Mar 14, 2013

NEW & UPDATED | Makeup Collection and Organization

This is a highly requested video showing my makeup collection and set-up. It also shows how I organize such a large collection and I hope you will get some ideas. I have resisted doing an updated version of my collection because of all the negativity associated with this type of video. As such, I will be moderating and deleting any outright nasty/spam comments as well as blocking and reporting any offenders.

Please check below for Frequently Asked Questions and Answers as well as website links to as many storage items as I was able to locate and list.


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On my lips:
NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg

On my nails:
Essie Cocktail Bling Nail Polish with a splatter design

Picture of nails:


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Before you ask a question please check the list below where I may have already provided a response. Not trying to be rude but I WILL NOT answer any question that I have already answered here:

How old are you?

A lady never reveals her it's rude to ask...naah I don't mind. For curious minds I am thirty and I didn't wear makeup (besides eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss) before age 25 --- YES I know.

How long YOU have been collecting?

My interest in makeup started in 2008. However, my hardcore collection really started at the end of 2009 into 2010 and continued from there. So as of today the majority of my collection is 3 years old.

What is YOUR profession? What do YOU do for a living? What is YOUR job?

I am a Professional Electrical Engineer by profession. This is my day-to-day career and I LOVE IT!


How do YOU afford all this makeup? DO YOU buy it all YOURself? Do YOU get products for free?

The bulk of my collection has been purchased by my well and hard-earned cash! I have studied long and hard and have been blessed with a successful career so I am quite happy to treat myself to my guilty pleasure which is makeup.

Quite frankly, all my bills are paid, my bank account is healthy, my 401K Plan is also doing quite well, my charitable donations are pre-tax, I have no pets/kids to provide for AND I am very happy to spend to the things I LOVE. You may not understand or support it but to each their own.

There are also many products/items in my collection that are gifts from friends, family and significant others. They all know I am a makeup lover so of course the best gift to get me would be makeup.

I have also received some of these items from various PR firms and companies representatives for reviews/consideration, gifts, etc.


Why do YOU have all this makeup? It’s such a waste of money!!!

Makeup is my hobby and now also my part-time job. I run a blog and a YouTube channel all dedicated to beauty and makeup therefore my collection will be much larger than a typical everyday makeup lover. What you may consider a waste of money others may not. Alcohol, partying, smoking, over-eating, coffee drinking, video games, sneakers, luxury handbags, jewelry, drugs, etc. can also be considered a waste of money.

What I choose to spend my money on is truly none of your concern unless it directly impacts you - which I can pretty much guarantee you that it doesn’t. I respect a person’s freedom of choice and I would appreciate the same in return.


ARE YOU a makeup artist?

I am not a makeup artist by profession but I do freelance very rarely for special occasions and only a selected few.


Is this a personal collection or used for makeup artistry?

This is mainly a personal collection but it is also used for business purposes.


where do you keep your nail polishes?

I keep my nail polishes and nail products separate and apart from my makeup collection for sanitary and compatibility reasons. You can check out that collection here:


where do you keep your HAIR/BATH/BODY PRODUCTS?

Again, I keep my hair/bath/body products separate and apart from my makeup collection for sanitary and compatibility reasons.



My intent isn’t to use-up all my makeup - that would be impossible in my lifetime. I make use of as many products as often as I can. I like to use new things as well as test out products for my blog and YouTube channel. As the makeup industry evolves and grows so does my collection. Most of my collection has been used or at least swatched unless they are back-up products are still in the packaging.



YES, I AM VERY aware that makeup/cosmetics have an expiration date. However, the marked shelf-life on makeup products is a very conservative estimate and is a recommendation RATHER THAN a RULE!

You can prolong the shelf-life/longevity of cosmetics by using proper storage (dry/low humidity, low-dust, pet-free, smoke-free, low temperature) and using hygienic methods when using the products. Also, make sure your products are sanitized along with your tools (brushes, tweezers, applicators, hands, etc).

Then of course toss out any product with a weird/different smell or texture from its original/brand-new state. Powders last the longest since they don't have the moist environment that bacteria thrive in. Creams, gels, lotions, liquids and the like will have a shorter life-span and should be checked regularly before use. Use your discretion!

A lot the products are kept for sampling, swatching, reference and even simple sentimental value.


 And MY most hated question/request…..


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I will not send you ANY of my makeup!

First off, I used my hard-earned money for this collection and I ONLY give products to my friends and family. Any makeup that I am willing to give up or part with will go to those close to me just by virtue of me loving them.

