May 25, 2015

REVIEW + SWATCHES | Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows


Artist Shadows

Effortlessly create endless eye looks that range from beautifully natural to highly artistic with this unique eye shadow palette. With its breakthrough, gel-powder formula blended with ultrafine pigments, Artist Shadow leaves a smooth, even result that gives lids super-saturated, lasting color. An easily-blendable formula that features diamond, iridescent, matte, metallic, and satin finishes, it is an accessible shadow for the professional makeup artist and the everyday woman. 


Size: 0.07 oz

Price: $21 (each+$1 for compact), $34 (duo), $44 (trio)
(see below)

The following colors were created for use on cheeks: 
Frosted Peach, Mahogany, Mandarin, Rust, Pumpkin, Copper Red, Watermelon, Electric Coral, Coral Pink, Golden Pink, Electric Purple, Tangerine, Poppy, Milk Toffee, Peach, Bisque, Salmon, Orange,Tomato, Coral, Grenadine,Tea Pink, Light Rosewood, Purple, Canyon, Apricot, Auburn, Flesh-colored Pink, Rosewood, Dark Purple Pink, Eggplant




The Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows retail for $21 each for 0.07 oz. 

However, there is a customizable option where you can build your own Make Up For Ever Custom Artist Palette  in bundles of 2 or 3 and receive a discounted price - $34 for a duo = $17 each and $44 for a trio = $14.60 each. 

Starting out these shadows are within the expected price range of other mid-to-high-end cosmetics brands with the size edging on the larger end of the spectrum - you are getting quite a bit of product for your bucks. The great thing about these shadows, is that you have the option to build your own customizable duos or trios at a discounted price. When you purchase 2 of these shadows, the price of each comes close to MAC Eyeshadow prices (with more product). And if you grab one more to make it a trio then you get an even cheaper bundle price.

While these are not the cheapest eyeshadows on the market or even the best make-your-own-palette system, I still think you can get value for your money by springing for trios versus purchasing singles or duos. They are also larger sized pans so you will get more product than the typical small sized eyeshadow on the market - or even those available in pre-made palettes.

These shades come packaged in a temporary case; the custom palette cases are sold separately.

In just 3 easy steps, you'll be on your way to customizing your new Make Up For Ever Custom Artist Palette!

Add a 1-pan, 2-pan, or 3-pan Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Custom Palette Case to your cart for $1.

Add 1 or more Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows to your basket.

When you add 1 Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow and a Mono Palette to your basket, there is no discount applied.
$22 for 1 Eyeshadow + Palette

When you add 2 Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows and a Duo Palette to your basket, a $9 discount will be applied automatically at checkout.
$34 for 2 Eyeshadows = $17 each

When you add 3 Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows and a Trio Palette to your basket, a $20 discount will be applied automatically at checkout.
$44 for 3 Eyeshadows = $14.60 each

The Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows are currently available for purchase in store and online at the following locations:

The Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows come packaged in a temporary case; the custom palette cases are sold separately for $1 each.

The custom palette cases are solid shiny black cases with a transparent snap-fit lids with the Make Up For Ever logo printed in black. Inside there are magnetized cut-outs that fit the shadow pans securely into place. There are also pin sized holes at the bottom of the palettes for easy removal of the shadow pans - without damaging the product by attempting to pry them out. The Custom Palette Cases comes in 1-pan, 2-pan, or 3-pan sizes.

They are very high quality sturdy palettes that are great for organizing your shadows and for travel. However, these can also be placed into other magnetized palettes on the market - I use my extra large z-palettes which hold 19 of these large sized shadows.

These shadows are only labeled with numbers on the back (ink printed which is pretty much production line basic! HA!). The actual shade names are provided on the Sephora website. For ease of use, especially for blogging and YouTube tutorial purposes, I printed my own labels and secured them to the back of each pan. 

Side note: Make Up For Ever will probably never use actual names for their products since the number system syncs up to their internal coding system and lines up with manufacturing and Pantone Color Matching System references. 



"In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow is a modern hybrid formula that combines the smoothness of a cream, the blendability of a liquid and the finish of a powder with long-wearing colour and prismatic reflections. Its creamy, silky, near-fluid formula creates luminous, well-defined eyes in finishes from sheer crystallized light to stunning metallic."

The Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows come in a HUGE range of colors - 210 shades in case you were curious!

There are numerous nude shades, reds, yellows, greens, oranges, pinks, purples, burgundy shades, smokey shades....pretty much all colors of the rainbow mixed in with earthy tones! You name it, you can find it here...very few makeup brands can tout having such a large range...well MAC can :)

Be mindful though, that some of these shades are meant for use on the cheeks - blush shades. Of course, they can get away with this since these are marketed as shadows rather than exclusively eyeshadows. You can still use these on your eyelids - at you own discretion and risk of course. The red pigment in these shades can cause staining and some irritation when used on the eyes.

The Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows come in 5 different finishes - diamond, iridescent, matte, metallic and satin.  

In order of my favorite to least favorite:

Metallic – Vibrantly-toned. Shimmeringly metallic with high-shine pearl. My favorite of all the finishes - extremely creamy and shiny without being frosty or overdone.

Diamond – Intense shimmery base colors with smoothly pearlized, ultra-fine glitter. The glitter adheres well and stays in place. Some of the lighter shades (anything with Crystalline in the name) tend to apply a bit more sheerly than the other richer shades.

Matte – Flat matte, no shimmer, no glitter, no shine finish. Soft and creamy but not overly powdery.

 Iridescent – Smooth creamy texture with a subtle iridescent shine. This finish is not consistent from shade to shade - some shades are easy to work with and apply beautifully while others can get a little troublesome.

Satin – Provides a soft subtle non-frost, light-refractive sheen. This texture is tricky as it can clump up and cause trouble with blending. 

The Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows are nicely pigmented across the board. There are of course some shades (as you can tell from the live swatches) that require a little more building up than others. And there are also some shades that are meant to have sheer color payoff.

The Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows have a great formula which applies well, blends easily and wears beautifully throughout the day without fading and fallout. 

While I had no issues using natural or synthetic bristle brushes with these eyeshadows, I did find that a more densely packed brush worked best for the non-matte shades. The non-matte shades also have a tendency to get crepe-y so less is more - start with a little and build up from there.

The diamond, iridescent, metallic and satin shades do have a strong silicone (dimethicone) base which allows for slip and high sheen. However, this can also leave to clumping of the product and even creasing. I always recommend using an eyeshadow primer with oily lids and in this case I highly recommend it! Personally I didn't have issues with creasing and I do have ridiculously oily eyelids!

I also find these work equally well with a damp brush or a creamy eyeshadow base.

The Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows are my favorite eyeshadow formula to date. I really enjoyed the previous formula and new revised formula takes everything to another level. I am slightly upset that the famous #92 Shadow is no longer available and nothing in the line-up truly replaces it.

However, I highly recommend this line (of course there are a few not so great shades - check the details below) without hesitation. There are a few troublesome shades that I would skip but overall it's a great lineup. 

Have you tried these shadows?  Interested?



M100 Black - matte black with decent (not overly intense) pigmentation
S102 Onyx - Gorgeous satin black (great for smokey eyes)
D104 Black Diamond - satin black with silver glitter
ME108 Steel (favorite)- Shimmery deep silver 
M110 Cement - matte deep gray


I112 Chrome - medium satin grey with slight purple undertone
S114 Pearl Gray - pale satin gray
ME116 Silver - shimmery light silver
D118 Platinum - shimmery icy silver
I120 Snow Gray - pale shimmery gray
ME122 Snow - icy cool toned white
D124 Crystalline White - icy white with a slight pink undertone
M126 Chalk - matte white
D200 Crystalline Mauve Turquoise - icy white with blue and purple shimmer




ME202 Iceberg Blue - icy pale blue
I204 Sky Blue - satin sky blue
D206 Celestial Blue - icy sheer light blue
S208 Baby Blue - satin baby blue
I210 Light Turquoise - shimmery light blue
I212 Periwinkle - medium periwinkle purple blue
S214 Ultramarine Blue (favorite) - rich ocean blue
ME216 Electric Blue (favorite) - shimmery deep blue
I220 Sapphire (favorite) - deep metallic blue
D222 Night Blue - deep blue with silver glitter


ME224 Navy Blue (favorite) - rich inky deep metallic blue
S226 Abyssal Blue - satin blackened blue
S228 Petrol Blue - deep green blue
ME230 Peacock Blue - shimmery medium blue
ME232 Turquoise Blue - high shine turquoise blue
S234 Azure Blue - satin deep teal blue
D236 Lagoon Blue (favorite) - shimmery teal blue with silver glitter
I238 Blue Cedar - satin deep teal blue
M240 Prussian Blue - matte blackened blue (skip)



I300 Pine Green - deep satin teal green
ME302 Peacock (favorite) - rich deep brown with green shimmer
ME304 Emerald (favorite) - high shine emerald green
D306 Bottle Green - deep forest green with green/golden glitter
D308 Aquatic Khaki (favorite) - deep green brown with blue/green/silver glitter
ME310 Fir Tree Green (favorite) - blackened forest green
S312 Mint Green - satin mint green
S314 Nile Green - satin light pistachio green


D316 Crystalline Pinky Green - sheer shimmery lime green
I318 Linen Khaki - pale ivory green
D320 Golden Khaki - shimmery deep brown with gold and green tones
M322 Khaki - matte green toned khaki
I324 Bronze Khaki - satin khaki green (skip)
D326 Black Bronze - blackened brown with golden shimmer
I328 Bronze - satin deep green brown (skip)



