May 11, 2011

M∙A∙C Mineralize Eye Shadow (Duo) Collection - INFORMATION...

M∙A∙C Mineralize Eye Shadow (Duo) Collection - INFORMATION...

There are six new Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos that have launched on the M∙A∙C website today and will debut in stores May 19, 2011. M∙A∙C debuts new/re-released mineralized products very summer with the main collection showing up in either July or August. I was surprised that they are preempting the mineralize collection with these babies but it's alwasy fun to see new things. These seem to be similar in texture to the In M∙A∙C The Groove Collection from last summer rather than the finicky sparkly mineralize baked eye shadows of yesteryear. I fell in love with those eyeshadows and I fear that I may fall in love with these as well. Thoughts??

Two coordinating shades baked together in a single pan. A superb way to experience Mineralize's unique properties: exceptionally sheer and lightweight application, and easy, rich colour. Finishes include super-fine pearl that leave a soft dimensional shimmer on the skin.
2.5 g / 0.08 US oz


Thunder & Rain - Frost blue purple/Satin grey 

This & That - Frost beige rose/Satin light beige 

Sage & Wisdom - Frost light green/Satin deep green

Heaven & Earth - Frost deep teal/Satin black 

Pretty & Prim - Frost rosy burgundy/Satin yellow pink

Mix & Switch - Frost dirty copper/Satin beige 


  1. I wish MAC would chill on all these collections. They don't give you time to digest the newest one before they come out with another. I do like Heaven & Earth but recently these collections have been pretty blah to me.

  2. I know what u mean Danielle. It's one after the other. I think they need to just relax and spend some time perfecting some products and actually give us new and innovative items to drool over. Summer collections r my faves tho but I'll waitto see these in person. Altho....I find myself itching for the next collection all the time so I don't know if I could hold out if they chose to slow things down... :)

  3. I thought this was coming out in July per Temptalia's website, but there is 4 new brushes coming out with this collection my friend that works in MAC told me and she said they were BOSS!!! we will see

  4. Tysh the Semi-Precious Collection comes out in July. That's the big mineralize collection. These seems to just be little stepchild eyeshadows. Can't wait for those brushes either girl. But u kno me luv de summer collection dem!

  5. Yeah, all these look extremely skip worthy to me! I am quite excited about the Semi-Precious collection (saw pics on Specktra) and I also (think) I want a few Surf Baby items. Lol. We'll see...

  6. LOL @ Stepchild eyeshadows! I want to see the brushes... Sea & Sky was one of my favorite mineralize eyeshadows...actually, the only one I own. See unno this weekend! ;-)


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