Jan 23, 2013

REVIEW | Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation 

An ultra-fine oil-pigment suspension that perfects the complexion, instantly igniting skin’s natural luminosity.

Size: 1.0 oz
Price: $62.00

A formula that is easy to apply with unified distribution, and covers imperfections.  An ultra-fine oil-pigment suspension that perfects the complexion, instantly igniting skin’s natural luminosity. A water and powder-free base.

An unforgettable and unique texture created by patented Fusion Technology. The Fusion makeup technology delivers the thinnest color film that blends perfectly and corrects skin imperfections without buildup. 

• Blends into skin on application: 100%*
• Easy to wear, you forget that you are wearing make-up: 100%*
• Easy to apply, gives rapid and perfect make-up result every time: 98%*
• It’s a pleasure to use this make up product: 95%*
• Natural make-up result without make up feel: 95% * 
* Tested during one week by 60 women aged 20-50, with all skin types except extreme ones.

Application Tips:
• Shake the bottle and put three drops in the palm of your hand.
• In rapid and fluid movements, spread the foundation out from the center of face to the edges. Make sure
   to concentrate the application in the center of the face where most imperfections are found.
• Blend from the center of forehead to the temples, from the nose, across the cheeks towards the ears, and
   then from the chin, up along the jaw line

Fair Shades: #2, #3, #4
Medium Shades: #4.5, #5, #5.5, #6.5, #7, #8
Dark Shades: #10, #11.5, #12 

Active Ingredient:
Octinoxate 3%....................................................Sunscreen

Inactive Ingredients:
Cyclohexasiloxane, dimethicone, isododecane, alcohol denat, vinyl dimethicone/methicone silsesquioxane crosspolymer, phenyl trimethicone, acrylates/polytrimethylsiloxymethacrylate copolymer, PEG-10 dimethicone, disteardimonium hectorite, fragrance, nelumbium speciosum flower extract, limonene, benzyl salicylate, synthetic fluorphlogopite, linalool, benzyl alcohol, propylene carbonate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, disodium stearoyl glutamate, water, citrus aurantium amara (bitter orange) flower oil, butylphenyl methylpropional, aluminum hydroxide, hexyl cinnamal; may contain: iron oxides, titanium dioxide



The Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation is priced at $62 for 1.0 oz / 30 g of product.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation is one of the most expensive foundations currently on the market even in the high-end brand pool. This foundation comes in more expensive than Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Bobbi Brown, NARS and Dior. It is closer in price to the ultra-luxurious foundations from Tom Ford, Guerlain (Parure Gold) and Le Metier de Beaute

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The Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation is available for purchase on the Giorgio Armani website and high-end luxury stores/websites such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. Availability in-store varies by location so it is best to check with your closest store before venturing off into consumer-land with Armani on the mind.


The Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation comes in a see-through glass bottle with a black rubber topped dropper of sorts. This is not your typical foundation bottle with a built-in pump...which I actually find quite convenient and efficient! I wonder if the design of this packaging was meant to offset the fluidity of the foundation's formula…who knows?!

The pipette design aka the 'dropper' allows for great control of the amount of foundation you dispense for use. You are able to limit just how much product you get each time and therefore reduce the amount of wastage a regular pump or open bottle can cause.

But this design also poses some hygienic and shelf-life concerns. The bottle MUST be opened for each use which exposes the product to air and any other air-borne miscreants. This can lead to contamination, oxidation, evaporation (alcohol content), etc. which will lessen/shorten the shelf-life of the product.

The packaging for me is somewhat of a letdown given the prestigious nature of the brand and the high-end price tag. The rubber dropper just reads a bit cheap to me - even if the glass bottle is solid and durable.



The Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation comes in 12 edition shades ranging from light to dark. For those on the extremes of the skintone spectrum - very light, deep dark, very dark - there is not much of a selection here for you. I hope the line expands to cover a wider shade range soon.


