Jan 25, 2010

'The Rainbow Sorbet' Look

Rainbow Sorbet....

For this look I was inspired by Rainbow Sorbet...and my dress...yep I match my dress (FOR SHAME!). Do you guys ever match your makeup to your clothes?? What do you think of this being labelled as a faux pas? Personally, I look at it as creativity...what else would I wear this look with? Seriously!!!

For my eyes used:

MUFE No. 3 e/s (Eggshell)
MAC Genuine Orange Pigment
MUFE No. 75 e/s (Neon Fuschia Pink)
MUFE No. 92 e/s (Bright Purple)
MAC Ricepaper e/s


  1. This look is absolutely gorgeous !

  2. Ur amazing!!! What kind of lashes did you use?

  3. Thx ladies!
    @ssebonynyc...I use no name lashes from my local beauty store. They are similar to Ardell lashes.

  4. I know that I am soooooo late, but I love matching as long as its not too matchy. The earrings provide the break up in color, LOL. I do the same! I LOVE it!

  5. Tina u look absolutely beautiful,I love the look


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