Feb 11, 2011

Found on Madame Noire

Found on Madame Noire

Where have I been? : )

I know I have been missing in action a bit lately but I have been really busy with work for the past couple of weeks. Wheeeewww! Just got back from a business trip today...I need a nap!

While I was gone, a couple of my pictures were posted in an article on the Madame Noire website. I received a lot of messages, tweets and comments regarding the post...and I want to say thanks again to all of you for bringing it to my attention. I will say that I was never contacted for my permission before they posted the pictures but they have corrected that and given credit to The Fancy Face. Thanks Madame.

And yes..."If you see something, say something"...stolen from the NYC MTA : )
I know that my pictures are here for the world to see and pretty much 'take' as well. I just ask for credit where credit is due. If you see my 'work' or pictures anywhere please send me a message to let me know. I really appreciate you lovelies looking out for The Fancy Face and my personal property. Thanks again!

Here's the post - Beyond Red: Lip Shades You Should Be Trying



  1. You should try watermarking your pics.

  2. Hi Rion. Yes I thought about that but it takes so much time. I would rather just post as fast as I can for you guys. I just don't want the blog to become a chore for me. :)

  3. Hey Fancy Face,
    *note* I am not product pushing and asking you to buy anything for review.

    I just wanted to know have you ever HEARD of Black and Blue cosmetics? (B&B) If so, what do know about them?

  4. Hey!

    Nope never heard of or used Black and Blue cosmetics. Looking at the website though it looks like the usual makeup from bulk manufacturers such as Lady Burd with just a label slapped on.

  5. Oh ok. I was told about them, and seen they had some interesting colors and wanted to order. But I had to consult first. (you know you my makeup doctor) I thought maybe you heard or known anything about this company. I don't know too much about bulk manufacturers. I'll look more into it. Thanks anyway.

  6. No prob. :)
    Some cosmetics companies just buy from a manufacturer that makes the same product in bulk for numerous other companies. They just put a different label on for each company. The eyeshadows on B&B look like they may be bulk cosmetics...and those prices r outrageous! Be careful!

  7. Hey RoyalDress, I would do like Tina says and stay away. $17 for a single eyeshadow for a unknown makeup company that is selling the same stuff as 100s of other companies is outrageous. You could call the Makeup For Ever boutique in NYC and order the eyeshadow pan refill for $11.


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