I330 Linden Green
I332 Meadow Green
D334 Green Apple
S336 Lime (skip)
ME338 Acidic Green
I340 Lime Green
ME400 Buttercup
S402 Mimosa
ME406 Golden - shimmery yellow gold
M408 Mustard -  matte mustard yellow
D410 Gold Nugget (skip)


I412 Wheat (favorite)
I414 Yellow Ivory
D416 Crystalline Yellow
S502 White Sand
S506 Linen
I508 Olive Beige
M510 Vanilla
ME512 Golden Beige


S516 Sand
M518 Nude
I520 Pinky Sand
I528 Pearl
M532 Sugar Coated Candy
M536 Milk Tea
I542 Pinky Clay
M546 Dark Purple Taupe
M548 Pink Gray
I550 Olive Gray



ME554 Gunmetal (favorite)
S556 Taupe Gray (favorite)
M558 Dark Taupe 
S560 Taupe
D562 Taupe Platinum (favorite)
M600 Pink Brown
S602 Cinnamon
I606 Pinky Earth
S610 Almond
ME612 Silver Brown (favorite)



ME614 Graphite Brown (favorite) - metallic deep espresso brown
S616 Chocolate (skip) - satin medium deep brown
M618 Espresso - matte blackened brown
M620 Gray Brown - matte gray toned brown
S622 Black Brown (favorite) - matte rich brown
ME624 Black Gold (favorite) - blackened brown with gold shimmer
M626 Neutral Brown - matte neutral brown


I628 Reptile (favorite)  - shimmery olive brown
M630 Sweet Chestnut - deep warm brown
S632 Hazelnut - satin taupe brown
M636 Cappuccino - matte warm brown
S638 Mocha - satin golden brown
D640 Golden Snake (favorite) - shimmery golden bronze
S642 Sahara (favorite) - satin neutral brown
ME644 Iced Brown - shimmery light brown
I648 Golden Fawn - shimmery champagne brown
M650 Cookie (favorite) - matte warm medium brown



D652 Celestial Earth - medium warm brown with golds shimmer
ME654 Cauldron (favorite) - shimmery bronze-y brown
ME658 Golden Brown - shimmery golden brown
M660 Speculous (favorite) - matte caramel brown
I662 Amber Brown - shimmery golden brown
ME700 Amber - metallic brown toned gold
I702 Mahogany (favorite) - satin warm brown



D708 Pinky Copper (favorite) - shimmery pinky copper with gold shimmer
S710 Peach (skip) - satin dusty peach
I722 Mandarin (favorite) - shimmery light orange peach
I724 Rust - shimmery muted orange
M726 Sienna - matte rusty orange
ME728 Copper Red (favorite) - shimmery bronze-y orange
I730 Pumpkin (favorite) - bright shimmery orange
S732 Orange - satin bright orange
ME734 Tangerine - metallic neon orange
I736 Copper Red (favorite) - shimmery red orange




ME740 Magma (favorite) - rich orange with golden shimmer
S742 Tomato - bright orange red
ME744 Poppy - shimmery bright red
I746 Watermelon (favorite) - bright neon coral
S748 Coral (favorite) - satin coral orange
S800 Grenadine - muted rose pink
I804 Golden Pink (favorite) - coral pink with gold shimmer
M816 Rosewood - matte rose brown



M822 Plum - satin orange brown
D826 Fig (favorite) - shimmery cranberry with silver glitter
ME828 Garnet Black (favorite) - shimmery deep red brown
D830 Black Rose - shimmery blackened purple
S836 Pink Ash - satin pinky taupe
ME840 Pink Chrome - shimmery purple-y pink
M842 Wine (skip) - matte muted cranberry
D850 Nitro Pink (favorite) - shimmery medium pink with silver glitter
S852 Neon Pink (favorite) - satin neon bright pink


I858 Flamingo (favorite) - bright coral pink
I864 Baby Pink (favorite) - satin light pink
ME866 Frosted Pink - shimmery pale pink
D868 Crystalline Pink - sheer icy iridescent pink
I872 Pearly Pink - pale pink ivory
I902 Quartz - pale pink
I904 Cotton Candy - satin light pink
S908 Mauve (favorite) - bright blue toned pink
ME910 Electric Magenta - neon fuchsia pink


ME912 Orchid - shimmery pinky purple
I918 Lavender (favorite) - shimmery pale lavender
S920 Violet - light pinky purple
I922 Electric Purple (potential skip) - medium shimmery purple
S924 Purple - shimmery red toned purple 
D926 Blueberry - satin blue purple with silver and purple glitter
M928 Eggplant (favorite) - matte deep burgundy
ME930 Black Purple (favorite) - rich blackened purple


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