Jun 29, 2011

NYX Studio Liquid Liners - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

NYX Studio Liquid Liners - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

NYX Studio Liquid Liners
Transform your look in seconds with this super-pigmented eye liner that highlights eyes with an electrifying stroke of color. The fine tip allows for precision application, and can be used to create lines of varying thickness. Go subtle or go gaga. Available in 12 scintillating shades.

Size: 0.19 oz (5.5ml) 
Price: $4.50

Extreme Blue SLL 101

Extreme Black SLL 102

Extreme Coffee SLL 103

Extreme Purple SLL 104

Extreme Green SLL 105

Extreme Silver SLL 106

Extreme Gold SLL 107

Extreme Pink SLL 108

Extreme Smokey Gray SLL 109

Extreme Sapphire SLL110

Extreme Sky Blue SLL 111

Extreme Plum Purple SLL 112


My Five Ps

The NYX Studio Liquid Liners are priced at roughly $4.50 for the 0.19 oz. Since NYX is considered a drugstore/low-end makeup brand you are sure to be able to grab these on sale (hello buy one, get one) or at discounted prices. Since I have reviewed some higher-end liquid liners in the last couple of posts I decided to throw a drugstore alternative to those expensive versions. 

So we already know that the higher end brands are expensive: M∙A∙C Super Slick Liquid Eye Liners are $17.50 for 0.06 oz, MUFE Aqua Liners are $23 for 0.058 oz and Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liners are $22 for the 0.05 oz. Already the NYX Studio Liquid Liners are blowing these out of the water not only in price but also in the amount of product you get in each one - almost 4 times as much!
Now to be fair, other liners like Urban Decay Liquid Liners which are $18 for 0.25 oz have more product than the NYX Studio Liquid Liners but still come in with the massive high-end price.

Here is why I find price such a big deal for liquid liners...how many times will you use a colored liquid eye liner in say blue or green? Not everyday right? And we all know the shelf-life of liquid products is about 6 months to a year if kept sanitary and cool. So I don't think anyone should invest that much moo-lah into a product that a) they won't be using daily and b) will probably end up tossing out before you get full usage out of it. That's my two cents!

So with that being said I think these are much better options and not only for the budget conscious but also for the savvy/smart shopper!

The NYX Studio Liquid Liners are available at Ulta stores, Ulta.com and drugstores/beauty retailers that carry the NYX line of makeup - such as HarmonsCherryCulture.com, etc. There are 12 beautiful and colorful shades available in both neutral and bold varieties.

The NYX Studio Liquid Liners come in clear plastic tubes which show the actual product inside with short black caps. I like the clear tubes because I can see the product and always know what color I'm grabbing, how much is left, if it's separating and needs to be shaken or if it looks ready to be tossed out. : ) The thinness of the plastic material worries me a bit with shelf-life but I doubt that will be a problem.

The cap is on the short side so it is not as ergonomic as the other liquid liners from MUFE, Stila and M∙A∙C. It may take a little practice to get the right hold and control during application. 

The applicator in the case is a thin brush tip rather than a felt tip which some people may think is tricky but it is actually quite easy to use (maybe not as easy as the felt tip but close enough). It is easy to maneuver because it is thin and short. It allows you to make really fine lines or build up the thickness to your preference. It may take a little practice but it's quite easy to get the hang of it.

Product & Performance
After being sucked into the colored liquid liners hype and realizing how expensive they are paired with how little you get, I was on the hunt for a cheaper alternative. Call in the NYX Studio Liquid Liners to save the day!

There are 12 colors to choose from which include brights and neutrals and even some nice standout shades to really grab your attention. The difference with these liners is the finish - they are do not have fine shimmer or glitter but are mostly matte or with a frosty shine. If you were seeking exact dupes for the Stila, M∙A∙C or MUFE liquid liners then these are not carbon copies.

The formula is also not waterproof but rather water resistant - meaning they will not run if they get wet. This is a plus if you want a liner that stays put if you get caught in the rain or start crying (because you miss out on a LE makeup item...or something) but doesn't not require waterproof makeup remover to get off. But don't expect to take and swim in these and have them stay in place. In fact, don't touch your eyes at all while wearing these because they can peel off. 

With that being said I still did not experience flaking (when I left the liner alone) and had a full 6-8 hours of solid wear. I found that a little cracking did start about 3 hours into wear but it didn't lead to any mishaps thankfully.

These take quite a bit longer to dry that the Stila, MUFE and M∙A∙C versions and depending on the thickness of the layers can take well over 1 minute to completely dry. You will need to keep your eye closed for a bit to avoid transfer. This can be a pain but what to do.

The darker shades are richly pigmented when swatched and even when applied to the lid. But the lighter/frostier colors will take a couple of layers to get full color and smooth/even application.They are easily removed with plain soap and water and I have no issues with staining at all.

The colors are bright and fun and they are much cheaper than the M∙A∙C, MUFE and Stila versions. However, with the cheaper price comes drawbacks in them not being waterproof, having a longer drying time and having a little trouble in wear time. But all in all I think these are great colored liquid liners for the price even if they take a little effort to make perfect. Check out a couple if you get a chance.


Extreme Blue, Extreme Black, Extreme Coffee, Extreme Purple
All four of these are gorgeous! 

Extreme Green, Extreme Silver, Extreme Gold, Extreme Pink
These are the lighter frostier shades which require some layering to get full even color. I wish they have a dark green in addition to this 'glowy' green.

 Extreme Smoked Gray, Extreme Turquoise, Extreme Sky Blue, Extreme Plum Purple
The Smoked Gray and Plum Purple are just divine and rich in color. The Turquoise and Sky Blue take a little layering but are always very nice.


  1. I only purchased the Electric Blue color, but wow a lot of the others look great too!

  2. I was looking at those on the website I glad you reviewed them before I purchased them.

  3. Wow those are pretty and cheap too! I wish they sold NYX at the drug stores in my area :( I'll have to order some online!


  4. I like the pigments of those colors, I just have a hard time wearing liquid eyeliner thats in color.


  5. Great review as always. Always detailed!

    I've actually used several NYX Liquid Liners and they get the job done.


  6. hey girl, the color for the extreme pink is not really showing ya? i'm actually looking for a hot pink one. any suggestions?


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