Nov 14, 2012



  1. Great tut! I always wearing huge loc buns but that's because my locs are long. I've been asked to do tuts for my big buns but we'll see how it goes. Your tut was great...especially for those who like step-by-step, detailed tuts.

    1. Thx Olivia dollface. U should do a tut. I'm sure it would help a lot of ppl out with long hair (not just locs even).

  2. Hi Tina, First of all I want to apologise for my really bad English! Hope it won't be to hard for you to understand what you are about to read! So that been said.... I am wroting you this message because this morning while I was surfing on the net. I came across a website and saw many of your video on there website. I don't know if you are aware of this or if is this something you authorized them to do. But just in case you are not aware of this I wanted to give you the website adress! It frustates me when I see people giving themself the permission to take a video of someone else without letting them know about it. It frustrate me even more when I think about the fact that those people do this only to get more popular and more subscribers. AHHHHHHHHH! It pissed me off so so so much! This is so rude and disrespectful. This is another reason why it was important for me to let you know about this. So this is the link to there website page where MANY OF YOUR MAKEUP LOOK CAN BE FOUND!

    I apologize in advance if you alreay know this and agree to do so with them. I am sorry but I HATE more then anything, people who try to get fame. By using other people talent, reputation and works without for most of them asked permission. So this is why I wanted to let you know.

    Have a nice day!
    Oh! before I forgot I want to tell you how much I love love love your sock bun look! It really look amasing on you alone with the pin up look!
    I really love this makeup and hair look on you!

    Have a gorgeous and lovely week!
    Take Care!


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