Jul 6, 2010

Sun and Summer Makeup

Sun and Summer Makeup

I'm back from vacation and I thought this post may be helpful for some who are seeking out the best way to summer-proof their makeup for vacation or hot summer days.

The summer months bring with them heat, humidity, pools, beaches, sun showers and the occasional thunderstorm. There are some key elements to remember and seek out for summer makeup - waterproof/water-resistant, SPF and lightweight!

  • Use Sunscreen! There are no two ways about it, everyone should wear sunscreen year round but more so in the summer. I suggest using a great moisturizer/primer with sunscreen for days in the sun. Don't rely solely on the limited SPF of your foundation to do the job. I use MUFE UV Prime SPF 50/PA +++.
  • For Foundation I recommend scaling back the coverage to allow your skin to breathe and to avoid the dreaded makeup meltdown. The more layers you wear and the higher the coverage then the more prone your makeup will be to 'melting' during the day. I suggest using a tinted moisturizer such as Stila Tinted Moisturizer or a lightweight foundation such as MUFE Face and Body Foundation. These offer light coverage and in some cases SPF. The MUFE Face and Body Foundation has the added bonus of being waterproof so feel free to enjoy water activities! 
  • My concealer is also waterproof. I use MUFE Full Cover Concealer.
  • I also keep my MAC Blot Powder handy for touch-ups and to blot oiliness during the day.

  • My eyeliner is also waterproof. I use Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner. For my waterline I opt for MUFE Aqua Liners or Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners which are also waterproof.
  • Mascara of course should be waterproof. I use MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara or Dior Diorshow Blackout Waterproof Mascara.
  • For my eyebrows I still use my regular eyebrow pencil but I set everything with Model In A Bottle Eyebrow Sealer which makes it waterproof and smudge-proof.
  • Don't forget your lips! lips are prone to getting burnt or chapped in the harsh sun so use a lip balm with SPF for added moisture and sun protection.

  • For extended makeup wear I will also use a makeup setting spray. In this case Urban Decay Oil Control Setting Spray.
  • Now since everything is waterproof guess what??? Yep1 You will need a waterproof makeup remover. I suggest a gentle remover (oil based if you have dry skin and water based if you have oily skin). I use MUFE Sens'Eyes Eye Makeup Remover to remove my waterproof eye makeup.


  1. This is such a great post! I have to re-purchase my MUFE F&B. I love their Aqua eyes liners too.


  2. Girl, someones using your photo... I really respect your work... http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/1729799/0

  3. Wonderful post, it has been so hot don't want to put an inch of makeup on

  4. Hi Tina,

    Just discover your blog few weeks back and I am loving it...

    All those bold look... I am not sure however, I would be able to pull them...
    BTW, what do you do for work?

    PS: Please don't mind the language,English isn't my mother tongue... :-D

  5. Thx Kim! F&B is such a good lightweight foundation. Wish it smelled better tho :)

    Thx Anonymous. I can't seem to comment or send a msg. But I joined the website and hopefully I can get it resolved. Ppl can be so unscrupulous and claim ohter ppl's work as their own. They r also using a RenRen pic. Sad.

    Thx Tysh. Girl u know I'm hiding from the heat!

    Thanks so much Lyana. I glad u like it. You can always tone done the looks to your own tastes by using lighter colors. I love brights so I tend to stick to that. :)
    I'm an electrical engineer.

  6. Love your blog! Where did you get the pump for your MUFE Face and Body? Can't seem to find one anywhere and mine didn't come with one.



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