Feb 28, 2011

M∙A∙C Jeanius Collection - HAUL and THOUGHTS...

M∙A∙C Jeanius Collection - HAUL and THOUGHTS...

Yessiree! I went a-hauling! Well not really. This collection is a pretty manageable one with a decent number of products but not enough to overwhelm. There are a few eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglasses, a couple blushes, and nail polishes mixed in with a couple penultimate liners for icing. Here's a link to the full collection DETAILS.

The eyeshadows in this collection are similar in size and texture to the M∙A∙C Tartan Tale Collection from Holiday 2010 and sport nifty denim designs. And of course, with the larger sizes come higher prices. I wouldn't say these colors are must-haves since they are not unique plus the texture leaves a touch to be desired. I had no issues with pigmentation but they eyeshadows felt a bit gritty against the skin. Also, bear in mind that the design itself is overspray and will go away after a few swipes. They are not bad eyeshadows by any means but for the price I think you can get much snazzier eyeshadows. I picked up two for keepsake and collection purposes.

The lipglasses and lipsticks didn't thrill me either. There are two sheer shades and a deep berry shade under each category and none of them really stand out to me to be honest. There are many dupes for these shades so no need to break your neck for these. Nice but passable...especially the sheer shades.

The penultimate liner and brow marker are what they are and I didn't bother to glance at them. : )

The nail lacquers are two intriguing shades. Frayed to Order is an interesting twist on a matte white nail polish with pink iridescence. It applies a tad streaky though and may take some work but pretty color none-the-less. Biker Blue is also a pretty shade but I own too many blue nail polishes to be smitten by this color. I think there are cheaper dupes to this polish - Orly Royal Navy being one of them.

Now onto the stars of the collection - the BLUSHES! I love both! And of course I got both!

Overdyed is a fuchsia/magenta color that seems loud in the pan but translates to a mute raspberry pink on the skin. This is definitely a more wearable bright fuchsia pink blush. If you wanted to try bright pink cheeks but didn't want to go too bright, then check this one out. It is labelled as a satin finish but there is very very little sheen to this blush....so much so that it seems matte.

 Pink Cult stole my heart once I swatched it on my cheeks. I was a bit skeptical about this one because it seems ultra light in the pan. It is described as a dirty neutral pink and that it is. I was in awe of how beautifully this applied to my cheeks. It adds the most natural hint of nude pink to my cheeks. I love this one and I urge darker skintones to try it out without being afraid of the seemingly light tone.

At the end of the day, I say definitely check out Pink Cult and Overdyed in that order. Take a gander at Frayed To Order and Biker Blue nail lacquers and maybe grab an eyeshadow for the memories!


Pink Cult Blush!


 Overdyed Blush!


Stovepipe Black                      Motorhead

Motorhead, Stovepipe Black 
Motorhead - A nice deep blue shade but not unique
Stovepipe Black - Is not black but more of a gunmetal grey/silver with some golden brown undertones.


  1. I don't like the large eyeshadows but that Pink Cult blush is going to be mine! I have nothing like it in my collection. I am hoping it will come out online tonight.

  2. Great haul! I did not fancy anything from this collection.

  3. Oh the blushes I adore! I have yet to grab myself a nice bright pink blush and I think this may be the one. Theres a few others you use that I was thinking about as well. I guess I'll swatch them at the counter and see which I like most.

  4. Nice haul and review. I am looking forward to checking out 'Overdyed', but since you mentioned Pink Cult on darker skintones, I may just check that out too now! Cheers for the tip! x

  5. thanks for the review sweetie. I was gonna pass but now I'm intrigued by pink Cult. How do you think it will look on lighter skintones?

  6. Thanks for the review! I didn't see anything I just had to have in this haul. Glad I didn't get my hopes all up only to be disappointed when I got to the counter.

  7. question would you do a swatch of the nail polish? please and thanks

  8. I agree Chels. I think MAC needs to put out more normal sized eyeshadows and less of these oversized ones. I think Pink Cult will love u! LOL!

    Thanks StealMyHeartLovee. I am with u on this one. Nothing too special here except for the blushes.

    Good luck Candy. I think Overdyed may be a good way to go for bright pink but also check out Pink Swoon and Azalea if u get a chance too.

    Oh yes Marked for Glamour! Check out both blushes. These r the stars for sure. Swatch Pink Cult on ur cheek if u get a chance to.

    No prob Saadeh. I wonder...it may be the perfect touch of pink for you. It's a touch cool so if u love cool pinks this may work for u.

    U r very welcome favorisntfair. This collection is not a stand out at all.

    Hi Gian. I didn't get the nail polish so I can't swatch it for u. Sorry :(


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