Dec 28, 2011

Mehron Metallic Powders - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

Mehron Metallic Powders

This ultra fine Metallic Powder Makeup enables you to create dramatic makeup designs and effects. The soft Metallic Powder Makeup made by Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, is finely crafted and evenly blended to provide you with the best available accenting powder on the market.

The Metallic Powder formulated by the researchers of Mehron is currently available in Gold, Silver, Cooper, and Bronze allowing you to add dynamic shiny powder to any makeup look. This ultra fine, silky smooth Metallic Powder can be used dry or combine it with Mehron Mixing Liquid to form a water-based metallic liquid makeup. The dynamic effects of Metallic Makeup Powder can be used in body painting, face painting, costume makeup, character makeup and sexy evening makeup.



The Mehron Metallic Powders are priced at $6.50-$8.95 for 0.5-1.0 oz of product. The price of these powders will vary based on the supplier. In addition, shipping costs will also play an overall cost of these powders since they are not readily available in stores or at counters.

There are numerous loose pigment/eyeshadows on the market although not as many brands/companies have metallic versions available. This may be due to the FDA restrictions to metallic powders around the eyes. Most companies will attach a warning to their metallic products indicating that eye use is not recommended. I have personally used products that are not recommended for the eyes on my eyes but I must warn that you use these at your own risk!

The Mehron Metallic Powders are among the cheapest pigments on the market. To add to that they are also among the largest pigments coming in at almost 5 times the average pigment. These are a great bargain hands down! Even drugstore brands can't top them!


The Mehron Metallic Powders are available at various cosmetics/stage makeup websites and at various retailers of Mehron. Mehron also has their own website,, and provides international shipping options. 

The Mehron Metallic Powders come in mini clear plastic jars with a screw top cap. The cap itself has a protruding insert which helps to prevent spillage from the seams of the cap - nice touch. The jars are a no-muss, no-fuss practical design without any of the frills of higher-end makeup. There is no sifter and you must dip inside the jar or tilt it t get the product out - just be careful not to spill!


The Mehron Metallic Powders are ultra-fine metallic powders that may be used wet or dry to create shiny metallic effect on the skin.

These powders are silky overall smooth and very pigmented - one swipe is all you need dry or wet. They mix easily with mixing mediums to create liquid makeup for the face and body. These powders are not recommended for use on the eye area so use at your own risk. I have personally used them both on my eyes and lips without any irritation or burning. They blend nicely and work well with other eyeshadows for a gorgeous effect. They hold up well during wear without any signs of fading and also remove equally as easily with soap and water.

The finish is a high shine metallic sheen that is more pronounced when used wet - these bad boys are like liquid metal. They can be mixed with lipgloss for a fun effect and even with nail polish to add a metallic edge.

The Mehron Metallic Powders are phenomenal powders. They are great for face/body painting and special metallic effects. Although they are not recommended for the eye area I absolutely love these for creating shiny foiled effects on the lids. If you are into artistic makeup or you want to risk using these on your eyes then I definitely recommend these...and at these prices it's a win-win!

Copper, Silver, Gold, Bronze
(dry application)






  1. I have the silver one that I used on a photoshoot and it was MINDBLOWING how amazing this product is for the price! Thank you for the swatches too! You've tempted me into getting the other colours! :)

  2. This blog is fantastic! very useful information you share . Thank you!


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