It is very unsavory for strangers to BEG me for my makeup especially young girls. PLEASE DO NOT send me emails/messages me about sending you makeup. Makeup is a luxury item and is FAR from a NEED. You need food, clothing and shelter. You absolutely DON’T NEED makeup or any of these luxury items. Be happy with what you have and maybe aspire to being in a place where you can splurge on these items someday.

If you have the luxury of a computer and the internet to watch videos and send messages begging for makeup then you are already better off than more than 50% of the world’s population. Stop using the old poor excuse…you have NO IDEA what poverty is! TRUST ME!


Storage and Organization Items:


Large 9-Drawer Set:
ALEX Drawer Unit with 9 drawers


Small 5-Drawer Set:
VIKA ALEX Drawer unit with 5 drawers, white


Makeup Desk:
MICKE Desk, white with birch effect



White Wall Mounted Pull-Out Bins used for eye pencils, longer lip products, brushes and eyeliners:
Modular Flip-Out Bins


White Three Drawer used for larger eyeshadows, cream eyeliners/eyeshadows, glitters, etc:
Stackable Desktop Drawers


Clear Organizers used for lipsticks and lipglosses:
Baseball Card Case & Sleeves


Clear 4-Section Swivel Organizer used for frequently used neutral eyeshadows:
4-Section Acrylic Swivel Organizer


Clear 3 Section Organizer used for cotton pads and cotton swabs (q-tips):
Tall 3-Section Acrylic Hinged-Lid Box


Clear 4 Section Organizer used for brushes on desk:
Acrylic 4-Section Box


Clear Organizers for mascaras, eye primers, lip conditioners, concealers, etc:
Acrylic Edge Stackable Boxes



Drawer organizer used for eyeshadows:
Michael Graves for Target Small Cutlery Tray


Black Cloth Drawer Organizers used in my desk drawers:
Itso Three-section Fabric Tray (Black):



Black Drawer Organizer used for blushes:


  1. As if ppl actually have the nerve to ask u to send them makeup!!! Wtf???

    Ur cash us urs and spend it as u please babe...ppl are always gonna say something :/ my makeup buying days are now far and in between coz of being on mat leave and having a baby. But when we were double income no kids, that's we're most of my free cash went hehe :D

    1. Seriously Saadeh! You should see these emails I get! Pathetic!

      People seem to think they are entitled to telling you how to spend your excuse me I worked for it...not you!

      How is the little munchkin doing? I saw her latest adorable and getting so big so fast. Hope the fam is doing great!

  2. Hi Tina! My name is Joycelyn & I have been following your blog for about 2 years. I think you are gorgeous & very inspirational to fellow make-up lovers such as myself. I'm so psyched that you are on instagram! I followed you the moment I read it. Thanks for this very helpful video, I will be do some reorganization very soon. Regarding your FAQ's, I hate that you had to address these ridiculous questions but I am sure it was needed. I hope your naysayers & beggars realize they have been royally served and can have several seats! That being said, keep up the fabulous work and continue to blossom!

    Sincerely, Joycelyn

    1. Hahahahahahaaa! Thanks so so much Joycelyn! Hope u have lots of fun re-org'ing...if u r anything like me. LOL!

      Let's hope there are enough seats to go around ;)

  3. awesome video....and you never have to explain yourself to the world.

  4. Wow! So organized! I am jealous. My collection is not nearly this large and I *still* am trying to figure out how to keep it/make it organized. Great ideas to try, thanks Tina!

  5. I've been lurking for awhile but wanted to say thanks so much for this video. It gave me some ideas not just for makeup storage but for my art supply storage. I actually picked up some drawer organizers from Target today.

  6. Gorgeous collection! And I love the way you answered the questions! Do you think you will be having a blog sale anytime soon?

  7. Love your blog!!! So sorry that you had to take time answer such foolish questions about your collection. I personally appreciate the details and step by step instructions of your tutorials, including with brush is used. Keep up the wonderful work!! By the way, I'm much older and just started wearing makeup thanks to discovering your blog!!!

  8. Sorry Tina,I hate typos. I meant WHICH brush is used!! Still loving the tutorials and just discovered you on youtube as well. Blessings to you!!

  9. WOW!!! Now that was a really nice video, thank you for sharing!

  10. Amazing make up colletion girl! Just love it! Enjoy it as much as you can. Take care. Love from Greece

  11. nice video! and very nice makeup kit collection!


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