Aug 2, 2011

Nail Bliss Bling Nail Appliques - THOUGHTS...

Nail Bliss Bling Nail Appliques - THOUGHTS...


Nail Bliss Bling Nail Appliques
Time to shine with these bedazzled appliqués!

Little gems that provide big glamour. Can be worn as a full cover look or accent pieces. Just cut appliqués into desired shape and apply directly onto natural or full cover nails. Wear lasts for up to three days.

Package contains: 18 appliqués / 9 sizes



         NBBN013                   NBBN014                      NBBN015                   NBBN016      
         Pink Polkadots              Black Jewels                    Leopard                       Zebra 

          NBBN009            NBBN010                     NBBN011             NBBN012
          Silver Gems            Silver Gem'd French       Gold Bubbles          Pink & Purple Gradation  

How To Apply
1.  Clean nails with polish remover.
2.  Apply base coat to nails and let dry.
3.  Size Bling appliqués, leaving a slight gap between skin and Bling Nails. This will allow the top coat
     to seal Bling onto nails.
4.  Apply Bling, pressing firmly onto nails for better adhesion. Appliqués should not touch skin.
5.  Gently fold Bling appliqués over natural nail tips and make flush by filing only in a downward
      motion to remove any overhang. *Helpful Hint: For even better adhesion, brush on a small amount of Nail Bliss 
      adhesive along the edge of the nail tip.
6.  Apply top coat and let dry.

How to Remove:
1.  Gently peel off Bling Nails, starting from side corner of cuticle area.
2.  Remove any base coat residue with polish remover.

 Visit at or call 800.ASK.SALLY for the store nearest you.


My Five Ps

The Nail Bliss BLING Appliques are $3.99 ($3.49 for beauty club members) at Sally Beauty Supply stores. Salon Hansen Salon Effects range in price depending on the store from $8.54 to $10.99 for 16 strips. Sephora by OPI Chic Print for Nails are $15 for 16 strips. As you can see, similar nail appliques are more than twice the price of the Nail Bliss BLING Appliques for 2 less strips.

The Nail Bliss BLING Appliques are available at Sally Beauty Supply stores nationwide. However they are not available via the sally beauty website at this time.

The Nail Bliss BLING Appliques come simply packaged in a sleeve printed with instructions and design
examples. There are 18 pieces in each package in 9 different sizes. The appliques are on a clear plastic
sheet and easily peel off for application to the nails.

Product & Performance
The Nail Bliss BLING Appliques are flexible stickers with nail art studs. There are a few designs with
silver, pink and gold studs along with a couple of funky designs in leopard, zebra and black multi-color.
The appliques are thicker than the OPI or Sally Hansen nail polish designs with are paper thin nail polish
colors and patterns. Because the Nail Bliss BLING Appliques are thicker they are easier to apply to the
nails without nicking or damaging them. Although they are on the thicker side they are still very flexible
and easy to apply to the nails.

The Nail Bliss BLING Appliques wear very well for 3-5 days depending on how rigorously you use
your hands. The tips can start to lift slightly throughout wear which can get caught in hair or on fabric.
This can be a tad annoying so be sure to secure the edges with a top coat or nail glue. Also keep a nail file
or nail clippers handy to remove any pesky edges. The clear backed designs fair better throughout wear
since damage is easily concealed.

The appliques are also easily removed by simply peeling from the nails. Be sure to remove slowly and from the cuticle to avoid damage to your natural nails. The leftover adhesive residue is quickly removed with nail polish remover. No need for soaking or acetone.

I think these Nail Bliss BLING Appliques are fun fun fun! They are also much cheaper than the other nail appliques on the market. They are easy to apply and remove and really unique. I have received lots of compliments on these and I definitely recommend them for all to try!



  1. Very cute hon! I went to my local Sally's and they didn't have any. :-(

  2. I went to my Sally's and asked them for the nail applique's (they hadn't put them on display yet and retrieved then from the back for me) and I love them.

    They were VERY easy to apply.

    I currently have the pink and white polka dot applique over For Audrey by China Glaze. It's really cute.

  3. This reminds me of the 'junk nail' technique. It's very popular in Baltimore.

  4. I love it the last it's my favorite. We don't have it in France :( Only Sephora sell some decorated nail polish stickers in their own products. I have one in this time I love it but I think is expensive (9 euros for only one application I don't no if I will buy it again...)
    Thanks for this review Tina
    Love your blog
    Have a nice day

  5. I am fan of nail wraps I feel like they also peel off a layer of my nail and that sticky glue drives me nuts. I do think they have some cool designs and in a bind they are quick and easy.

  6. They dont take a layer off if u put on a base coat and use cuticle oil or massage cream when u take them off semichem sell them for £2.79.


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