Apr 30, 2012

REVIEW | LIT Cosmetics - A World of Glitter

REVIEW | LIT Cosmetics - A World of Glitter


 "No glitter, no glory" is our motto—fun, yet true. Being in "glitterology" (the science of glitter) for 6 years we have improved glitter/loose colour makeup as it is sold in the market today. With our liquid adhesive now perfected, we have also broken down our pigments into 4 different sizes and 4 different varieties - Lit simply specializes in glitter/loose colour makeup. Remember: There are no rules when it comes to Lit! From a single colour highlighter to having 10 shades blended over your eyelids-we dare you... Let the fun begin, and your creativity soar!
Colour Information

Lit glitter is available in 4 sizes:
  • Size #1 (.002 x .002) - “Sexy Sophistication” the smallest glitter cut. Only available in Solid.
  • Size #2 (.004 x .004) - “Fun Lov’in & Fancy Free” the most popular cut. Available in Shimmers,  Solids, Metallics and Electrics.
  • Size #3 (.008 x .008) - “Go Bling or Go Home” medium cut. Available in Solids and Shimmers.
  • Size #4 (.015 x .015) - “Diva” the big cut. Available in Solids and Shimmers—most stores will not carry this size.

Lit colours are available in 4 textures:
  • Shimmers - see through iridescent sparkles with a touch of colour. note: Neon shimmers will glow under black light — a white eyeliner base will enhance this effect.
  • Solids - pure glitter colour.
  • Metallics - a matte shine with solid colour—a great alternative for customers who are not into glitter but are into shine and colour.
  • Electrics - shocking colour with a little hint of sparkle. NOTE: Electrics will glow under black light—a white eyeliner base will enhance this effect.

How is Lit Cosmetics Glitter/Loose Colour Applied?

For easy, clean and quick application, Lit products are designed for use with our Clearly Liquid Glitter Base and specially designed brushes. Application requires three simple steps:
  1. Dip brush into the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™ bottle-remove excess drops of liquid.
  2. On an angle, insert wet brush into loose colour, covering one side.
  3. Paint on or fan out, starting at the tip of the brush using short fast strokes for proper coverage. Re-dip to cover eyelids or change colours.

HINT: Keep eyes half-open until product has dried to avoid transfer. May take 30-60 seconds depending on thickness and size of glitter. Use your blow dryer or hand fan. After product has dried, tightness may occur but don't panic! Your lids will loosen up within 20 blinks—and now you're Lit baby!

NOTE: For a more sanitary application, pour a small amount of base into the lid then apply. Discard left over base in cap. This method will help avoid colour or product contamination to your Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™ bottle and keep it clean.

Availability: www.LitCosmetics.com

         The MiniMe Lit Kit                                   Multi Stack Lit Kits
            Contains:                                                             Contains:
              • 1 glitter colour                                                    • Glitter colours
              • 30 ml Clearly Liquid Glitter Base                        • 30 ml Clearly Liquid Glitter Base
              • Detailer brush mini                                              • Liner brush
              • Shadow brush mini                                             • Round brush
              • Sparkle duster (removes stray glitter)                  • Sparkle duster (removes stray glitter)
              • Silk tote bag                                                       • Silk tote bag
             $35.95 (SAVE $8)                                           3 stack Lit Kit $68.95 (SAVE $27)
                                                                                        4 stack Lit Kit $78.95 (SAVE $31)
                                                                                        5 stack Lit Kit$88.95 (SAVE $36)

                                     The Lit Gift Kit                                    
                                        • 1 glitter colour                                                   
                                        • 4 ml Clearly Liquid Glitter Base                       
                                        • Brush ING:PST                                             
                                        • Sparkle duster (removes stray glitter)                 
                                        • Lit sticker                                                      
   Glitter Colors $12.95 each

$10 Standard International Delivery 


The Lit Cosmetics Glitter Colors are priced at $12.95 each for 4g/0.14 oz of product. 

