Mar 31, 2012

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes: Superb and Glorify - SWATCHES & REVIEW

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes: Superb and Glorify 


Extra Dimension Highlighter  
A liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections that sculpts, highlights and models the face. The cool, creamy near-fluid formula creates a luminous, well-defined finish. Wears 10 hours.  
9 g / 0.31 US oz US$29.00 

Superb - Soft peachy nude with multidimensional shimmer
Glorify - Copper with golden shimmer


Availability:  April 3, 2012 - Online and April 5,  2012 in stores (North America)
May 2012 (International)

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The MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes/Highlighters are priced at $29 for 9 g/0.31 oz of product. 

These skinfinishes are the same price as the regular MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes with slightly less product. The drop in product size may have to do with the formulation and/or the embossed design. Either way, the size change isn't too significant especially since the products are relatively large to begin with.

Another comparative product is the Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée which is almost half the size with a $11 higher price - similar in texture and finish but not even close in size/price.

The price is no surprise based on existing/limited-edition MAC Skinfinish products and the size is very decent (you may never finish a complete pan). There are other highlighters on the market for sure within the same price range or maybe even cheaper but for me Skinfinishes are stand-out unique products in MAC's product range.


The M∙A∙C Extra Dimension Skinfinishes/Highlighters are Limited Edition products and are a part of the M∙A∙C In Extra Dimension Collection - release date April 5, 2012. They are available for purchase at M∙A∙C (stores and online) and other M∙A∙C retailers such as Nordstrom, Macy'sBloomingdale's and Dillard’s.

There are 3 shades available to choose from - light, medium and dark. I think most people will be able to use at least one of these shades as a gorgeous highlight or face color.


The M∙A∙C Extra Dimension Skinfinishes/Highlighters are housed in the same black compacts as the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish products. It is a large signature black compact with a clear domed window at the top which has the MAC logo print in black lettering. The back label has the product details (product name, product type, size) and company information.

Inside you will find the product itself which has a raised wave design on one half (reminiscent of the Sephora Prisma Chrome Eyeshadows) and embossed MAC logos on the other. It is quite visually appealing and eye catchy to be honest...I like pretty things :) Of course the design will fade with use but it's nice to look at while it lasts. And there is also a clear plastic cover inside to protect the precious cargo.



The M∙A∙C Extra Dimension Skinfinish/Highlighter is "a liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections that sculpts, highlights and models the face. The cool, creamy near-fluid formula creates a luminous, well-defined finish. Wears 10 hours".

The texture of the M∙A∙C Extra Dimension Skinfinishes/Highlighters is described as creamy and near-fluid. I didn't quite get that feeling when I touched the product. In fact, it just feels like a silky powder product. I was expecting smooth buttery deliciousness but I was not blown away by the texture at all. Now that is not to say that the texture is bad at all....quite has a lovely smooth silky feel to it. But alas not the creamy near fluid feel I was hoping for.

Now even though it feels like a powder there is no powder-iness to it...maybe that's the near-fluid effect? IDK. But the product does feel very smooth when applied to the skin and glides on without much effort. It's also very lightweight and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. The powder is ultra ultra refined and smooth without any chunky particles.Wonderful texture actually but just not what I was expecting from the description :) 

The M∙A∙C Extra Dimension Skinfinishes/Highlighters have a high-shine metallic finish that can be sheered out to give a really beautiful glowy effect. They do not have a chunky frost finish and there are no glitter particles to be found. This is great for those of us, present company included, who do not like the effect of highlighters with pronounced glitter. I also wouldn't describe these as shimmery but rather they have a great shiny sheen.

Both shades that I have have great color payoff but of course the darker shade, Glorify, translates as more intense than Superb just based on the color. Since these are intended to be used as highlighters the shades do not actually need to be overly pigmented and intense. However, since these have such great color intensity they can be used as eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers or highlighters and they will last you a long time. One drawback is that you will need to be light-handed when using these for a subtle look - a little goes a looooong way with these.

The M∙A∙C Extra Dimension Skinfinishes/Highlighters are decently pigmented and can pack too much of a punch if overdone. You must use a very light hand with these highlighters to avoid looking super shiny especially if you have oily skin. There products are ideal for drier skin and can overwhelm oily skinned lovelies such as myself.

It's best to use a stippling brush or a fluffy brush to avoid depositing too much color at once. Always start light with a tap of the product and then build up from there if you feel the need for more product. A little goes along way here!

The M∙A∙C Extra Dimension Skinfinishes/Highlighters wear decently for 7+ hours before there is any fading in intensity. When used with a face primer/base and liquid foundation, the product has something to grab onto so the wear is certainly prolonged a couple of hours for that 10 hour wear claim. On bare skin or over powder the wear still looks fresh after 6+ hours of wear but start to disappear slowly thereafter.


The M∙A∙C Extra Dimension Skinfinishes/Highlighters are gorgeous and worth a look if you love shiny highlight products. They are super pigmented and last a long time on the skin. Also, they can be used as an eyeshadow, blush, bronzer or highlighter - multi-use is definitely a PLUS! It's priced right and you get a lot of product for the price. I say try at least one of these.

What are your thoughts? Interested in trying it




Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish

 Superb - Soft peachy nude with multidimensional shimmer
 Shimmery peachy nude with shimmery light pink sheen.


Glorify Extra Dimension Skinfinish


Glorify - Copper with golden shimmer
 Golden peachy copper with golden/peach sheen.

MAC Glorify Extra Dimension Highlighter VS Estée Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée in Topaz

Glorify                                    Topaz       
These highlighters are almost identical. The colors are very similar with Topaz having a more golden yellow flash. Glorify is much more pigmented and doesn't sheer out as much as Topaz.


  1. I am definetly buying Glorify when its available in the UK!! x

  2. Looks like you could almost use them as eye shadows! Definitely have to get my hands on Superb when it comes out in England! I love your posts :) xo

  3. I'm loving Superb and will pick it up! They're both gorgeous but I think Glorify may be too dark and most def too warm on me

  4. I want Glorify again! I wanted it when I saw it on Temptalia and then talked myself out of getting it but seeing it on skin like mines makes it look like a must lol

  5. Thanks for the swatches! These skinfinishes are definitely gorgeous!!!! Love them

  6. Which one would be better for nc50 skin for a nice glow

  7. I hope u like it Naomi K! :)

    Definitely Mimi. They are super pigmented and using them as eyeshadows would be beautiful. Enjoy superb! :)

    U r right Saadeh. I think Glorify would be too dark for your skintone.

    Yes Naomi T! Glorify will definitely be a nice touch to our darker skintones.

    U r welcome Maelle. They r certainly gorgeous. Ahhhhh!

    Hey lipsticklover. For NC50 go for Glorify.

  8. Hi Tina. First off I just wanted to say I'm a big fan- your storage videos have inspired me to invest in some decent makeup storage.

    I bought the highlighter in Superb today, I've only swatches it so far but loved the colour, the high pigmentation and I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the tips on usage.

    Lauren xo


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