Nov 23, 2015

SWATCHES & REVIEW | Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette

Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette

An eye shadow palette with 24 highly-bold shades, remixed from Kat Von D’s fan favorite Mi Vida Loca palette. 

Go crazy for color with 24 new high-pigment eye shadows in a palette inspired by vintage vinyls. With a striking combination of technicolor brights and everyday neutrals, this palette proves that there’s no shade too bold or combination too daring. It features an inner wheel of seven nudes and neutrals surrounded by an outer wheel of 17 vivid brights. Discover how to rock three stand-out and insanely vibrant looks on the illustrated insert. Each is named for one of Kat’s cult favorite Studded Kiss Lipstick shades.

The name of this palette comes from one of Kat’s favorite tattoos, meaning “My Crazy Life” in Spanish. Like all Kat Von D Beauty products, the eye shadows in this palette were not tested on animals.

Kat asked her fans to name their all-time favorite Kat Von D palette. And the winner was….Mi Vida Loca. This holidays new hit, Mi Vida Loca Remix, features brand new shades inspired by the bold brights from Kats former bestselling palette. The packaging features original portrait drawn by Kat Von D herself.

Muse  lilac purple                         Rewind  aubergine
Echo  purple glitter                         Destroyer  bright strawberry
Dark Wave  deep navy                         Swoon  fuchsia
Synth  electric blue                         Löve  shimmery rose
Hyperballad  sea blue                         Anthem  purple
Lemmy  grass green                         Vox  chocolate brown
Misfit  kelly green                         Moulder  butter yellow
Vinyl  neon green                         Noble  nude
Legend  golden yellow                         Skulls  iridescent pearl
Fran  deep mustard yellow                         Black Metal  matte black
Analogue  burnt orange                         Lyric  white pearl
Harpsichord  metallic bronze                         Strutter  taupe

 Size:  24 x 0.04 oz

Price: US $59.00


The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette retails for $59 for 24 x 0.04 oz of product. For reference typical small eyeshadows on the market are 0.05 oz each - think MAC and Urban Decay eyeshadow pans.

The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette is on the higher side of the price spectrum this holiday season....however, it also contains more eyeshadows (both in shades and size) than the typical eyeshadow palette. This palette is competitively priced alongside other mid-end brands on the market. Similar priced palettes contain a few less eyeshadows and overall amount of product so you are getting value here PLUS variety.

One thing to note, is that this palettes does not come with a bonus item such as an eyeshadow brush or deluxe primer sample, etc. Some more pricey palettes do include these add-ons which somewhat 'balance out' the price. There is, however, a look book which shows a few inspired looks with guides on how to achieve each look from the shades in the palette.


The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette is currently available for purchase in store and online at the following location:

The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette palette has a vinyl record themed design bringing to mind images of vintage record players and new age turntables!   The palette itself is a two part hard cardboard design with a decorated sheath and a pull out insert where the eyeshadows are housed.

The outer sheath features a colorful drawing by Kat Von D herself and the usual tattoo designs and font that we have come to love from the edgier brand. On the back of this outer case is a picture of the eyeshadows and their names in the vinyl inspired layout.  

The eyeshadows are arranged in 2 rings on a flat black background - a smaller one inside the other larger one. The outer circle features the colorful shades laid out in a rainbow or color wheel pattern with similar colors next to each other. In the center we have the neutral everyday shades. Each eyeshadow is labelled with it's name in signature Kat Von D silver font. It can get quite dizzying to follow the names around in a circle...try it!

While the palette design is artistic and quite beautiful, it is heavy and bulky and honestly quite cumbersome to use. The insert is large and inconvenient when compared to other palette designs that we are used to. There is no mirror, no lid, no bueno! I get it though....yes it's creative and artistic expression...but at the end of the day it needs to be usable! I certainly didn't just buy it to look at it right?

If you are a collector then you will find some beauty in the presentation. But for us regular makeup lovers and users, we kinda need it to be functional. It's gonna have to be a thumbs down for me on the packaging.

"With a striking combination of technicolor brights and everyday neutrals, this palette proves that there’s no shade too bold or combination too daring. It features an inner wheel of seven nudes and neutrals surrounded by an outer wheel of 17 vivid brights."

The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette has a great variety of shades with a mix of neutrals in the center ring with a rainbow of shades in the outer ring - yellows, oranges, purples, reds, greens, blues. This is a well thought out selection of colors to please the color lover or a neutral babe venturing into the colorful world.

The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette feature various finishes from matte to satin and shimmery frost shades. There are quite a few matte shades here which is not the norm for palettes much less holiday edition palettes. The shimmery shades are also more subtle in sheen rather than being high frost metallic shades. See the swatches for more....

The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette are overall nicely pigmented with/without a primer or eyeshadow base. We will talk more under the swatches and in the video.

The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette are nice palettes with good color payoff and are blendable without being overly patchy. The mattes performed well without being dry or too powdery. They are not the smoothest, most creamy shades but they work well and show up well on the eyes. The shimmer shades performed well but a few needed layering for full pigmentation. I do suggest using an eyeshadow primer for the best results.

We will talk more under the swatches.

The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette is a good makeup palette for the holidays with a great selection of colors and a neutral section to help with blending and accenting eyeshadow looks. The palette is a pricey one but you do get quite a bit of product here. The palette design, while artistic and beautiful, is impractical for everyday use and is more of a display piece that a functional one. I had to subtract kudos and knock the grade down for the palette packaging....


Have you tried this palette?  Interested?


 Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette
 Overall View ✸ 


  Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette
 blues, purples, reds 


 Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette
 teals, greens, yellows, oranges 


 Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette


 Black Metal – matte black
Matte sooty black with decent pigmentation
Lyric – white pearl
Satin ivory with sheer pigmentation
Strutter – taupe
Matte neutral beige with good color payoff - more gray toned than Noble
Vox – chocolate brown
Matte deep neutral brown - great for adding depth
Moulder – butter yellow
Matte yellow ivory with light pigmentation
Noble – nude
Smooth matte caramel nude with good pigmentation
Skulls – iridescent pearl
Icy champagne shade with good color payoff

 Echo – purple glitter
Matte purple with silver micro-glitter
Dark Wave – deep navy
Matte marine blue with silver micro-glitter
Synth – electric blue
Matte sea blue with decent color payoff

Hyperballad – sea blue
Matte teal with decent color payoff
 Lemmy – grass green
Frosty deep forest green with great color payoff
Misfit – kelly green
Matte kelly green with silver micro-glitter
Vinyl – neon green
Satin neon lemon green with nice color payoff especially for a neon shade
Legend – golden yellow
Shimmery golden yellow with medium pigmentation
Fran – deep mustard yellow
Matte muted mustard yellow with medium pigmentation

 Analogue – burnt orange
Matte tangerine orange
Harpsichord – metallic bronze
Copper bronze shade with decent color payoff
Rewind – aubergine
Deep cranberry red shade with good pigmentation
Destroyer – bright strawberry
Matte strawberry muted red with decent color payoff
Swoon – fuchsia
Bright pink with decent pigmentation
Löve – shimmery rose
Shimmery pale pin with good color payoff
Anthem – purple
Matte red-toned purple with decent color payoff
Muse – lilac purple
Beautiful satin lavender good color payoff


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