Lit Cosmetics is a Canadian based cosmetics brand that has taken the glitter cosmetics market by storm in the last 2-3 years. Although Lit Cosmetics has been around for over 10 years, it has only now been popularized on YouTube and in the makeup blog-o-sphere via makeup trade shows such as The Makeup Show and IMATS. I still consider Lit Cosmetics an indie brand since it is not available at the usual popular beauty retail stores (Sephora, ULTA, etc) and/or department stores (Macys, Nordstrom, etc). Remember, indie doesn't necessarily mean lower quality...just a smaller brand with a tighter marketing/production budget.

The price of each of the glitter colors falls right below that of our cheapest mid/high-end brand Make Up For Ever which makes me a bit uneasy. There are also sets that you can buy to "save" on the overall price but those include brushes and the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base which you can also find alternatives for less money. Now of course we have to factor in the shipping because these products are not available in the US and you will need to pay $10 for Standard International Shipping.So remember to keep that in mind if/when you place an order.

I will be honest, I am on the fence with the price of these glitters especially when the shipping fees are factored in. There are so many cheaper alternatives on the market and these are just glitters after all - not like we are looking for color payoff and wear time as with eyeshadows. I will say that Lit Cosmetics does offer some more unusual shades/mixes and the variety in sizes/textures makes some of the glitters unique to this brand. This price is something you must think through first to see if it's worth it for you and your collection.

The Lit Cosmetics Glitter Colors and Clearly Liquid Glitter Base are available online through the Lit Cosmetics website as well as select retail locations in Canada - find locations HERE. Of course since the company is located in Canada, shipping is $10 for Standard International Delivery. 

The Lit Cosmetics Glitter Colors comes housed in clear plastic cube shaped jars with mirrored accents. The blue and white Lit Cosmetics logo is inlaid within each lid on a reflective background. The name of each glitter along with the size and texture can be found on a stick-on label on the jar itself.

The outer packaging is also a clear plastic with the ingredients, company information, motto, product size, shelf-life and usage details all imprinted in blue.

+ | The jars themselves are quite rigid and solid which makes them resistant to the abuses of travel. The lids of each jars clicks firmly into place to ensure no spillage problems which is a major concern with glitter products. The jars are also stack-able...you can use the bottom of one jar as the lid for another and so on and so forth....until you have stacked all your glitters to new heights! Since the jars are see-through it is easy to tell the colors just by looking and of course the names are right on the jars for easy reference.

| While the jars are quite cute and esthetically pleasing, I must say that they are not eco-friendly at all  - meaning there is a lot (and I mean a lot) of wasted bulk in the design. If you look at the actual amount of product you get through the clear jar it will amaze you just how much excess bulk is added just for esthetics. I find this wasteful and not at all convenient for the storage/travel conscious (Makeup Artists, dorm room dwellers, NYC apartments havers! and the like). So much for going green!   


Two glitters stacked together

Glitters are a bit tricky to review - how can I judge color payoff, longevity and all that jazz when it's simply glitter? I can't....but I can comment on the sparkly goodness of it all. 
One of the great things about Lit Cosmetics is that they offer 4 different sizes of glitter from ultra fine to chunky sparkly goodness. The larger the cut of glitter the more shimmery the overall effect. 
  •  Size #1 - This cut is ultra-fine and only available in solid textures. You can use these similarly to how you would use loose pigments but you won't get the strong shimmery effect of typical glitter.
  • Size #2 - This is the most popular cut and is available in Shimmers, Solids, Metallics and Electrics. You can have lots of fun with this cut - using it as you would loose pigments but with a more shimmery effect.
  • Size #3 - This cut is definitely more similar to other glitters on the market. It is available in Solids and Shimmers. This is more of the typical glitter we are used to with a great sparkly effect.
  • Size #4 - This is the largest size cut in Lit's repertoire and is best suited for the more artistic effect. Lots of sparkle but not as much coverage due to the chunkiness of the glitter.
There are 4 textures available - Shimmers, Solids, Metallics and Electrics. This gives way more options than other brands on the market and of course way more fun effects.

