Jun 16, 2011

Inglot Freedom System + NEW Matte Eyeshadows - SWATCHES and THOUGHTS...

Inglot Freedom System + NEW Matte Eyeshadows

INGLOT Company was established over 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist working at that time in R&D department in pharmaceutical company.

His principal objective was to produce high quality products at fair and reasonable prices, using only the best possible ingredients and raw materials from the most reputable suppliers.

Wojtek Inglot is still directly involved in the formulation and design process of all new Inglot products.

All Inglot cosmetics are produced within the European Union and 95% of them are manufactured in our own state of art production facilities.

We work with make-up artists and colour consultants to bring the latest trends in colour, texture and form to the market. We are constantly developing new products and have just launched the world’s first ever Breathable Nail Enamel ensuring better health care for nails whilst enhancing their beauty.

Our unique Freedom System allows customers to experiment with countless shades and colour combinations of different face products, giving them the opportunity to create their own customized colour palette.

We are present in 240 retail locations worldwide.


My Five Ps

The Inglot Freedom System is Inglot's version of customizable palettes and is perhaps the brand's main claim to fame. The palettes are available in various sizes: 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 and the newly debuted 40 eyeshadows. The beauty about the Freedom System is that as the quantity increases the price decreases per eyeshadow and also for the empty palette. But what does this mean? Here's a price list broken down by the quantity of eyeshadows and palette sizes:

Quantity - Price per eyeshadow
1-2  - $7.00
3-9  - $5.00
10+ - $4.50

Palette Size - Price (when purchased without eyeshadows)
2 - $5
3 - $7
5 - $10
10 - $20
20 - $25
40 $30 (estimated)

Palette Size - Price (when purchased with eyeshadows)
2 - $0 (free)
3, 5, 10, 20, 40 - $5

Quantity - Total Price with Palette and Eyeshadows
2 - $14
3 - $19.90
5 - $30
10 - $50
20 - $95
40 $185-$190 (estimated)

I have focused on the square eyeshadow pans but please note that there are also round pans and palette combos available which are slightly smaller and cheaper. Each square eyeshadow pan has 2.7 g / 0.09 oz of product and depending on quantity ranges in price from $7 to $4.50.
M∙A∙C Eyeshadow refill pans retail for $11.00 and contain 1.5 g / 0.05 oz of product. So even if you purchase just one of the Inglot square pans you get almost twice the amount of product for $4 less than a M∙A∙C Eyeshadow refill pan. Of course, the M∙A∙C Eyeshadow refill pans are among the cheapest of all medium-to-high end brands so I won't go into other comparisons.

Even when compared to drugstore brands such as NYX and Wet 'n' Wild the Inglot Eyeshadows are a great value at $4.50 to $7. So quite frankly, these are the best of the best in terms of value, quantity of product AND quality!

The Inglot Eyeshadows and Freedom System Palettes are available at Inglot stores (find locations HERE), and online at www.inglotusa.com (USA) and www.inglotaustralia.com (Australia). Some locations may not carry the full range of eyeshadows and the USA website seems to be missing the 40-palette option at this time.

The Inglot Freedom System Palettes are robust magnetic black palettes with transparent lids with the Inglot print. These palettes are solid and heavier than any other palette that I have in my stash. This lends to durability of the palette and security of the eyeshadows but the trade-off is the added weight. Personally I appreciate the more rigid design especially for travel/portability but of course others may find the additional heftiness a bit bothersome.

Another thing to note is the strength of the magnets in these palettes. They are STRONG! For me this means my eyeshadows are more secure and won't go jostling around. But the trouble comes into play when you try to remove the eyeshadows from the palette (to reorganize or see the eyeshadow numbers). There is no slot to simply pop the pans out as with the M∙A∙C palettes nor is there a hole in the back to push the pans out as with the Stila palettes. The safest way to remove the pans is to use another strong magnet (Inglot suggests using the magnets on the lids) to grab the edges of the pans. Another option is to use a very thin sharp implement to wedge in the corners and pop the pans out. Either option is viable but you must be extremely careful not to break or ding the eyeshadows when removing them...and I mean VERY careful! Beware of nicks and gouges!

