May 5, 2011

PMD Personal Microderm At-Home Microdermabrasion System - THOUGHTS...

PMD Personal Microderm At-Home Microdermabrasion System - THOUGHTS...

Stop being disappointed by microdermabrasion creams or scrubs. PMD Personal Microderm gives you the results of a professional microdermabrasion treatment in the convenience of your own home. PMD Personal Microderm is an at-home microdermabrasion system that reveals younger looking skin by the same aluminum oxide crystals found in the equipment at your doctor's office, but in a microdermabrasion home system.

PMD Personal Microderm was created to give consumers an effective home microdermabrasion without having to schedule an appointment at the dermatologist. The science has been around for decades, but PMD Personal Microderm puts the results in your hands, making microdermabrasion at home a simple, convenient procedure. Embedded in the tip of this sleek tool are the same aluminum oxide crystals used by professionals. PMD Personal Microderm gives you a younger looking complexion by diminishing age spots and skin imperfections in a matter of weeks.

The Personal Microderm device uses the same aluminum oxide crystals that are used during professional treatments in a spa or doctor's office to give you a smooth, glowing complexion at home!

The Personal Microderm System includes:
  • Personal Microderm Device
  • 1 black *reusable filter
  • 2 Green Exfoliating Pads
  • 4 Blue Exfoliating Pads
  • 2 Caps (one wide, one narrow)
  • Informational DVD
  • 1 Electric cord
  • Charger
*The filter that comes with this device can be washed and reused dozens of times. The device MUST have the filter in place when being used to avoid permanent damage.

  • Enhance skin texture and eliminate dullness by gently resurfacing
  • Reduce fine lines found on the forehead and around the mouth
  • Smoothes hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage, aging and melasma
  • Allows for better absorption of serums, lotions and creams
  • Exfoliates and cleans pores, making them appear smaller over time
  • Helps smooth and reduce scars caused by acne or burns

Price: $179 for the complete kit, $14.80 for refills of the exfoliating pads


DISCLOSURE: I am not a skin care professional. These are my personal thoughts and experience, plus tidbits from research. Consult a dermatologist for professional/medical advice. In other words, if your skin falls off it's not my fault! : )

I was sent this product for review without any other form of compensation or demands. I was asked to test the product out and give my honest opinion/thoughts of the kit. But you guys know me...what other option is there? You know I will always say exactly how I feel about ANY product whether or not it was free-of-charge or paid for out of my own pocket.


A Little Background Info.

Microdermabrasion, also referred to as mechanical exfoliation or micro-resurfacing, is a cosmetic technique that uses a mechanical medium for exfoliation along with adjustable suction to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis. Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical, non-invasive procedure that uses a spray of microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells and reveal younger, healthier-looking skin. Microdermabrasion also encourages the production of a new underlying layer of skin cells with higher levels of collagen and elastin, which further improves your skin’s appearance.

Your skin is made up of two main layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the layer closest to the outside world. It's a set of dead skin cells on top of another layer of cells that are in the process of maturing. The topmost layer is called the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum mostly acts as a barrier between the outside world and the lower skin layers. It keeps all but the smallest molecules from getting through.

When you put lotions or creams on your skin, some of the moisture passes through the stratum corneum, but not all of it. This layer is home to many minor skin imperfections like fine wrinkle lines and blemishes.
All of the action in microdermabrasion takes place at the level of the stratum corneum.


My Five Ps

The PMD Personal Microderm At-Home Microdermabrasion System is priced at $179 for the full kit with refills of the Exfoliating Pads retailing about $14.80 for a set of 6. Similar products on the market can retail for $250+ In-office visits to your dermatologist for microdermabrasion can cost $90+ per treatment.

There are numerous varieties of this type of device on the market and the prices are quite scary to hear. One similar device is the Nu Brilliance™ Microdermabrasion Dual Action System which I actually purchased from Sephora for $250 and the refills of the exfoliating tip cost $15 (for only one tip!). While I loved the results the price was just too much to swallow especially if I needed a new tip every few uses. Needless to say...I returned it!

