Feb 27, 2011

M∙A∙C Cremeblend Blushes Collection - HAUL and SWATCHES...

M∙A∙C Cremeblend Blushes Collection - HAUL and SWATCHES...

M∙A∙C Cremeblend Blushes originally debuted with the M∙A∙C in Lillyland Collection back in Spring 2010. I grabbed all 4 colors at that time and I loved (and still love) the formula. The Cremeblend Blush formula is now being re-released and will be added to the permanent line at M∙A∙C.

They will be replacing the discontinued Blushcremes which I always swatched in store but never purchased. I stayed away from the Blushcremes because they were very thick and goopy and came off as greasy on my oily skin. The Cremeblend blushes are meant to refine and polish the M∙A∙C cream blush formula and make them more wearable for all skin types.

Here is a link to the collection details - M∙A∙C Cremeblend Blushes.

Remember these are permanent and also available in pan form so you have time to swatch and play around before committing and you can also avoid depotting.

I went ahead and grabbed two of the new shades. The formula remains the same (or mostly so) as the previous release. They are creamy and smooth with full pigmentation. They blend easily onto the skin and while they leave a sheen on the skin, they don't translate as greasy or oily. They dry to a satin finish with a slight powdery feel.

They can be worn alone or under a powder blush for longer wear. I have not had an issue with these fading much throughout the day but they seem to stay more vibrant when used with a coordinating powder blush.


 Something Special -- Light coral
This color is a light pink coral color that may be a bit too light for darker skintones but it can work well as a highlight color. Lighter skin ladies will enjoy this shade if they like pinky corals.


Posey -- Warm peach 
On my skintone I didn't get warm peach at all as you may see in the swatch. This translated as more of a berry coral that shows as a wintry flush on my cheeks.


  • Use these before powder not after. If you use liquid or cream foundation, apply these after foundation but before setting with powder. If you use powder foundation, apply these before foundation and set with translucent powder rather than your foundation.
  • Be sure to blend these well across the cheeks to avoid 'skipping' or patches on the skin.
  • These work well with a stippling brush, fingers and synthetic bristled brushes.


  1. gorgeous swatches! I need to go and have a look at these. I don't even have a single cream blush and I think I should :)

  2. I was thinking of buying Posey, and after seeing the swatch I will most certainly be buying it. Thanks!!!!

  3. Thanks Saadeh. I think u should check these out. It's beauty blasphemy not to have some cream blushes under ur belt. ;)

    No prob Brina. Cheers to Posey!


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