Jul 26, 2010

Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear Foundation - Review & Thoughts....

Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear Foundation - Review & Thoughts....

This is a new liquid foundation from Lancome that has been slowly catching attention in beauty circles. I caught wind of this one on YouTube and had to give it a try. It touts 18-hour wear with a matte finish and a lightweight feel. With those claims I had to be all over it.

From Lancome...

Teint Idole Fresh Wear
18 Hour Shine-Free Makeup
SPF 15 Sunscreen
18-hour shine-free perfection.
Beautifully bare sensation.

A LancĂ´me breakthrough in long-wear makeup. Experience 18 hours of coverage, while skin feels completely bare. 18-hour worry-free makeup

This fresh formula in a convenient tube delivers weightless yet moderate coverage that instantly minimizes the look of pores and imperfections. The complexion remains flawless and shine-free from morning until night – for a full 18 hours – even under humidity and perspiration.

A naturally matte, poreless complexion that looks and feels fresh for 18 hours. Moderate coverage.
Non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested for safety and safe for all skin types, even sensitive - it also features SPF 15 for protection against UV damage.

Available in 17 long-wearing shades. Weight-free, Oil-free, Shine-free and Fragrance-free.

0.8 US oz

US $32.00
My Four Ps -

The Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear Foundation ranks up there with high-end foundations such as NARS and MUFE as far as the price is concerned. FYI It is more expensive than MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (per oz.) by $14. You only get 0.8 oz. of product which equates to $40 per oz. so bear that in mind. Hmmm....I don't mind the price too too much since it jives with the price I imagined in my head and it is cheaper than their other foundations.
The foundation comes in a plastic squeeze tube similar to MUFE Mat Velvet + Foundation which is convenient since you don't need to buy or worry about a pump. It's not as elegant or as durable as a glass bottle but it's efficient (glass bottles are better for longer shelf life). No muss, no fuss, squeeze and go!
Now onto the good stuff! I think that the selling point for this foundation is in the formula. It's thin and lightweight for sure. This is the thinnest and lightest liquid foundation I have ever worn! Ever! And this includes tinted moisturizers. It feels like I'm wearing nothing on my skin which is great!
One major drawback to this foundation is the color range. I matched perfectly with Suede 1N which is the second to darkest color they offer. I'm NC45 in MAC for reference. so my deep skin ladies are out of luck here.

But does it do what it claims? Ummmm...I'd say 50/50 on this one.

It does indeed feel weightless on the skin. It's a very thin liquid formula that glides smoothly over the skin without leaving a tight feeling that some foundations can produce.

It does feel like bare skin and gives a light-to-medium coverage. However, you will need layers to build to a medium coverage. it will leave your skin looking flawless if you have minimal flaws to begin with. My true test is if it can cover my freckles which this does not.

It evened out my skintone which is not a feat at all since all foundations do that for me anyway. My pores were not accentuated but were not minimized either. I don't have large pores or major flaws so I can't say this is a miracle worker for those who need more kick from a foundation.

Matte? 18-hours? Umm...Matte...no. It leaves a more dewy finish than matte but there is no real shine until a couple hours later. Since I have oily skin I always seek out matte foundations to minimize the oiliness. This does not meet my needs. I have to set this with MAC Blot Powder to get a semi-matte finish. As far as 18-hours go...it didn't fall off my face after 12 hours of wear but I did need to touch up with blot powder to remove the shine so....
My perfect match!
 (Can you even see it? Well you see the shine)

I'm happy with this foundation for two reasons- it's super lightweight and fresh feeling and it's the best color match I have ever had in any foundation. It blends into my skin with no effort and leaves a seamless finish.
I will re-purchase but I think of this foundation as closer to a tinted moisturizer than full on foundation. This is great for my everyday wear makeup but I will still use other foundations for a more flawless finish when so desired.
I recommend this foundation for those less than oily ladies seeking an ultra-lightweight foundation with minimal coverage. If you are oily this may not be the best bet unless you don't mind blotting through-out the day. I also don't recommend this for those who need medium-to-heavier coverage.


  1. Thanks for the review! Based on your thoughts and others, seems like this might be something I will check out :)

  2. Good review! I'll have to skip out on this one then! I prefer full coverage and it sounds like this would not work for me!!

  3. thanks for the review Tina, I wanna check this out as I looove light weight foundations. Hope they make a shade neutral enough for me that's not too pink or too yellow

  4. sounds interesting. i think i might need to give it a try. i love your reviews they are very informative. i linked you on my blog. i had to give you credit for your wonderful ideas you blog about

  5. I wear this foundation in the exact same color and I love it... It's more of an everyday make-up, so I don't walk around looking like I'm about to walk down a runway at 9 a.m. Love it.

  6. i've been looking for a good tinted moisturizer. This one maybe be perfect for those lazy monday work days :)


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