Jan 4, 2012

Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition


Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition ($146 Value) (Original Price $49)

A palette with 16 eye shadows and a mascara held in a component that resembles a book.

Full of stories of mystery and intrigue, the Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition looks like a gorgeous, velvet-covered book. Open its pages to see Kat's own tattoo-inspired drawings and handwritten journal entries about life, love, and beauty. Turn to the last page to reveal a palette of makeup, including sixteen trendsetting eye shadows, Kat's new Sin-Full Lash mascara, and a large mirror.

Use Kat's bestselling True Romance eye shadows wet or dry to create a range of looks, including her signature smoky eye. Formulated with rich pigments and hydrating ingredients, each shadow adds deep color that will make eyes pop while imparting moisture to the skin. The Sin-Full Lash mascara lets you turn up your eyelash volume by curling, lengthening, and thickening each strand. Its thick bristle brush coats individual lashes with a true black pigment formulation to create an intense depth and a bold stare.

This set contains:

- 16 x 0.053 oz True Romance Eyeshadows in First Class, Sunset Blvd, Precious, Downtown, Camila, Galeano, Blackhearts, WTF, Holy Bible, Speed Blue, Oddfellow, Blacksmith, Helsinki, Evil Monkey, Nerd, Night of the Hunter.


- 0.47 oz Sin-Full Lash Mascara in Puro Amor

    Size: 0.85 oz (16 x 0.053 oz) Eyeshadows + 0.47 oz Mascara
    Price: Now $32 (previously $49)


    The Kat Von D: Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition is now priced at $32 for 0.85 oz (16 x 0.053 oz) of Eyeshadow and 0.47 oz of Mascara. The usual Kat Von D True Romance Palettes cost $35 for 8 eyeshadows (actually smaller individual sizes) which I consider a great price for a good eyeshadow palette. This palette is even cheaper by $3 with lots more product (50% more).

    You also get a full sized mascara which is sold separately for $18. So if you factor in the mascara, you are only paying $14 for the eyeshadows themselves. The Kat Von D Palettes are already among the cheapest palettes in the mid-end cosmetics range so this palette is a great bargain!


    The Kat Von D: Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition is currently available at Sephora stores at the original price of $49 (boooo) and on the Sephora website at the sale price of $32 while quantities last. This palette is Limited Edition so grab it now if interested!

    The Kat Von D: Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition comes similarly packaged as previously reviewed Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Palette. The package emulates a hardcover book. It's a black and metallic red velvet covered book design which opens up to a few pages with writings from Kat Von D herself and, of course, the eyeshadows and mascara. There is also a large sized mirror within the palette on the opposite side of the eyeshadows.

    The palette is not as bulky as the previous Tattoo Chronicles palette which is a definite plus. It is sleeker in design and more elegant with a velvet cover rather than cardboard. However, is still not a streamlined, space-saving palette but the details and presentation make it a great collector's item. Fantastic, durable and sturdy (albeit a bit bulky) packaging not to mention BEAUTIFUL!

    There are 16 eyeshadows inside which are organized into four color-themed groups of four. Each grouping contains a perfect combination of lid, highlight and crease colors that can be mixed together for a coordinated look or combined with the other palette shades for your own customized look. The mascara itself is full-sized and housed in its own little cutout in the palette.



    The mascara comes in a silver and black tube with the signature Kat Von D tattoo rose designs embossed on the tube. The brush is quite large with full bristles that are medium in length and taper at the end.


    The Kat Von D: Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition features Kat Von D's signature True Romance Eyeshadow formula which is claimed to be 'Formulated with rich pigments and hydrating ingredients, each shadow adds deep color that will make eyes pop while imparting moisture to the skin.' The Sin-Full Lash mascara 'lets you turn up your eyelash volume by curling, lengthening, and thickening each strand. Its thick bristle brush coats individual lashes with a true black pigment formulation to create an intense depth and a bold stare.'

