Jan 25, 2010

Inglot Cosmetics

Inglot Cosmetics - New to NYC!

Just wanted to do a quick review on a new brand in the US - NYC to be exact. Inglot Cosmetics.


So from what I read and was told Inglot Cosmetics is a Polish brand that has been around for about 20 years now. This is their first store in the US and it opened sometime in July-August 2009. Their specialty seems to be nail polishes but they have a great collection of eye shadows, blushes, pigments, gel eyeliners, liquid eyeliner, lip glosses, lipsticks, foundations, concealers, brushes, etc…you name it they seem to carry it!

My experience:

Well I went there because Enkore (YT) did a video showcasing the new store in NYC and I had to see it for myself. My focus was on the eye shadows, pigments and the gel eyeliners.

For swatches and more...

They have a ‘Freedom System’ where you choose your products in pan form which covers eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks. Then you fill out a palette with your choices...you have a choice of 2, 5 and 10 pan. You can aslo combine the products (eyeshadows and lips and blush) into one palette and you have a choice of round or square pans. It’s really creative and cute. The palettes are heavy duty, magnetic and stackable. The magnets are strong and won’t budge but they come off with ease when you push them off. They have a limited selection in NYC because of the floor space in this particular store. From what I was told, the selection is much larger in their original stores - various sizes of palettes for the 'Freedom System' and many more color options.

Now like I said I focused on eyeshadows…
The finishes are as expected. They range from mattes to shimmers to frosts and some are mattes with glitter.

The PAYOFF - Talk about super pigmented! WOWZA! I attached swatches of the shadows I got…one swipe with my finger over NO base! Gorgeous! I love these so much. They have an assortment of colors – brights and neutrals. Honestly the mattes swatched better than the shimmers which never happens! Yummy! They are super soft, very easy to work with and blend like a dream. My one issue is that these guys can stain the skin…because they are so pigmented…so definitely be careful and use a primer and a base for these.

I also tried out two pigments which were so beautiful. I think their eyeshadows are better though since it took a little work to get the pigments to stick to my hand…but remember I used no base.

The real highlight for me was the gel liners I must say. They had fun bright colors which I will be using for both eyeliner and eyeshadow bases. WOW! These things are bright and vivid and don’t budge one bit after they dry! This may be a problem though…so I’m investing in some MAC Cleanse off oil to remove these bad boys. They took some rubbing with a makeup remover wipe to get off my hand so I can’t risk that with my poor eyes. I added swatches too! I found colors that no other brand carries at all! YUM YUM!!


Hello ppl! I paid $40 for 10 eye shadows in the palettes!!! $4 per eye shadow! Now the original cost is $50 for the 10 palette but you get a 20% discount on the spot if you show PRO credentials (for me it was a business card). The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

The 2 pan palette is $20, 5 pan palette is $35. The single eye shadows and pigments are $12. The gel liners were also $12 each.

I didn’t venture into the lipsticks and lip glosses and nail polishes though since I was with a very patient but tired and hungry boyfriend. Next trip I’ll make the rounds and let you guys know more.


TOP left to right: (D.S.) 57, (D.S.) 70, (D.S.) 504, (D.S.) 491, (Matte) 362
BOTTOM left to right: (Matte) 384, (Matte) 371, (Matte) 372, (Matte) 388, (Matte) 361

TOP left to right: (Matte) 373, (Matte) 352, (Matte) 390, (Pearl)  420, (Pearl) 451
BOTTOM left to right: (Matte) 351, (Pearl) 393, (Matte) 360, (Matte) 376, (Pearl) 428



  1. oh wow these are amazing!!! i must know if they have one near me!

    -amandaheartsjermie (from MUG)

    love the blog by the way im to chicken to start my own since i'm still a noob with some aspects of makeup lol

  2. *MUG LOVE*
    Thx girl! I was chicken too but I say just go for it! And enjoy because that's what makeup is all about afterall!

  3. Very impressed with the way the matte neutrals look.... :)

  4. In Poland Inglot is very cheap. I paid $29 for this paltte.
    The single eye shadows - $6

  5. HI thank you for the great review and swatches but exactly is the store located in new york i live in brooklyn

  6. Hi Mandy! The store is located in Times Square at 1592 Broadway. It's at the corner of 48th Street and Broadway. HTH

  7. hello i have a question what is d.s.?is that short for something


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