Sep 21, 2011

Inglot UNDER MAKEUP BASE - Thoughts...

Inglot UNDER MAKEUP BASE - Thoughts...

Inglot Under Makeup Base
Silky and smooth feel gel which is made by dispersing oil swellable sponge-like spheres in a mixture of silicones.

Sponge-like spheres absorb the excess facial oil as much as available to reach a saturation equilibrium.

Sponge-like spheres create a very strong mattifying effect by scattering the incoming rays of light in all directions and diminish the reflected light.

Wait 2-3 minutes before applying foundation or powder.


Size: 30 ml/1 US fl oz
Price: $17

Ingredients:  Cyclopentasiloxane, Polysilicone-11, Dimethicone

The Inglot Under Makeup Base is priced at $17 for 1.0 oz of product. This is one of the cheapest primers available on the market when compared to mid-to-high-end brands. In fact, it is priced much closer to NYX Primers which are considered a drugstore brand. Hands down the price should really be no issue here. The only consideration should be whether or not you need this primer in your life! Check out the comparisons below:

The Inglot Under Makeup Base is available at Inglot stores worldwide and is also available online in the US via the InglotUSA website.

The Inglot Under Makeup Base is packaged in a non-nonsense clear plastic squeeze tube with a hard black plastic screw cap and simple product labeling. This is my favorite type of packaging for a few reasons - 1) It is the most sanitary since the product is not exposed to air and other contaminants 2) The amount of product dispensed is 100% controllable and you are able to squeeze out just what you need rather than trying to manipulate a pump 3) Very travel friendly and is unlikely to break or crack in purses or luggage.

The packaging may not be the prettiest or the most luxurious but it is effective! 


The Inglot Under Makeup Base is a clear silicone based gel that may be applied before foundation for smoother application and longer lasting wear. When I say silicone based, I do mean silicone based! This primer takes silicone to a new's all silicone...every ingredient (mind you there are only three) is a type of silicone. So be mindful that if silicone breaks you out then this will probably wreak havoc on your skin.

I think one of my biggest makeup pet peeves is when people blame a product for not doing as it claims yet 1) it wasn't meant for their particular needs 2) they didn't use it properly (follow instructions) and 3) they expect it to do something it never claimed to do. So if you know that silicone products don't work for you then do not use this product and then give a bad review because your skin erupted! I don't blame water for getting me wet...

The product is super smooth (duh silicone) and applies very easily and evenly over the skin. Be sure to use a small amount though since a little goes a looooooong way. Again this is another way to misuse this product. Too much will leave your skin feeling greasy, looking shiny (again duh silicone) and can cause your foundation to actually "slip" off your skin - the opposite of what you want.

The product does take some drying time which for me is the only real drawback. You MUST leave the primer on your skin for at least 2 minutes and maybe longer for it to absorb and settle onto the skin. I stress this because otherwise the primer will almost fail at what it was intended to do. It will leave you looking too shiny and your foundation may not react too well to a slippery layer beneath.

With all that said, once you use the product properly you will love the results! It fills on lines and pores and allows your foundation to glide easily and seamlessly onto your skin. It also extends the wear time of foundation...but let me explain what I mean by this. Your foundation will look fresh for longer but that does not necessarily mean it will stay on longer than without a primer. I don't want to mislead you and say "Wow my foundation lasted twice as long!" when I really mean " Wow my foundation looks great for a longer time". These are two different things. I will still get say a 8-hour wear time from my foundation but it will still look fresh for 5 hours rather than only 2.

I will say that the primer does mattify somewhat but not overly so since there is still a natural finish to my skin. I cannot say that the primer does wonders at oil control but it does help to keep the oils at bay for a longer time. So the "strong mattifying effect" is more of a nice mattifying effect.

It works well with liquid foundation, cream foundation and powder foundations. This is actually my favorite primer to use with powder foundations to give a flawless finish without being too powdery or dry. This for me actually works better than any other silicone primer I have tried. It doesn't "ball up" like others have (ahem Urban Decay and Smashbox) and applies evenly without much effort. I am quite impressed.

I love this primer for what it does and at the price it does it. It takes some work as far as using just the right amount (tiny not even pea sized amount) and allowing the primer to set on the skin before applying foundation. But it works well at making your foundation apply well and look great longer. There is some oil control so dry skin users take a little note here....oily skin users will still need added oil control. Give it it TRY!

Have you tried it? What do you think?

Inglot Under Makeup Base
(Applied thickly)

Inglot Under Makeup Base
Left - Pea-sized amount, Right - Blended


  1. you don't get enough love (comments) for your reviews. They are extremely comprehensive and USEFUL! Great review. I have acquired several samples of this product and keep meaning to use it. Reading this post has given me the extra mmph to give it a go tomorrow. Thanks mamas

  2. I just ordered an Inglot 20 palette and they sent me a sample to try; thanks for the insightful info :-)

  3. Just discovered your blog tonight after searching for info on Inglot Cream Foundation. I LOVE Inglot and bought this primer and the recommended Cream Foundation as a good coverage long lasting foundation, and been utterly disappointed every time I've used them together! I have not thought about maybe I've been applying too much, and I have not given it time to settle in for 2-3 minutes. Thank you! I have been so troubled by this since I expect so much more from Inglot and was sure I was doing something wrong. Can't wait to give it another try- Cheers, Jodi xo


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