The eyeshadow pans themselves are labeled on the back with the eyeshadow number and size and a few miscellaneous details. The eyeshadows are numbered rather than provided with names which can be tedious to remember but what to do. The only trouble here is keeping track of the eyeshadow numbers once they are in your palette. I have printed labels on the back of my palettes with the numbers which were all noted before I put the eyeshadows in.

Ultimately, the palettes are sturdy and sleek but will require a few work-arounds to keep track of the eyeshadow numbers.

Product & Performance
The eyeshadows come in a variety of finishes: Matte, D.S. (Double Sparkle), Pearl, AMC and AMC Shine.

Matte - This is the typical matte, flat, no-shine finish. These have a soft creamy texture and are not chalky or powdery.

Pearl - This is an iridescent, pearlized finish with noticeable sheen and frost. The color payoff can vary from high intensity to a sheer wash.

Double Sparkle - This finish is a matte/satin eyeshadow packed with micro-fine glitter/sparkles. The glitter/sparkles will not adhere to the skin without a decent eyeshadow base and can lead to some fall out (or pretty glitter cloud). I do not find this to be an issue since the glitter/sparkles are not chunky and a simple tap of the brush will ease our plight.

AMC Eye Shadow - This is a step down from the Double Sparkle finish - almost like a single sparkle. The glitter/sparkle intensity is dialed down to a very subtle, manageable level.

AMC Eye Shadow Shine - This finish has the highest frost level and shine payoff. This for me is a SUPER frost with an intense metallic sheen.

The biggest draw of the Inglot Eyeshadows is of course the pigmentation! And pigmented they are. The color payoff is incredible for these eyeshadows with just a small amount of product. All the Inglot Eyeshadows that I own or have tested are highly pigmented with intense color payoff no matter the finish.

The eyeshadows, especially the mattes, are super smooth and soft vwhich is prefect for full color impact, smooth application and blending but has the drawback of being fragile. This does not mean they are easily breakable (they are creamy so they don't crack or shatter easily) but rather that it is easier to nick or damage these eyeshadows with any sharp edge (your nails, palette covers, etc.).

Also, the soft texture leads to excess loose product left over in the pot or on your brush which ends up as fall out on your skin. This is my only gripe about these eyeshadows because they are can be prone to be dusty (NOT chalky). This effect is lessened by using a densely packed brush and pressing rather than sweeping the brush across the surface of the eyeshadow.While I don't find this to be a bad thing (a lot of eyeshadows do this), it is a side effect worth noting.

The eyeshadows are easy to blend and adhere well to the skin without a primer but of course have better color payoff when used with an eyeshadow primer and/or base. The eyeshadows also wear very well throughout the day with minimal fading. There is some fading if used without a primer/base so I recommend using one for good measure. They also don't crease or accentuate lines and wrinkles which is a great plus.

The color selection is also fantastic with a full range of neutrals and bright colors. There is something here for everyone. Inglot has also debuted 80 new matte colors with the new 40-eyeshadow palettes which puts them in the lead for the most matte eyeshadows offered by a brand.

I love these eyeshadows and I LOVE the prices. Everyone should try to get their hands on some Inglot especially now that they are more accessible (online). There are numerous colors to choose from and the Freedom System makes it so fun to customize your own palette. The packaging takes some getting used to but I don't count that as a deficiency. Highly recommend!



New MATTE Colors - Brights


New MATTE Colors - Neutrals


Older Eyeshadows

Older Eyeshadows



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    I don't need anymore eyeshadows, but so what! LOL

    - Erin

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  12. Thanks for your review! I've been hearing more and more about Inglot this year. It seems like they have been doing a lot right. The swatches are so pigmented! Did you run your finger over each swatch more than once?

    I'm curious -- what are the measurements of the square inglot shadows? I was thinking that NYX single eye shadows just might fit in the Inglot palettes... granted, the NYX shadows aren't totally square. (I think the NYX measure about 2.5cm x 2.5cm... or 2.6cm x 2.6cm)

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  14. How does the pricing work? I tried buying the shadows with the palette online but there was no price conversion. You have to pay for the palette and full price for each shadow regardless. Im confused.


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