so much for posting thiss !!!
    Smashbox makes amazing eyeshadows, like you mentioed theyre very pigmented and alot of people forget their shadows are really great

    Thanks Again !!

  5. Once again and thanks to you Tina, I just put in an order!

  6. you´re so cute!!!
    beautiful post!!!
    love it!!!=P

  7. Hi Tina,

    I'm Merielen from Brazil and I'm here just to tell you that I'm in love with your blog. I do love makeup too, also if I had a blog about makeup I'd write the same thing you wrote in the "About me" section... Because I think makeup is fun, just like you... Oh well, now you have one more follower and fan.

    Kisses from Brazil! ;-)


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