Lit Cosmetics will blow you away with the variety of colors and blends available - from neons to metallics to multidimensional loveliness! This is where Lit takes the lead in the glitter market hands down. Just check out their list of over a hundred colors!

Lit Cosmetics Glitter Colors can be used on the eyes and you can also use them on your lips, face or body for great, fun artistic effects!

Glitters are a touchy product in makeup because quite frankly they can irritate your eyes and cause damage to your cornea. Based on the information provide on Lit's website "all Lit colours are made from a rounded plastic" and therefore shouldn't be harmful if they get into your eyes. Cosmetic glitters are required to have rounded edges to avoid sharp corners that can scratch your delicate eyes. But I must be honest here and say just be careful not to get these in your eyes....I don't want any of us going blind because we wanted to sparkle and shine! 

Be WARNED not all that glitters is gold. Glitters used in arts and crafts, fashion and the like are NOT EYE SAFE! They are allowed to have those sharp edges that can certainly cause permanent damage if not blindness. Please be CAREFUL!


Lit Cosmetics Glitter Colors are a nice albeit pricey addition to the glitter world of cosmetics. I don't think glitter needs to be super expensive since you won't get as much use out of them as you would say an eyeshadow. So since they are somewhat of a superfluous makeup product we shouldn't need to spend a lot on them.   

Lit Cosmetics does have a fantastic array of glitters for those who loves the sparkly bits and I would recommend checking them out if you are a diehard sparkle fan. They also have amazing blends and multi-color glitters that are quite unique to their brand. If you want some special/different colors to play with then by all means go for it....they are gorgeous after all. 

However, if you are simply seeking a basic color glitter - like gold, silver, blue, purple - and you are not interested in any unique mixes then check out a cheaper alternative such as NYX or LA Splash.

What are your thoughts? Interested?



Soul Sister - S3 Shimmer
Dark green glitter with orange, light green and gold reflects.

 Tootsie - S3 Solid
Dark rust/ruby red glitter with lighter rust reflects.

 I Feel Love - S3 Solid
Dark purple glitter with fuchsia reflects

 Kiss - S3 Solid
Dark true red glitter with light red reflects.

Seeing Stars - S3 Shimmer 
Dark grey glitter with lavender, light green and golden orange reflects.

Nightlife - S3 Solid
Dark grey glitter with red, blue and green reflects.

 Army Brat - S3 Solid
Dark green glitter with light green reflects.

Magic Dragon - S3 Shimmer 
Dark green and deep pink glitter with light blue, light green and golden reflects.

Peacock - S2 Solid
 Fine blue and green glitter.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this, i'm so drawn in by these Lit glitters only because of the selection of finer grades like #2 as i'm looking for something to pat over my normal eyeshadows to really amp up the sparkle and i'm finding some normal "glitters" like from Sally's Beauty Supply are a tad too big for this, also the colors Lit offers are gorgeous however to me the price is obscene and factoring in shipping costs. I'm wondering if NYX glitters are finely milled? I'll have to check out Eye Kandy or LA Splash and hope they have finely milled glitters :)

    1. NYX is giant chunks of cake glitter compared to Lit. I have to say, I'm sorry, but I disagree with most of this review. You have forgotten that the conversion rates of CAD to USD gives an advantage too us shoppers, so 10 CAD shipping is actually less then $10 USD, as are all the prices. The conversion fluctuates, but remains slightly in the US market favor. Also, this is not simply "just glitter," every glitter I own has a unique texture, & all but a few have insanely limited color ranges. Lit is the only fleet with multi-dimensional colors, & a range of textures & sixes. I believe they are the only glitters to offer UV reactive shades (not FDA approved for the eyes in the US, but government approved in the UK & Canada). I have a pro account, so for me, this is the cheapest! People who qualify for pro get around 50% off (sometimes more!), & all shoppers, pro or not, always get bonuses in their packages such as free glitters, or even free brushes, sparkle Dusters, or regular & waterproof bases (usually mini form). Who else does all that? I was shocked I didn't find a bag of chips in my last order! Add all that with the personal touches from Jodie Perks, & I'd call this a winner. Oh yeah: those wasteful little cubes you hate? NOTHING works to lock in pigments/glitters nearly as well as those cubes! Mine shall NEVER be in landfill, as I plan to reuse them for life! I'm almost sorry I don't have an empty right now to put my $20 fingernail size quantity of MUFE Diamond Dust in since those containers bleed glitter everywhere inside my traincase whenever they tip over. Such a sad waste of product the cost of platinum! LIT IS THE BEST!