Another beauty tool that came to mind when I was reviewing this device is the ever popular Clarisonic® Skincare Brush which is a whopping $195 with brush refills chiming in at $25. Even the smaller alternative The Clarisonic® Mia Skincare Brush costs $149 with refills steady at $25. Now this brush is just meant for exfoliation of the skin (sans the suction of microdermabrasion) and costs more than PMD Personal Microderm At-Home Microdermabrasion System. Many, and I do mean many, have rushed out and bought the Clarisonic® so obviously there is demand for these nifty exfoliating gadgets.

This product is of course more of a luxury than a necessity and is priced accordingly. So while this may not be worth it to a casual beauty buyer, it is certainly an investment to consider for the avid beauty lover! It's one of the cheapest personal home microdermabrasion systems on the market and is a great beauty tool to have in your arsenal.

The PMD Personal Microderm At-Home Microdermabrasion System is available for purchase through at, and a couple other online stores but I tend to stick to the reputable websites for expensive purchases such as this. The customer service is top-notch plus shipping is fast and secure.

The kit comes securely packaged in a box with all the essentials - Personal Microderm Device, 1 black *reusable filter, 2 Green (Medium) Exfoliating Pads, 4 Blue Exfoliating Pads (Sensitive), 2 Caps (one wide, one narrow), Informational DVD, and the electric cord/adapter.

WARNING: Watch the instructional DVD BEFORE USE! And FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!!! MUST MUST MUST! And I will tell you why in a minute. 

This first thing I noticed about this device was the size. It's a hand-held device with the suction/exfoliating tip at one end and the cord connection the other end. It's lightweight and portable which is ideal for those of us who travel a lot and may want to take this along for the ride. My other kit was a large bulky system with a giant base and a hose and too many parts. The curved shape of the handle makes it easy to hold and maneuver without feeling awkward. I love this design of this device! It's quick and easy to assemble and use and storage is a breeze!

The exfoliating pads come in two sizes - small and large. The small pads are for hard to reach areas such as the nose, chin, lip, etc. while the large discs are for larger surfaces such as your cheeks or forehead. Plus remember that you can use this device for other areas of your body - hands, feet, elbows, neck, chest, etc. The pads also come in 3 different intensities - sensitive (blue), medium (green) and coarse (red). I say stick to the sensitive (blue) for facial skin altogether and save the medium (green) for body and coarse (red) for tough spots such as feet. This is great since you can really get the full multi-use benefit of this device by simply switching pads.

There is only one setting on the device - it's ON or it's OFF. This is my only gripe with the product. I wish there were varying speed/suction settings so that I could control the speed/suction to my comfort level. But alas we can't have it all can we? Can we? I hope they add this to the design soon.

Assembly - Choose your exfoliating pad (small/large, sensitive/medium) and the matching cap (small/large). Place the filter over the filter and secure in place (don't forget this part), insert the exfoliating pad and screw the cap in place. That's it! Now plug and go!

Product & Performance
Now onto the meat of the review. Does it work? Is it really that great? I do not have problem skin to begin with but I have had some issues with dry spots and dullness after a harsh winter so this product came just in time.


Yes I repeated the warning because quite frankly I hurt myself and my poor face. I was a bit overzealous and, even though I watched the DVD, did not heed the instructions. I scratched my skin in numerous places and I have marks to show for not listening.

My advice is to start with the sensitive (blue) pads first and practice on your arm or legs before moving to your face. This way you will get a feel for the intensity of the suction and the pads before touching sensitive facial skin.

The suction is pretty strong and may shock you at first so please be mindful of that. The most important thing to remember is to keep the device moving and never linger in one spot for too long. This can lead to skin irritation or actual scratches to the skin (unfortunately I would know). Also, hold your skin taut and move the device in the opposite direction of where you are holding your skin. Practice, keep moving and you should fine.

