Jun 15, 2011

I'm BACK! (at least for a week)

I'm BACK! (at least for a week)


I'm finally back...for at least a week! I still have 3 or 4 trips left to go on for July and August so I will be away again pretty soon. I MISSED you ALL soooooo much! It was like torture being away from my blog and makeup for so long. I had lots of work and a bit of fun in California (Orange County and Huntington Beach areas) and Switzerland (Solothurn and Thun towns). I was so exhausted from being out all day for work and then socializing after. Argh!!!! I need at least 8-9 hours of sleep to function well during the day and I didn't even get close to 6 hours on any given day. So needless to say I was walking around like a zombie half of the time and high on caffeine for the other half.

It's great to be BACK! And I have so much catching up to do with swatches and reviews and looks. I hope I can get a few posts out this week and just back into the swing of things. How have you all been doing? Fill me in! What's new in the makeup world? And just your world?

A few pictures...I am not a picture taker outside of the blog believe it or not...and even then I take pics of food and scenery at most :)

Switzerland is BEAUTIFUL and I had delicious desserts every night!


  1. Hey doll!

    We missed you too! It looks like you had a nice time, and those desserts are to die for! Okay--I'm going to call you out--when are you going to get back to work on the smokey series? I'm still trying to get this look/technique down.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place! Glad you had a good time!! Welcome Back!

  3. so glad you're back i missed reading your blog so much lol those desserts look gooooddd!!!

  4. Missed ya girl!!! Get as much rest as you can. Health is more important. :-)

    Switzerland looks so beautiful!

  5. We missed you too! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. I definitely look forward to some more reviews and looks....after you get some beauty rest of course :) I've kind of gotten bored with collections. Nothing is really moving me. So I've really just been shopping my stash and creating new looks and combinations. What were some makeup essentials that you took with you on your trips?

  6. Nice, those dishes look amazing... Now I'm hungry. :)

  7. I love switzerland, it's simply gorgeous. glad you are back :-)


  8. Hey Felicia hon! I had a great time and the desserts were delicious, thx mama. Call me out girl! I need to start working on the smokey series ASAP. What color(s) were u looking for first? Get me working....

    Thankx Jackee! Yep Switzerland is gorgeous!

    Thanks so much Chants. It's good to be back and blogging again.

    Amazing and delish Alma :)

    Missed u too Erin girl! I saw ur glitter looks...FIERCE! Glad u r loving the Too Faced Glitter Glue too!

    Thanks favorisntfair my sweet. Missed u a lot! I think we r all getting bored these days with new collections but I keep looking out for the next best thing. All I take for business trips are brow pencils, mascara, primer, tinted moisturzer and setting powder powder. That's it. I don't do too much when I travel for business...they get the professional bare-faced Tina. :)

    Hahahhaaa Angelys!

    So true Maria. Gorgeous place. Glad to be back!

  9. Welcome back and it looks like you had fun. I love the first picture you posted of Switzerland, that view is magnificent. As for the smokey series, i will like to suggest you copy Angelina Jolie's look from the movie 'the tourist' the part where she has dinner with Jonny Deep. That look was smoking hot especially the red lips.

  10. OK what is that dessert with the strawberry? is there icecream in there or ?


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