Jan 29, 2010

MAC Pigment Swatches

MAC Pigment Swatches

MAC Pigments are one of my all time favorite products! I was a bit saddened when they redesigned the jar, and not because the price remained the same for less product, but because my collection will not be as uniformed anymore.... : )

Here are my babies in their little home....

AND here are the swatches....

P.S. The one labelled Navy is actually NAKED...LMAO! (my bad)



  1. I am simply stunned... If would happen to be interested in selling samples ever, there are several of those pro LE mattes that I have never been able to get my hands on!

  2. You have alot of pigments is that every color, LOL. You must know everyone at the PRO store like I do, hahahahaha

  3. Tysh girl u know it! Man I have a pigment fetish!


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