Aug 6, 2013

REVIEW & SWATCHES | Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks - Anarchy, Bang, F-Bomb, Protest, Shame

Creamy, badass luxury. Our Pigment Infusion System™ delivers insane color payoff with creamy shine, Maxi-Lip™ plumps and nourishing oils leave lips cushiony soft.


Get the color you crave. Addictive to apply (and even more addictive to wear), this creamy formula glides on without dragging or skipping, hugs every curve and gives you a BIG laydown of color. And with shades that range from gorgeous nudes to bold brights, there’s something for everyone.

Our Pigment Infusion System™ gives Revolution Lipstick its super creamy texture, insane pigmentation, superior color dispersion and extended wear. Maxi-Lip™ defines and hydrates lips while making them look plumper and fuller. And a nourishing blend of jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter keeps lips super moisturized and cushiony soft.

Our luxe, custom-designed gunmetal tube (lined in dark purple) features organically shaped facets that practically beg to be touched. You’ll want to keep pulling it out of your bag—whether it’s time to reapply or not.

Size: 0.09 US oz
Price: US$22.00

The Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks are priced at $22 for 0.09 oz of product.

These actually cost more than a lot of lipsticks on the market and contain less product: MAC Lipsticks ($15/0.1 oz), Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks ($20/0.12 oz), Kat Von D Painted Love Lipsticks ($19/0.11 oz)

A few lipsticks cost a bit more but still contain more product for a better value overall: Illamasqua Lipsticks ($24/0.14 oz), Bite Beauty Lipsticks ($24/0.13 oz), Bobbi Brown Lipsticks ($24/0.13 oz)


The Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks are available for purchase at Sephora and ULTA stores as well as online on the Sephora, ULTA and Urban Decay websites.
The Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks come in a gunmetal shiny tube with dark purple interior. The caps of the tubes are embossed with the Urban Decay brand name.

The label on the bottom of each tube indicates the shade name for reference. The labels are not color coded so you will need to memorize the name and coordinating color or open the tube to see the actual lipstick shade. All other details are on the actual product packaging. 

The tubes are sleek and durable and hold very secure so there is little risk of the caps coming loose and damaging the lipsticks. Beware of fingerprints and scuffs on these beautiful metallic tubes though - all in the name of pretty packaging. There are also grooves in the tubes which are meant to be ergonomic...these make for a better grip but it isn't all that noticeable.
(P.S. Thank G_d they got rid of that impractical old 'dagger' style packaging) 


Creamy, badass luxury. Our Pigment Infusion System™ delivers insane color payoff with creamy shine, Maxi-Lip™ plumps and nourishing oils leave lips cushiony soft.

There are 22 colors available in wearable neutral shades and pops of bright color.

The Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks are very creamy and glide on smoothly. There are no matte or shimmery finishes in this line-up - just creamy semi-glossy shades.

The Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks come in 22 shades (2 are exclusive to including many pinks - intense and light shades - neutrals, reds, oranges and deeper berry shades.

The available shades will appeal to most of the market with the variety in subtle neutrals colors and bold reds and berries and even a beautiful orange. However, I feel like they missed the market with coral and purple shades which have become quite popular with us makeup lovers. After all Urban Decay is a TRENDY brand right??!!

But the majority wins out in this case...maybe they will add more fun shades next season!

The Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks vary in pigmentation from shade to shade. For the most part they have great color payoff in one swipe and can be built up to full intensity with just a couple of swipes. Depending on the pigmentation of your lips you may need a couple of layers with the lighter shades while the deeper/bolder shades give great coverage in one swipe.

The deeper/bolder shades will also leave a slight to intense stain behind once you remove the lipstick - Anarchy and F-Bomb left a pretty strong stain behind. 

The Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks are very nice to apply. They are creamy without being too soft (which can be a major issue!). They glide onto the lips without clinging to dry spots...I still recommend lip balm and exfoliation no matter what though.

They feel very lightweight and creamy on the lips without being too slippery or glossy which is a great thing. I didn't experience any bleeding of the color which usually happens with 'liquid-y' or 'thin' formulas. 

The wear is somewhere between 5-9 hours depending on the shade and level of oral activity *hee hee*. They are creamy which shortens wear but not significantly - not to where it's like a gloss.

They are very comfortable to wear and do not dry out my lips although I wouldn't say they are hydrating by themselves. I still feel the need to use a balm after removing them so the nourishing part was a miss on me (personally of course). 

I also didn't notice any plumping, by tingle or appearance, but then again my lips are full naturally. 


The Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks are great addition to the lipstick market! I think they are creamy and very pigmented and a dream to wear. However, the price/size leaves me weary but alas what to do?! I think they are worth a may even find your everyday shade.


Have you tried these yet?  Interested?


Urban Decay ANARCHY Lipstick - Vivid bright fuchsia pink. There are many like this on the market. It leans more blue pink.


Urban Decay BANG Lipstick - Bright, bold, in your face orange. This is not for the faint of heart at all. It's a gorgeous yellow-toned (warm) orange.


Urban Decay F-BOMB Lipstick - Medium-deep neutral red. Would be suitable on a variety of skintones - especially deeper skin.

Urban PROTEST Lipstick - Subtle pinky nude shade. Great nude for medium-dark skintones..


Urban Decay SHAME Lipstick - Deep vampy wine red. This color is more dark rich red than a berry shade. Perfect for darker skin.


  1. The deeper shades seem to make you glow! you look good in all of them but F bomb and shame look especially good on you in my opinion. Thanks for the review!

  2. You're right it's odd they don't have any corals! I still like the look of these...Shame is my kinda colour :P

  3. Thanks for the reviews Tina! They look great on you!

  4. Shame is amazing on you. I picked it up when they were doing the promotion and love it. This was a really great review and you have amazing lips!

  5. shame is my favorite one ! I loveeeeeee dark lipstick . Ur lips are gorgeous :)


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