Jul 2, 2010

On Vacation in....HAWAII

Hi Fancy Faces (hahahaaaa @ my new nickname for you beauties),

Just popping in quickly to let you guys know that I'm on vacation in Hawaii so there will be no posts for the rest of the week until Tuesday (July 6th)   : (

I miss you guys and I hope you have a Happy Independence Day - July 4th!!!

Talk to you soon.


P.S. Tell me what you want to see in future posts so I can work on it.... : )


  1. Enjoy Hawaii!!!
    We will miss you, so come back soon!!
    lots of love =)

  2. Your top 15 to 20 eyeshadows............ PLEASE

  3. Have a restful vacation!!!

  4. Have a wonderful time! I would love to see you do a purple look!! Enjoy!!!! :-)

  5. Have a great time Tina, post some sexy pics when u're back :D

  6. Enjoy your vacation & have a safe trip home.
    A couple more nail looks plz. :OP

  7. Hawaii! Awesome.. Enjoy your vacation! x

  8. Hawaii, that is nioe, have a wonderful time, and I miss you and your daily post already girl, LOL..

  9. Hope you're enjoying your trip Tina... :) Just wanted to add that it would be lovely to see some bronze/gold/silvery looks for the summer. , plus my wedding is coming up so I wanted some nice bronzey ideas to try out.. Lov ur work! :)


  10. Hawaii is where I need to be right about now!

  11. I hope you enjoy the hell out of it! Hawaii is awesome! Loved it! Hurry up & get back safely so we all can enjoy your posts girly! :)

  12. Enjoy Hawaii!!!! I would love to see looks using Urban Decay and NYX products.

  13. Thanks so much my lovelies!!! I missed you all so much but I had a fabulous time in Hawaii with my dream guy!

    I'll try to get to all the requests asap so not to worry :)

    It's so great that you guys even cared enough to miss me and my little posts :)



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