To prep the skin be sure to moisturize fully the night before use or even a few hours ahead of application. You should also wash your face and pat dry before using the unit. The whole process should only take a few minutes and once you are done simply rinse your face and pat dry, unplug the unit, rinse the filter and pad and leave to dry. Do not apply any product directly after treatment because it will sting! It's best to wait overnight before applying any products or makeup to the skin.

The best tip I can give is to use this product once a week at night when you don't have to apply makeup until the next day.

But how about the results? Okay....

I used this device a few times, mainly on trouble dry spots, around my nose and forehead where I have the most dead cells and fine lines. It worked wonders in these areas. First off, it removes dead cells in a nothing else I have ever used. It polishes the skin and reveals a new, more vibrant layer underneath. It also, surprisingly, helped remove a dark spot I had from a pimple (over a few uses). Nice! I had a major mishap with my last use when I did my full face. I ended up scratching my cheek and chin with my silly self but the rest of my face is glowing. Hahaha! So be warned....learn from my mistakes and don't overdo it!

The best part, I will have to say are the long term results with my beauty products. My moisturizer and primers glide on so much more easily than before and fully absorb into my skin for the best results. Even my foundation glides more easily and evenly over my skin (no flakes or bumps in the way) and even seems to last a lot longer throughout the day...not sure if not is the foundation or just better skin under it.

I think this is a great product that gives great results! There is a learning curve though but once you get the hang of it, it should be easy to use. I had great results with my skin in luminosity and evenness. I get full benefits from my moisturizer and skin treatments because they are better able to absorb into my skin. Plus my foundation and face makeup looks much better. If you are looking for a skin tool and have considered an investment then check this out.


(naked face and all!)


And for kicks...MY MISTAKE....(learn from it because OUCH!)

I have these scratches in a couple of places I went crazy...silly me!


  1. thanks so much for this review! it does look like an awesome product. I've had micro derm done at a dr's office before and loved it, but a $100 a treatment was a bit much. This looks like a really good option for it :)

  2. Your skin already looked great and you're gorgeous even without any makeup. I'm surprised you even felt the need to use this product. Anyway, great review and thanks for the warnings for those of use who tend to go overboard with products like this!

  3. Hi! Would you recommend purchasing the M2 Skin Refinish with the PMD system? Thanks in advance! I luv your blog!

  4. Crazy thorough review! Do you think someone with dry skin could handle this?

  5. Thx Mavi. This is a nice alternative to expensive in office treatments for sure. It just takes a little bit more caution.

    Thanks so much Camille. It was more of a desire than a necessity. It did really help with some dry spots and dark spots left over from the winter. But I think the best part for me is the new layer of skin underneath and how much better my skincare products absorb and also how well foundation applies now. It's a much smoother canvas than before.

    Hey Neecey. It's worth a shot but I think any good skincare products would work well here. If u already luv ur skincare products them keep using them. Otherwise it won't hurt to try the M2 Refinish. I sampled it and it did just great for me but I still just use what I already have on hand.

    I think so Anony. But be sure to really moisturize the night before and use a very creamy cleanser to help keep ur skin supple. That's how I did it because my skin can be dry after washing. Maybe just use water to rinse ur face beforehand rather than a cleanser.

  6. Kayvid: Wow! Your skin is GORGEOUS!!!

  7. Thanks for this post, very informative and your skin is beautiful, However you can purchase this device now on sale for $125.30 plus FREE SHIPPING ($125.30_Free_Shipping
    or just browse the store
    I as well love, love, love this Microderm System

  8. you mentioned you got a scar, has it went away or diminished?

  9. Thanks for the review. I purchased the pmd and love it, but misplaced the black felt filter that goes inside. Instructions say to wash it, and I think my cat found it while it was drying on the sink. Any idea how to get a replacement?

  10. PERFECT review. I love mine!


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