Jun 9, 2016

SWATCHES and REVIEW | 💫 Lit Cosmetics Glitter Colors 💫 Glitter Party!!!

Lit Cosmetics

Lit Cosmetics is here to SPARKLE THE WORLD by offering the largest selection of glitter products sold in the market today. Being associated with companies like Sephora, Cirque du Soleil, Beautylish, and consecutively receiving the "Editor’s Choice Award" by Temptalia, proves that we are serious about quality and product performance. Through pride, passion and persistence our aim is to put the fun & creativity back into the art of Cosmetics. Lit's mission is to change the way people wear makeup, one sparkle at a time. 

Size #1 = Micro cut (.002 x .002)
Size #2 = Small Cut (.004 x .004)
Size #3 = Medium Cut (.008 x .008)
Size #4 = Large Cut (.015 x .015)

Holographic = Solid glitter that reflects all primary colors
Shimmer = Translucent glitter that reflects rainbow halo
Solid = Solid color with no multi-color reflection

A loose, high-sparkle cosmetic grade glitter, which casts maximum light reflection. Lit also offers a "Rounded" glitter shape opposed to a "Square" or "Diamond" shape to aid in complete comfort on skin surface also giving you a smooth application.

There are NO RULES when it comes to Lit! Add a little glitter over your shadow, liners, lipstick, eyebrows, blush, body lotions, hair spray, nail polish, love letter, whatever your little heart desires.

NOTE: Each rounded particle of our specialized cosmetic grade glitter is encapsulated in cross-linked binders known as polyurethane 33/Acrylic Resin and Melamine Resin therefore pigment will not come in contact with any skin surface thus never leaving stains or color residue nor will these solvent resistant glitter particles breakdown over time.

·         Parabens
·         Sulfates
·         Phthalates

This product is vegan, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free.

 SIZe:   0.14 oz

Price:  US $13 (Beautylish) 
              US $16 (Lit Cosmetics)

The Lit Cosmetics Glitter Colors retail for $13 (Beautylish) to $16 (Lit Cosmetics) for 0.14 oz of product. 


The Lit Cosmetics Glitter Colors are currently available for purchase online at the following locations:

● Great, fast shipping and customer service
● Free shipping on all orders over $35 in the US
● Great return policy 

● There are always coupon codes floating around for 20% OFF your purchase PLUS free/bonus items included with your purchase of 3 colors or more
● Shipping is International - coming from Canada


Have you tried these glitters?  Interested?


Green Machine Size #3 Shimmer - Neon Green Shimmer
Go Golf Size #3 Shimmer - Light Green with Yellow highlights
Mynt Size #2 Solid - Silver based Green
Army Brat Size #3 Solid - Dark Army Green
Magic Dragon Size #3 Solid - Dark Green with Blue halo
Soul Sister Size #3 Shimmer - Brown with Green and Orange twinkle

Peacock Size #3 and #2 Solid - Mixture of Blues and Green
Goober Grape Size #3 Shimmer - Periwinkle Purple
Disco Diva Size #3 Holographic - Bright halo Purple
Loverboy Size #3 Solid - Dark Royal Blue

Champagne Wishes Size #2 Solid - A sandy Gold with Rainbow bubbles
Heavy Metal Size #2 and #3 Solid - Silver, Copper, Gold and Grey
Kiss Size #3 Solid - Blue base Red
I Feel Love Size #3 Solid - Deep Plum based Purple

Barbie Shops Size #3 Shimmer - Clear multi Rainbow
Cher Size #3 Holographic - Silver with multi colors
Seeing Stars Size #3 Shimmer - Black multi color rainbow
Nightlife Size #3 Solid - Black with Primary multi colors

Rich & Famous Size #3 Holographic - Multi colored Copper
Oprah Size #3 Solid - Peach based Copper
Tootsie Size #3 Solid - Red based dark Brown
Rhinestone Cowboy Size #2 Holographic - Multi colored Brown

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