Jul 29, 2010

MAC Dare to Wear Collection - TO GET

MAC Dare to Wear Collection - TO GET

Hey guys! This is going to be a post-in-progress!

I'm running to MAC today to grab items from the MAC Dare to Wear Collection. As you guys may know I know my matte eyeshadows and brights so this is right up my alley. This is now a quick post to tell you what I'm definitely excited about from this collection.

I'm picking up:
Sassy Grass Eyeshadow - I'm thinking it's the brighter version of MAC Landscape Green Pigment.
Shock-a-holic Eyeshadow - MUFE #92? MAC Violet Trance Eyeshadow?
Zingy Eyeshadow - I'm thinking it's the eyeshadow form of MAC Blue Cyan Pigment.
Going Bananas - Just 'cause....
Crazy Cool - Not unique but just 'cause again.
Louder, Please - Again just 'cause
Already own:
Aqua - Nice
Lime - Love
Free To Be  Nice enough
Winkle  - Nice as well
Sky Blue - Not impressed
Atlantic Blue - Bright

EDIT......July 30, 2010

I'm back from a long day in the city and here are my Dare to Wear goodies! About to do swatches and review shortly!


  1. Oooh girl! Have fun! I am still debating on what to get!

  2. YES!!! This is what I was waiting for!! Thank u!! LOVE u!!! :)
    Please let me know ur thought when u actually get them!!

  3. oh man! i cant wait to get me some of the dare to wear collection! i went to the mac store yesterday and one of the workers that i'm really cool with (i know thats pretty sad...dont judge me..lol) swatched the eyeshadows and the lipglasses for me before the line was placed on the floor...OMG. everything is super pigmented. i cant wait to hear your thoughts on it :)

  4. Hi Tina! That's one thing I love about your makeup looks--you know how to rock the heck outta some mattes :) I'm waiting for my DtW order in the mail, but I can't wait to see your final review of this collex.

  5. I'm pretty sure I'll be passing. I splurged on Chanel and will be getting more Nars soon as well. Would love to see ur haul though

  6. Oh, also if possible, could you please swatch Crazy Cool next to Illamasqua Creep and Courtesan? I am curious to see if they are similar, or if one of the Illamasquas are a matte version of Crazy Cool. Thanks so much :)


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