Dec 26, 2011

MAC Metal-X Collection - REVIEW and SWATCHES...

M∙A∙C Metal-X Collection 

 After a stunning 2007 debut, the molten magic and liquid metal of Metal X Cream Shadow is back, better than ever! Gilt-loaded, platinum-popped - 9 shades in all. Metal heads look forward to the return of extreme multi-dimension and shine!

Available: December 26, 2011 (US)
PRO Discount Applicable

Metal X Cream Shadow
A cream to powder metallic shadow that provides liquid metal effects. Goes on smoothly, blends like a charm. An extremely luxurious highlight/finish for eyes, cheeks and skin. 

2.4 g / 0.08 US oz  

Cyber - Metallic silver with silver pearl
Virgin Silver - White with silver pearl 
Fusion Gold - Light pinky beige with gold pearl
Palladium - Metallic ash 
Rusty - Dirty peach gold
Red Hot Copper - Warm copper
Venetian Tarnish - Golden tarnished bronze 
Vintage Coin - Metallic olive green 
Gold Carbon - Metallic taupe 



The M∙A∙C Metal-X Cream Shadows are priced at $20 for 0.08 oz of product. These eyeshadows are larger than the average sized eyeshadows which typically have 0.05 oz of product. However, when matched up against other cream shadows the size no longer impresses.

There are numerous cream shadow products on the market from various brands which typically contain more product than these M∙A∙C Metal-X Cream Shadows and are within the same price range or slightly more expensive. Based on a quantity/price ratio these are many other brands with much better value than these. 

However, what sets these apart is the metallic finish which is missing from other similar products. Depending on the effect you are seeking these may be worth a look - consider the Performance though before making an investment in these cream shadows.


The M∙A∙C Metal-X Cream Shadows are Limited Edition products and are a part of the M∙A∙C Metal X Collection - release date December 26, 2011. They are available for purchase at M∙A∙C (stores and online) and other M∙A∙C retailers such as Nordstrom, Macy'sBloomingdale's and Dillard’s.

There are nine neutral metallic shades to choose from - no vivid brights or pops of color here. For those of us who would have preferred some jewel-toned colors in the such luck this time around. This collection is definitely for the neutral lovers out there.

The M∙A∙C Metal-X Cream Shadows are housed in black plastic flip-top pots with a clear domed window at the top. This type of packaging is usual for M∙A∙C's larger sized eyeshadows (Mineralize, Tartan Tale, Jeanius) and cream color bases. With this M∙A∙C packaging it is easy to see the colors through the clear window at the top of the pot which is convenient when searching for color in your collection.

The shadows themselves are embossed with a 'raked' design which of course disappears with usage. Still it's a cute effect and sure beats the plain pressed effect of regular eyeshadows.

The flip-top pots are definitely not air-tight and since these are cream shadows the packaging can lead to issues with the product 'drying out' over time. This is a big drawback for these shadows especially if you value the shelf-life of your cosmetics. 


The M∙A∙C Metal-X Cream Shadows are touted as smooth blend-able cream to powder metallic shadows that provides liquid metal effects. There is NO claim on these being long-wearing, smudge-proof, crease-proof or waterproof. These can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks

The eyeshadows are overall smooth and creamy in texture and blend very well onto the skin. They glide onto the skin beautifully whether you use a brush or your fingers.

These shadows have a metallic frost finish but fall short on the high shine quality of true metallic products. They have a reflective sheen rather than an overwhelming frost. I would have preferred a much more intense liquid metal effect than the downplayed shine of these shadows.

The pigmentation is intense in the deeper shades that I tried out but can also be sheered out to provide a wash of color. It doesn't take much product to achieve strong color payoff which is a great plus. The color payoff is indeed very good for the colors that I picked up.


There have been numerous reviews on the severe creasing associated with these shadows so when I received them I expected the worse! I have very oily lids and my eyeshadows are crease-prone without a primer. Given the bad reviews circling the internet I had to put these to the test - I tried them with and without a primer and with powder eyeshadows packed on top.

Honestly, I had very little issues with them and nothing worse than I have had with other cream shadows. In fact I have worse results with Make Up For Ever Flash Colors and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. I simply can't agree with the other bloggers and YouTubers out there especially when they praise the crease-beasts that Make Up For Ever Flash Colors and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils have proven to be for me.

There was slight creasing in these eyeshadows when used without a primer about 1 hour into wear on my lids. With a primer the creasing was even less apparent and didn't show up until 3-4 hours into wear. There was no creasing at all when topped with powder eyeshadows and a primer. For these tests I used both Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance with identical results.

I also did not have issues with the color fading or disappearing throughout wear. The wear time is not the best I will admot since I only got about 6 hours of decent wear with only a primer. With powder eyeshadow, these lasted an additional 2-3 hours. I applied these cream shadows with my fingers or a synthetic brush - MAC 242 Small Shader Brush in this case - in thin layers (you don't need much for good color payoff after all).

The creasing was not enough for me to grade these poorly at all but just enough to say my eyeshadow did not look as fresh as new a few hours into wear. I didn't have a bad experience at all with these and I actually quite like them. I do agree that a primer is definitely necessary for these to help with creasing and setting these with powder eyeshadows will for sure prolong the wear time of these cream shadows.


I also tried these on the cheeks and lips (even though the colors I bought are far from cheek/lip friendly). For the cheeks these cream shadows give a great highlighting sheen that can be sheered out or built up for more intensity. They wear well without fading and again last even longer when topped with powder. On the lips these were not so great...they felt drying and after about an hour had a chalky effect. I think the lighter colors would make great face highlighters but definitely not fun lip colors at all.

The M∙A∙C Metal-X Cream Shadows have been bashed on the blog/YouTube review front but I cannot join the flanks against them. I have enjoyed the 3 colors that I purchased! They have great color payoff and wear decently throughout the day. They DO require primer and perhaps powder to extend wear and limit creasing. But they are not the horrid crease-mongers that they have been rumored to be. Maybe they work better for different skin types or maybe the application technique is to blame.

There are certainly better products on the cosmetics market for a metallic result and even better cream shadows out there (long-wearing and waterproof). But don't completely write these off! Test them out if you see a color that tickles your fancy...I'm glad I did.

 Gold Carbon

 Venetian Tarnish


 Vintage Coin

Venetian Tarnish, Gold Carbon, Vintage Coin

 Venetian Tarnish - Golden tarnished bronze 
Bronze with yellow gold sheen.

Gold Carbon - Metallic taupe 
My FAVE! Deep pewter with iridescent sheen.

Vintage Coin - Metallic olive green 
Olive green with golden sheen


  1. I think I need to pick these up when they come out in canada I love the Venetian Tarnish it beautiful!

  2. Thank you for a great in depth review as always. Everyone else says they are horrible but you're the first person to say both the good and the bad.
    These colors are gorgeous!!!! are you going to do a video using these?

  3. Yes I agree Janella. Venetian Tarnish is gorgeous! Let me know if u try these out.

    U r very welcome Beauty! I have been reading the other reviews out there and I just don't know why they are bashing these little guys :( I have no more trouble with these than I do NYX Jumbo Pencils or the MUFE Flash Colors. In fact the Illamasqua Liquid Metals are worse on my eyes. I love the colors. I just may be using them in a video....makes sense right?


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