Jul 30, 2010

MAC Dare to Wear Collection Lipglasses - Thoughts and Swatches...

MAC Dare to Wear Collection Lipglasses - Thoughts and Swatches...

From MAC...

Dare To Wear Lipglass
An out-to-shock Lipglass that combines bold, high-impact pigment colour with holographic pearl for a multi-dimensional effect that helps shape, shine and dynamically dazzle the lips! Shock your lips with Dare To Dare, light blue pink with multi pearl; Wind Me Up, dirty bronze with pink & gold pearl; So Bad, midtone coral orange with pink & gold pearl; Gimme That!, bright fuchsia pink with pink pearl; Bold & Brash, bright red with multi pearl and Ban This!, deep purple with multi pearl.
5 g / 0.17 US oz US $18.00 


    • Ban This! Deep purple with multi-pearl (Limited Edition)
    • Bold & Brash Bright red with multi-pearl (Limited Edition)
    • Dare to Dare Light blue pink with multi-pearl (Limited Edition)
    • Gimme That! Bright fuchsia pink with pink pearl (Limited Edition)
    • So Bad Mid-tone coral orange with pink and gold pearl (Limited Edition)
    • Wind Me Up Dirty bronze with pink and gold pearl (Limited Edition)
My Four P's...

The price of a Dare to Wear Lipglass is $18 is in line with Dazzleglass, Dazzleglass Creme, Cremesheen Glass and Plushglass. These are all $3.50 more than the traditional Lipglass. The price is as to be expected but as with the Superglass the key point for me the the size.

The Superglass is 0.17oz versus 0.6oz for the comparable Dazzleglass (don't get me started).  The Dare to Wear Lipglass holds the same amount of product as a traditional MAC Lipglass. Wooohooo!!! You are getting bang for your buck here!

MAC decided to switch up the packaging for the Dare to Wear Lipglass as it did with the Superglass. These Dare to Wear Lipglasses come in a thin elongated tube resembling a taller thinner big sister of the Lipglass (twice the length actually - of the product section). It's longer than any of the other MAC lip products and even an Illamasqua lipgloss - the longest ones I owned until now.
They sport the traditional doe foot applicator which was surprising since I thought a brush would be the way to go. But I think it was a suitable choice after testing out the actual product.
Size Comparison - Illamasqua Lipgloss, Dare To Wear Lipglass, Cremesheen Glass, Dazzleglass Creme, Superglass, Lipglass

The product itself is a thin gloss infused with lots of finely milled glitter. The glitter is super fine and translates as a pearly finish on the lips rather than in your face glitter chunks.

The color payoff for the Dare to Wear Lipglass is split right down the center with 3 being light in coverage and the other 3 being extremely pigmented and opaque in one layer. 
The lipglasses have a thinner less glossy consistency when compared to other MAC lipglasses. They are not thick or goopy. They don't offer much slip on the lips so when you rub your lips together you may feel a bit of a drag rather than a slick feel. But they are not tacky and I dare you to feel the glitter! LOL! That was a plus because I hate feeling the glitter particles in a lipgloss.
 Swatches - Dare to Dare, So Bad, Wind Me Up, Gimme That!, Bold & Brash, Ban This!
Finishes - Superglass vs. Dazzleglass Creme vs. Dare To Wear Lipglass

Now how does it measure up?
The 3 light shades are best used to amp up a lipstick rather than worn alone since they can just seem like glitter on bare lips. The 3 pigmented shades are fabulous on their own and wowza they are pretty.

They wear very well which I think is due to the un-glossy finish. You can get a good wear of up to 5 hours from these. They feel great on the lips but when I rubbed my lips together I feel a bit of dragging but that was a test and not what I would normally do for everyday wear anyway.

Same as the Superglass my only trouble with these was removal. The glitter will stay on! Simply wiping these off on a napkin will not work. You will need to wash these off or use a makeup remover/wipe. But I knew to expect that....all glitter products are a pain to remove.

If you are in search of a glitter/pearly lipgloss...these are great! You will get your money's worth with these. They can jazz up a lipstick or be worn alone (the pigmented ones).

Must See - All three of the pigmented ones - Gimme That!, Bold & Brash, Ban This!
Just so-so - All three of the light ones - So Bad, Wind Me Up, Dare To Dare (this one is worth a glance or two if sheer is more your taste)


Top to Bottom - Bold & Brash, So Bad, Wind Me Up

 Top to Bottom - Ban This!, Gimme That!, Dare To Dare

 Bare Lips

Dare to Dare
So Bad
Wind Me Up
Gimme That!
Bold & Brash
Ban This!


  1. Tina, you know how Ms. Olivia feels about lip color but I'll trust your swatches....thanks for the post kid.

    I have yet to try my OCC Lips Tars (AFRAID!!!!)


  2. Thanks for the swatches good to see them on brownskin :)


  3. I have to have "Gimme that" even though I think I'm too pale for it. I could probably make it work on a night out however. "Gimme that" and "Ban this" are gorgeous with your skin tone!

  4. Awesome detailed post! Thank you so much! The swatches are amazing! :O)

  5. The 3 pigmented ones are insanely pretty :O

  6. i bought ban this yesterday and loved it!i also bought wind me up but i'm thinking bout exchanging it because it's something that i could do buy from somewhere else.

  7. i bought ban this and wind me up yesterday! ban this is gorgeous...everyone kepts asking me where i got it from. i'm going to exchange the wind me up for another one

  8. Dare to Wear Lipglass, Awesome.


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