    These eyeshadows are true to the Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow formula - soft, creamy and nicely pigmented. There are a few of the eyeshadows that are infused with micro-fine which does lead to some fallout but they do not have the chunky effect of large sized glitter or shimmer. The eyeshadows are velvety without being powdery or too loose and apply nicely to the skin.

    The eyeshadows have an assortment of finishes including mattes, mattes w/ micro-fine glitter, satins and frosts.

    The matte shades are are highly pigmented except for the light link shade, Camila which barely shows up on my skintone. The frost finishes are also nicely pigmented with a gorgeous frosty sheen. The mattes w/ micro-fine glitter are gorgeous but there is some issue with fallout as is usually the case with glitter infused eyeshadows. The color intensity of the eyeshadows can be built up for greater intensity or used wet to secure the glitter particles. Some of the lighter shades are not as vivid on darker skin and will need a good base/primer and 'packing on' to improve the color payoff.

    There is minimal fallout from these eyeshadows overall with the glitter eyeshadows having the only issues. There will be more fallout issues when used with a fluffy brush as this will loosen up the product. The eyeshadow apply smoothly to the skin and blend seamlessly with each other and other eyeshadows.

    They wear very well without a primer without fading or creasing (at least 6+ hours) but the wear is improved greatly with a primer/base (9+ hours).


    The mascara is the next to tackle. The brush is quite large which may be a issue for those of us with smaller eyes. The formula is richly black and relatively thick. It coats well and creates a deep black look to the lashes. It is meant to be curling, lengthening, and thickening. The formula does allow for some lengthening and thickening but I didn't experience any dramatic effects. The mascara also causes a fair amount of clumping to the lashes which is a bother to separate and can lead to flaking a few hours into wear. It does leave the lashes feeling soft rather than crunchy which is a plus but it's not my favorite mascara at all. Another drawback was the smell....I'm not sure if this was an old set or something but it smells awful - somewhat like wet cement. Ick!

    The Kat Von D: Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition is a nice collector's item. I wasn't as impressed with this palette as I have been with other Kat Von D Palettes which I blame on the colors and how they work with my skintone. They are smooth, creamy and nicely pigmented but not the best I have seen from Kat Von D. The mascara also leaves a lot to be desired just on smell alone but then toss in some clumps for good measure. If you are an avid Kat Von D collector then this is a nice addition but if you are a regular consumer I would say explore other Kat Von D palettes which are in my opinion much nicer. I don't dislike the palette at all - there are a few of the colors that I adore - but I have seen better especially from Kat Von D! Not a must see but a nice enough to have.



    L-R: First Class (icy white) -- Sunset Blvd (icy yellow gold) -- Precious (icy pale champagne) -- Downtown (frosty light bronze)
    Sunset Blvd did not have the best color payoff.

     Camila (pale matte pink) -- Galeano (frosty light mauve) -- Blackhearts (deep burgundy w/ gold flecks) -- WTF (frosty red)
    Camila had poor color payoff and was a bit chalky.


    Holy Bible (icy aqua silver) -- Speed Blue (frosty deep blue) -- Oddfellow (matte black w/ green, teal, blue glitter) -- Blacksmith (matte black w/ silver glitter)
    The glitter in Oddfellow and Blacksmith will cause some fallout issues

     Helsinki (chunky light gold) -- Evil Monkey (satin brown w/ green sheen) -- Nerd (frosty green) -- Night of the Hunter (gorgeous deep forest green)
    Helsinki was hell - chunky texture and bad fallout. Night of the Hunter is my favorite color in the palette!


    1. I am always in awe of the effort that you put into your review posts. They are some of the most thorough reviews I have come across on the web. Thank you.

    2. OMG the lady above me took the words right out of my mouth. I am also in awe of the effort you put into your blog posts. I am always excited when I see you of uploaded a blog. Total dedication. Thank you so much.

    3. Awww shucks! Thanks so so much Deborah and Chelly! I try to post content that I would read myself and that I think will be helpful to others seeking reviews and swatches. I'm really anal so I tend to include as many details as I can muster. I'm so glad you guys appreciate it! :)


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