May 19, 2011

The Makeup Show NYC 2011 - Experience & Haul

The Makeup Show NYC 2011 - EXPERIENCE & HAUL... 

The Makeup Show
was at its usual location - Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street in NYC. I love this location for this type of event because it's spacious and airy and perfect for crowding all us makeup fiends in. The floor space was large enough for 4 rows (or was it 3?) of booths without being clustered. Of course with the crowds of people it got tight sometimes...nothing a good ole excuse-me-poke-elbow won't fix.

The demos and classes were on higher floors along with a few other lesser known companies and pro program sign-ups.

Although the line was long, they moved people really quickly through the check-in line and everything flowed smoothly. Obviously they are experts at these shows now!

Parking was such a breeze this time around. I parked one block away and since it was Sunday it was free parking! I was able to unload heavy purchases when my hands got too full.

The exhibitor list was fantastic with many well known and popular brands not to mention new comers. And of course because the show is geared towards Pros, there were many airbrush companies and artist supplies (bulk sponges, disposable wands, lashes, ZUCA bags, etc.).

Make Up For Ever (diamond sponsor of the show) had the biggest booth and was PACKED! They were very organized got a booklet with all the products and you simply wrote down what you wanted to order and handed it in. The killer was the line you had to get on to collect your purchases. Now being who I am I SKIPPED the line and went right to the front much to the chagrin of the rest of the line-huggers. Oh well....LOL! The funniest thing is two of the artists there know me anyway so...

MAC was there as well but I didn't even check them out. Inglot was also there but again I stayed away. I checked out Stila because my friend Amy was gushing about the new liners (thanks mama). I also checked out a few more places but I was on a mission for an airbrush system. I stalked Dinair, Temptu PRO, Kett but settled for Luminess which is for waterproof makeup only. I will probably upgrade if I like the whole concept but for now I'm happy. I also grabbed some more lashes, glitter, lip tars and random brushes.

The highlight of the show for me was meeting some great friends, subscribers and fellow YouTubers/Bloggers!

I met up with my lovely beauty pal Amy at the start if the show! I spent some time with Tysh (Addicted2Makeup), Lisa (Welcome2DivasWorld), Erin (Makeup Fiend), Erika (The Glamorous Gleam), Olivia all the way from Grand Cayman (Shades of Professional Makeup) and a few others. And I finally saw Lauren (QueenOfBlending) up close. Poor thing is so shy but she's not rude at all!

I also sat in on a Sam Fine demo and he was just a wealth of knowledge! Love him!

Shout out to everyone I met. I am terrible with names so for sure I may not remember your name but I always remember faces. If you saw me let me know! Send me pics too if you have any -! YAY!

P.S. I had my camera but it was just my luck (or stupidity) that I left my battery pack in the charger. So I pretty much has no pictures to share! : (



  1. I can’t wait for your review on the Luminess airbrush system. I had one but returned it because I didn’t like it that much.

  2. I love your side commentary, i was crackin up. Tell that girl to get some math skills LOL

  3. The Brushes you bought are my Favorite Make up Brushes ever! I own a lot of em! Love em!

  4. wow skipping the line? Now that's a bitch move!

  5. Hey girl!! Thanks for hailing me up. I so need to blog about my experience, haul and thoughts of the event overall.....I've already posted pics of my meet and greets on FB (Olivia Rootz)...and yes, Lauren (Queen of Blending) is very shy but she was cool though....

  6. Congrats Tina you've officially made it... once you have haters like anonymous above.... I cant stand a hater but I love you girl, cant wait for the next tutorial

  7. Wow's the only word that could be used to describe this haul! <3 you go girl!.

  8. Thanks Dani!

    So far so good Carnita. I had a bad experience with it already but I know that it was my fault for not using it right. Practice makes perfect and now I'm getting the hang of it.

    Thanks Tess. Some ppl baffle me with their silliness!

    It's funny that I'm just hearing about these brushes Lyricallyness. Seems a lot of ppl love them! They r great so far!

    Yea Anonymous I am a bitch. Who's gon' check me? U? Stay anonymous fool!

    No prob Olivia! It was great meeting u! I can't wait to read your post. Hope u had fun and didn't mind the crowds too much :) Yep Lauren is shy...she says it I didn't bother her...I know what it's like to be shy.

    Hahaha @ the hater Anony! what can u do in this life. Tutorial coming up this weekend. I have to because I will be gone for a week next week in Cali.

    Thanks so much Jenni hon!

  9. Tina you had me cracking up on this video girl!!!!! I am an aspiring MUA. Hopefully I will be able to get certification this fall so that I can go to the MakeUp Show next year.

  10. Lol all I know is that I don't like anyone cutting in front of me and neither would most people so being honest I thought that was sort of a bitchy thing to do..My opinion, no shade, never said anything about your talent cause I do believe you're talented so Idk how I'm a hater but ok! Have fun in Cali boo!

  11. Yea Anonymous. I hate that too and it was bitchy. The way it reads sounds like shade but that's the downside of reading things...u miss the tone and all. I don't even know what hater means...thought it was someone that envies u or something. I didn't get hater from u saying it was bitchy...just read that u were calling me I confirmed it. Thx hon! I'll try!


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