Jun 24, 2012

CHAT | The Fox and The Grapes (Fable) or Men & Their Egos

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  1. High five to you Tina! I agree with everything you said. I too did Fables in primary school, maybe it's a Caribbean thing. You see the problem with some men as you have correctly identified is their egos and more to the fact that they can't process rejection. It's like their brains shut down and can't process the fact that we turned down the almighty penis (can I say that on your blog? Don't mean any disrespect). It's like no I will not be your side piece, no I will not settle for not being able to be seen with you in public. No I will not settle for being cast aside on holidays and birthdays for someone else. I got a lil something called self esteem and self respect that will not let me settle for being second best.

    But another thing I must say, men only throw out what works for them. So I'm wondering who are these women who let these men run up on them with cheap talk and let them in? I mean it has got to be working on someone. But I find a lot of men not all I must say, have a lot of trouble distinguishing a woman with class from a woman without. So they use this one size fits all approach, and you are left looking at him like really? Does he honestly expect me to answer him or take him seriously? Dude, please.

    Anyway, I've rambled enough. Love these types of videos and your candid behaviour.


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