    2. WHOA!!! You are free to disagree but please note that this was MY honest opinion. I conduct reviews from a consumer's point of views so most of what you are saying is irrelevant to the everyday casual makeup wearer.

      The conversion rate from CAD to US is almost 1:1 so there is barely a drop in price (saving 3 cents on $1 is really not much).

      And YES to an average consumer is IS just glitter. You are a PRO and therefore will find more use for the abundance of glitter that LIT provides. But for Jane Doe who will use glitter maybe 4 times a year and perhaps only buy 2 shades how can you justify the price with shipping? FYI we don't ALL get the PRO discount and so LIT is not the cheapest for us.

      I completely agree that LIT offers a HUGE range of colors/sizes/blends and IF you read my overall thoughts you would know that. Did you even read my review? I gave clear Pros and Cons and didn't just sit and bash LIT. Maybe you should be objective in your opinions rather than just slather on your compliments.

      I refuse to be a sycophant for ANY product or company! I simply give honest reviews and you can take from it what you will.

  2. Wow, defensive much? You asked for our opinions, & I gave mine. The last person asked about NYX glitter in comparison, & I gave that, too. I started using LIT before I started doing freelance MUA work, & I gave away all my NYX glitter because the difference is so huge. I still love MAC glitter, & I didn't get rid of the MUFE glitters, but I keep my purchases limited to Lit & MAC for a reason. Also, I found your blog via Beautylish where I bought 1 pot of lit for a total of $8 shipped. They have a promo (1 time only) when you sign up for $10 off, & they only charge $5 to ship. At $18 ($13 for the pot & 5 to ship) this makes lit much cheaper than MAC or MUFE, but higher than NYX, but I can't say enough how much I dislike NYX in comparison. Considering my "Pro" status is still relatively new but my glitter fascination goes back years, it is highly unfair of you to say my opinion is irrelevant to the average consumer! I WAS AN AVERAGE CONSUMER UNTIL JUST OVER A YEAR AGO! You're supposed to be a professional woman; tearing into a blog follower with a different opinion of a product is VERY unprofessional of you.

    1. Hahahahahaaaa! Again, read what I wrote and YOU stop getting all defensive. You came on the attack with your comment as if I bashed LIT rather than gave BOTH Pros and Cons. If my words seem harsh that was not my intention. I am simply stating facts - tone is hard to read in written words.

      Again NOT everyone is hunting for a load of glitter. Most people may get one or two glitters in their lifetime. You are NOT an average consumer - I know you may think so but it's just not the case. Think about how many women you know (remember most makeup consumers are 25+) that will go hunting for glitter?? I guarantee you right now that we are in the minority. That is just a simple fact.

      That is indeed a great deal from Beautylish but I bet not everyone will find that deal. Plus that is a limited deal and won't be around for long. This blog post is meant for anyone at anytime to read.

      Now, why am I supposed to be a professional woman again? And how did I tear into you? A rebuttal is all of a sudden tearing into you? It is highly hypocritical of you to jump all over my review initially then not expect a response of equal tone. How does that make me unprofessional? This is a personal and not a professional blog BTW.

  3. Incredible review! SO thorough and detailed, I love it! Despite the cons, I will be buying a couple, the ones that look unique in colour.


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