Jan 5, 2012

Magnolia Makeup - A FEW MORE SWATCHES...

Magnolia Makeup 


I have already done an few Overall Reviews of these pigments in depth HERE and HERE and even HERE! So nice I did it THRICE

So this post will just feature swatches and thoughts of some new colors I bought during the holiday sale they had.

 Fleur de Fab
  Very unique and intriguing color. It has a matte true blue base color with shimmery copper gold accents. It's not a duochrome but rather somewhat of a blend - like 2 separate colors melded into one. The more you blend the more copper gold shows through.

 Sour Apple
  Bright green tinged matte yellow. Vivid color payoff and creamy texture. The results are almost neon with this shade. Love!

  Oh! Intense turquoise blue with glorious sheen. I think of the tropical beaches when I see this color and it is fabulous! Great color payoff and smooth texture.

 024 Chartreuse Anyone
  I see this as more of a kelly green than true chartreuse but it is gorg none-the-less. Smooth with great color payoff and a hint of sheen.

 302 Ella
 Beautiful orange-y gold with golden sheen. Richly pigmented and buttery smooth.

 Blood Orange
 Insanely pigmented matte red orange. Great orange shade with prominent red hue. It is a matte finish so it's slightly powdery...but it is a loose pigment so this is expected. No issues with this being chalky.

Shimmery black with silver sparkle. Gorgeous color and fitting name - it's like a night sky filled with millions of stars. Slight fallout issues with the sparkles but with a good primer or used wet it is minimal.



  1. Ella is super pretty! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Mercedes "PicassoEyes"January 5, 2012 at 9:27 PM

    YAY! Finally u did another Mag post. Do u think the Blood Orange is worth it if u have Creole Tomato? Did u really enjoy Galaxy? I have all the others. BTw, I been toying with the idea of getting the blush kaleidoscope. How do you feel about loose pigment blushes? I personally prefer pressed blushes but some of the colors look very pretty. Finally you should try Paris, it's oh sooo beautyFULL!! Take care Bella;)

  3. Oh my gosh those are GORGEOUS colours! Thanks for the swatches :D

  4. WOW, what beautiful colors Tina! :D

  5. so great colors!!! love it thanks for this swatches Tina :)

  6. Fleur de Fab & Galaxy are stunnning!

  7. Jazzy u r right. Ella is gorg! And u r very welcome.

    Hey Mercedes! Blood Orange is definitely an orange while Creole Tomato is a pure red. If u r looking for a great matte orange then I say get Blood Orange. I didn't get the blush kaleidoscope and I won't be buying it. Not because I have anything against loose blushes but I feel like Magnolia forgot about me and is sending everything to more popular YouTubers. Makes me sad so I will only buy the items I truly want instead now rather than giving them money to do a review for them. Know what I mean? I ordered Paris too but I didn't get it yet. :(

    U r welcome Phoebe :)

    They r truly pretty Nikki. For sure!

    Very welcome Pauline!

    I agree Fab!


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