Apr 17, 2013

CHAT | Update, Pregnancy, The Makeup Show NYC


  1. hahaha I remember studying for my P.Eng 3 years ago or so. It was so hard coz it had been a while since I had graduated. I managed though and being a professional engineer rocks! Good luck to u hunnie :)

    I agree on enjoying hubby for a while before getting preggo. We were married over 4 years before we decided to start a family and I think it was a great decision.

    1. Hahahaa! I remember when u were studying too. Has it been that long???!!! Oiiiiii!!! It IS HARD but I quite enjoy it. Weird I know. Thanks my luv.

      Yes! U guys r so happy and I am glad u enjoyed your marriage first. It seems like it even allows u to enjoy parenthood more. How's my munchkin? She's getting so big so fast.....seems like only yesterday u were pregnant.

  2. It's so refreshing to hear a woman admit that childbearing isn't the be all and end all. Motherhood is very hard work (if you try to do it well)and should be deferred until you can truly dedicate yourself to the task as once commenced, you have to ride it until the wheel falls off...there's no reset button and you can't change your mind when it's not everything you dreamed it would be. You and your husband have made such a smart decision in deciding to enjoy yourselves in the marriage before adding children to the equation. The relationship dynamic can change significantly when you have kids (I know first hand..have 3 ages 11-19). Wish you much success in your marriage, career and continued education.

    On another note, you wouldn't happen to be West Indian (Bajan)? both your accent and gorgeous face remind me of my mom when she first came here from Bridgetown.

    Peace and Blessings,


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