Apr 1, 2012

BEAUTY | Fancy Faves - March 2012


  1. great video !


  2. Nice faves!!! I need to give try to the mineralize charged water as well...
    You don't pronounce the final T in TEINT;) I'm French, know what I'm talking about.

  3. Oh! and for IDOLE, you must pronounce the I like in sIck and you don't pronounce the E ;)

  4. Hey beauty, thank you for the amazing video!!! I think I'll check out some of the products :) Unfortunately, we don't have Giovanni here in Germany :( btw, your hair looks amazing...just as the rest of you :) I really enjoy reading your blog Tina :)

  5. Thanks Anna!

    Thanks Maëlle. The eye cream is a good choice. Thanks for the pronunciation. I always messed the name up - so TEIN IDOL. :)

    Thanks so much Nora! Sucks when products are not available everywhere.


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