The consistency of this foundation is extremely thin - almost water-like - which lends to the ultra-lightweight when applied to the skin. The first time I tried this foundation it threw me for a loop. It is very surprising just how watery/runny the formulation truly is. The lightness/flow of this foundation is similar to that of the MAC Face and Body Foundation and most airbrush foundations.

Even though the formula is so thin, it doesn't feel watery or runny against the skin. In fact it feels like pure super-fine silk. This may be based on the plethora of silicone in the ingredient list and/or the manufacturing process method. Either way the texture is amazing and beyond words - ultra-smooth and silky, thin or lightweight.

The abundance of silicone may cause concern for some of us who are sensitive to silicone heavy products. Be mindful of this if you want to try the foundation but have issues with silicone.

The Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation has the added bonus of SPF 15 although I would not rely on the foundation on its own (or any foundation for that matter) for sun protection.


The foundation gives a very natural velvet/satin finish. It is not matte or flat but neither is it overly dewy or glowy like some luminous foundations tend to be. There is no sparkle or shimmer in this foundation and since it's oil-free I have never tried a foundation that has a similar look or feel so it's something you really have to try to believe.

My skin looks healthier and brighter with this foundation - there is a certain youthful glow/radiance/appearance to my skin once this foundation goes on.


The Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation should be shaken so be sure to jostle it around a bit before use. Also, make sure there is no product in the 'dropper' when you shake it...after all you want to mix everything.

The first time you apply this foundation it will amaze you. Due to the thin consistency you initially think the coverage will be sheer but I find it to give good coverage due to the pigmentation of the formula. The foundation gives a light to medium buildable coverage which can be layered to achieve the look you need or want. However, since it's not thick, multiple layers will still feel light on the skin.

The Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation blends into the skin seamlessly without much effort. I apply this foundation with my usual Sigma Flat Angled Kabuki Brush but I have tried a beauty blender and even my hands with the same easily blended results. The application is sort of fool-proof here.

Now, mind you, I really don't need heavy coverage from a foundation since my skin behaves pretty well on its own. However, I do like a foundation that accentuates and adds a healthy glow to my skin - sort of my-skin-but-better.  And this foundation does just that without being heavy or even feeling like I'm wearing foundation.


The Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation wears for 10+ hours without settling into expressions lines or separating with the oils of my skin. This is quite an achievement as most foundations still need blotting or powder at some point throughout wear for me. Long-wearing IT IS!

The foundation also looks freshly done 7+ hours into wear....no signs of exposure to the elements. Amazing!

Even with my oily skin, this foundation stayed perfect throughout wear without any greasy spots. But at the same time, it felt hydrating and comfortable on my skin. This means it shouldn't be drying or tightening on dry skin types. Normal/Combination skin types will love this foundation as well.

I am absolutely in love with the Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation! I didn't want to love it though because of the SERIOUS price tag...what's a girl to do??!! I think the foundation has a ridiculous price attached to it but if you don't mind splurging for high-end makeup...then this is ACTUALLY worth the price and won't disappoint.

This is a all-time favorite foundation for me and I would definitely recommend it for ALL skin types. If you are sensitive to silicone though...watch out...this is full of it. Also, if you need FULL coverage this may not be the foundation for you.

Have you or do you want to try this foundation out? 


  Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation - Shade 10

  Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation - Shade 10

  Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation - Shade 10

Foundation - Half-blended

Foundation - Fully Blended

Without Foundation

 With Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation


  1. so after reading your review, I went to saks to get a sample of the foundation. I am #12. I put it on this morning and you have never been more right about any review. It literally feels like I have nothing on, but my complexion is even. My skin is pretty clear, but I have some minor childhood war wounds and you see none of them. I will be purchasing this immediately. Good luck to all my other foundations!

  2. Looks fabulous on you !! Thanks for the review !

  3. I am super late on this foundation! Thanks for the thorough review! I will give it a try and the color you have is perfect for me.


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