Jun 24, 2011

Too Faced Glamour Dust - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

Too Faced Glamour Dust - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

A new generation of glitter emerges within this loose and luxurious pigment powder that merges all of the glamour of glitter with an ethereal feminine and fabulous effect. Sophisticated shades enhance existing eye shadows or look lovely when worn alone.Enhance Any Occasion: Dust a sheer application of our ethereal loose glitter over lids. Designed with the perfect balance of metallic pigments, shimmer and pure glamour.

Versatile Shades: Four glamorous, fashionable shades enhance all eye colors. Get a little more daring and dust lightly onto cheekbones, collarbone, colletage, hair and anywhere else you want to noticed!

Blue Angel - Pale blue with opalescent glitter
Glampire - Plum brown with pale blue glitter
Nude Beam - Gold nude with silver glitter
Pink Fire - Pale pink with pink glitter

Size: 0.1 oz
Price: $17


My Five Ps

The Too Faced Glamour Dust is priced at $17 for the 0.1 oz. This is meant to be a new hybrid mixture of loose pigment and glitter similar to MUFE Diamond Powder but with large shimmer particles. MUFE Diamond Powder is $24 for 0.07 oz and is the closest, albeit more expensive comparable product, on the market. Other true glitter products are cheaper per oz. but will not give the same effect: M∙A∙C Glitters are $19.50 for 0.15 oz and MUFE Glitters are $13 for 0.14 oz.

Since I don't have true comparable products to use as my guideline, I will just go off the expected price based on product, size and brand. The Too Faced Glamour Dust is similarly priced to their single eyeshadows and is in line with the price I would expect to pay. The price may be a little steep to some but if your shop this brand then the price won't faze you at all.

The Too Faced Glamour Dust is available at Sephora stores, Sephora.com, Ulta stores and Ulta.com as well as on the Too Faced website.

The Too Faced Glamour Dust is packaged in a screw top plastic jar with an internal sifter. The sifter is this jar is not the typical assortment of small holes but rather 6 long slits in a star layout. I am still on the fence about the packaging because quite frankly the glitter and shimmer gets everywhere once you open the cap. But this is typical with glitter products so I can't blame the packaging totally for that. I guess the key here is to be careful and don't inhale right over the jar (LOL).

The jar is also larger than most other glitter jars I have seen which is strange that there is not more product inside. Then I realized that the internal sifter is actually halfway down into the jar which seems to be a semi-remedy for the glitter explosion that occurs upon opening. Kudos to Too Faced for trying to address the spillage issue and I guess the depth does help to limit the glitter escape somewhat.

The jar is very sturdy, rigid and easy to travel with. Also, since there is a sifter product contamination is lessened. The slits in the sifter is actually more functional than the usual holes since it allows access to more of the product.

So the packaging is hit and miss but all-in-all it's glitter and we can pretend it's magical fairy dust floating around us. Make a wish and go with it!

Product & Performance
The Too Faced Glamour Dust is a hybrid mixture of loose pigment and glitter and gives a high shine effect to the lids. The glitter/loose pigment mix is grittier than just loose eyeshadow but more finely milled than regular glitter (except for Blue Angel). The loose pigment base allows for more coverage than regular glitter and then glitter adds the shimmer . It's like combining an eyeshadow with your fave glitter for serious sparkle and shine.

The Too Faced Glamour Dust is meant to work in conjunction with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue for the best adhesion. And togther they work like a dream. Simply dab the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue over dry lids or eyeshadow and pat the Too Faced Glamour Dust right on top. This way the glitter stays in place with minimal to no fallout with 8+ hours of wear.

I have also used these with liquid glitter bases and they work pretty nicely with these as well. Because of the more finely milled texture you can get better coverage, more blend-ability and a smoother finish than with regular glitter.

These also work nicely when mixed with body lotions and hair products for a sparkly effect. I don't suggest using these as highlighters for the face, cheeks or browbone though simply because they are a bit too chunky to be subtle.

I am enjoying the glitter-ization of Too Faced. Together the Too Faced Glamour Dusts and Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue is a great addition to the beauty market and will be a great product for glitter lovers. If you love glitter and you want to try out a hybrid loose eyeshadow/glitter product give these a try. I am hoping they add more colors to the line though...to give us color lovers something to drool over.



 Blue Angel - Pale blue with opalescent glitter
This is the only one that was similar to regular glitter. It is the chunkiest of all 4 colors but also the most beautiful in my opinion. It has a silver base with blue, purple, pink and green reflects.

Nude Beam - Gold nude with silver glitter
I think this is the most versatile of all 4. It's a great champagne color with golden glitter and will look great all over the lid for a disco effect. The base is very rich and opaque while the glitter adds just the right amount of shimmer. It can also be mixed with lotion for a sparkly look.

 Pink Fire - Pale pink with pink glitter
This is a serious icy pink shimmer/glitter. It will be best for lighter skintones rather than dark skin since it can translate as too frosty.

 Glampire - Plum brown with pale blue glitter
For the duo-chrome lovers out there, this is your glitter right here. It's a mauve-y brown with blue and green shimmer. It reminds me of a more shimmery M∙A∙C Blue Brown Pigment.


  1. The colors look nice. It's also cool that they can be mixed in lotion/hair products : ) The price is a little discouraging, but then again I've never tried Too Faced, might be worth it!

  2. Great review! Yea, I agree that Blue Angel is the one that's closest to actual glitter in texture and is the most beautiful. That's why Blue Angel is the only one that I purchased out of the four, LOL.

  3. The colors look pretty and love all the glitter!

  4. these look ah-may-zing! I might need to get all four! They are on my list for my next Sephora trip :)

    Thanks for the review sweetie, urs are always so informative

  5. Hey Lady. The price isn't too too bad if you get a lot of use out of them. But if u barely wear glitter then you an pass on these for sure.

    Thx Erin. Yep I saw that u used Blue Angel in a look too. Is it just me or is it a better version of true glitter? IDK. I grabbed the others becawz...well I have no reason really. LOL!

    Yay for glitter Ingvild! :)

    Hahahaa Saadeh! These are fun. Definitely check them out and let me know what u think.


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