Nov 7, 2013




Remember it is always best to have your nails professionally done until you are comfortable with doing them at home yourself.

I am not a nail care professional so I am only sharing what has worked for me these past few years of taking care of my nails at home by myself.

I have long nail beds from years of pushing my cuticles back if you are curious. This can be very damaging so attempt at your own risk. I can do a separate video about this topic if requested.


Products used in this video:

Beauty Secrets Cuticle Remover & Pusher
By: Beauty Secrets
(Two in one feature: Cuticle remover & pusher)

Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper

Colossal Collection Nail File Fine Pink
By: Tropical Shine
(fine, washable, sanitizable)

Nail Buffer (fine)

Orly Cuticle Care Complex
(cuticle & nail treatment oil)

Zoya Remove+ 3-in-1 Formula (Big Flipper)
Polish Remover, nail cleaner, nail prep

Formula X For Sephora
CLEANSE – Nail Cleanser

Nailtiques Nail Protein
Formula 1 - Maintenance for Healthy, Flexible Nails


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