Jul 7, 2010

Naked Cosmetics - THOUGHTS....

Naked Cosmetics - THOUGHTS....

From Naked Cosmetics website...

Naked Cosmetics is the purest, most natural line of Cosmetics that exists! The Color Collections are 100% oxidized mica...a mineral. Contains no talc, oils, waxes or other fillers. 100% color! The colors can be used as Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Blush, Bronzer, Hair highligher...and much much more. NO ANIMAL TESTING. No Parabens added.

Kudos to Naked Comestics for being cruelty-free and all....other than that I say FAIL! This is not a peaceful post so be warned!

I have mentioned before that I picked up one of the pigment stacks at the NYC Makeup Show, the Shock Effect Stack to be precise. I have even used one of the colors in a tutorial and did a test drive on the rest. At the end of the day, what a waste of money...even if I bought it at a 50% discount.

My Four P's...

The price is my biggest gripe with Naked Cosmetics. The pigment stacks retail for $59.99 for 6 colors while the single pigments retail for $15. Of course the pigment stacks are the more reasonable deal but you are stuck with the 6 preordained colors in the collection. Now that equates to roughly $10 per color at the cheapest (if you buy the pigment stacks).

Sounds like a deal right? WRONG! Coincidentally (on purpose??) the website doesn't have the net weight or the amount of product posted or readily available for shoppers.

Bottom line - you get 0.05oz/1.5g for $10 with the stacks or $15 if you buy singles.

MAC Pigments are $19.50 for 0.15oz/4.5g. And these are the smaller pigments sizes!!! So for $4.50 more you can get 3 times the amount of much better quality pigments.

Make up For Ever Star Powders are $19 for 0.9oz. Again almost twice as much for $4 more. And MUFE has much better quality.

Even Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows which the Naked pigments are more comparable to are $12 for 5g.

So with the price being what it is, you would think the packaging would be on the up and up right? WRONG again! The containers are simple plastic bulky screw top jars that you can get at any craft store. They don't even have the decency to add a sifter to the jars. You open the top and dip right into the pigments. The pigments are stackable so that's a plus.

And don't get me started with the labels! The product information is stuck onto the bottom of each jar using cheap round paper printer labels. Don't make the mistake of getting these wet or even leaving them idle. Two of mine already peeled off in my makeup drawer.

With all that being said, the product must be outstanding to warrant the price by now right? WRONG! The product itself is just run of the mill, chunky, frosty pigment. Nothing stellar about them. They are not on par with MAC or MUFE for sure or even my trusty Sugarpill. In fact they remind me of Pure Luxe pigments which you can get for $1 for 1/8 tsp. each.

They swatch decently we or dry but only by layering and layering the color. I was willing to give them a chance once I used them because they aren't that awful but then....I had flaking in a couple of hours!

They have really pretty colors and I wanted so much to like them.

Need I say more? They swatch nicely and apply decently but flaked in a couple of hours for me. I tried all the colors in the stack so I know it wasn't just one bad egg. And the price and packaging kill any hope they ever had with me.
Swatched DRY over primer........Swatched WET over primer

Swatched DRY over primer........Swatched WET over primer

EPIC FAIL! Only buy if you want to waste your money. At the end of the day Naked Cosmetics is just another mineral line that can easily be duped for cheaper comparable and even better quality products.
Why the heck are Naked Cosmetics pigments more expensive than MAC or MUFE??? Who the hell do they think they are??? Shame on you Naked!!! REALLY???!!!
End of bash fest....can you tell I'm still upset??


  1. Good review! I've heard their colours are nice, but to me they look like any run of the mill mineral pigment. I looked at them a few times in the past, but just couldn't justify spending $60 for six mineral colours, when there's so much more out there, at much better prices.

  2. hahahahaha, I think you got in there ass, LOL. I am so glad I didn't waste my money on them. I am very picky when it comes to pigments.

  3. Damn girl that sucks... There has been SO much hype over this company and it's just ridiculous that they can't back it up, not to mention they can't justify those insane prices. I'm glad I didn't waste my money. Thanks for the honest review!

  4. I knew naked cosmetics was too good to be true. You should try detrivore cosmetics. Very affordable and a great pigment selection.

  5. Great review. The colours look nice, but I wouldn't pay so much of them..

  6. I love this review. No holding back whatsoever....lol. It sucks b/c the colors look awesome....looks can be very deceiving.

  7. Wow...i guess you dont like Naked Cosmetics! I didnt think what you were saying sounded right, so i did some research: To be fair, the difference is the ingredients. My Naked Cosmetics has 100% mica pigment. No talcs, oils or fillers and it lasts for flippn ever. Thats the difference. Surprised you didnt mentioned that...and that you compared to MAC in which the first ingredient is basically oil. MAC pigments have less than 50% mica pigment. I have tried other Mica products, and these DEFINATELY are the most intense.

  8. Anonymus.... I guess you right on this one. Because a lot of person love them. Leesha from xsparkage have all of there pigments and LOVE THEM. I know a lot of people loving them too. When you try to convince people that a products is not good because YOU don't love it. At some point you hide things and don't say everything. So I guess that's what she did with this review. She did not say everything.....I also think your right because she did not respond to your comment. Because I am sure she think your right on this one and don't know what to say it!!!

  9. After reading everyone's comments I believe we all feel we are helping, maybe a few don't know everything but they were trying to help .shame on those who feel make up is worth this much negative writing ,I just like the palette one girl spark something had and was looking what colors she had , if there was other colors like hers less expensive but nice thanks, let me know

  10. Okay since u both want to stay Anonymous I can see u r not up for a debate...own ur comments if u r gonna be on the attack.

    No I do not like the products I used from Naked Cosmetics. I didn't say I don't like Naked Cosmetics so get that straight.

    Now do any of the 2 of you understand the composition of makeup? Apparently not! Fillers and oils and talc and all the added ingredients are used to improve the quality of the makeup whether it's for adhesion to the skin, blend-ability, creaminess, preservation, etc. Talc actually helps with the wear and adhesion of eyeshadows. Oils help with smoothness and blend-ability. Mica is merely a component rather than eyeshadow....eyeshadow is a recipe of multiple components.

    Learn your facts before you come at me with simplistic google crap. Information is not power...how you apply it is power. And own your comments rather than hide behind Anonymous!

  11. Hi Anonymous. I can maybe see how the 1st Anonymous was attempting to share something albeit with an all-knowing-negative tone. The 2nd Anony was just str8 up rude. I don't appreciate anyone coming at me with an attitude and I WILL respond accordingly. Simple. Just my personality.

    I think there r far better options from other mineral makeup companies. Pure Luxe has great stuff.

  12. naked cosmetics is a rip off. the packaging and product is similiar to la splash loose shadow which you can get on cherry culture for much cheaper.. and the pigmentation is far better.


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