Aug 10, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette...REVIEW and Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Palette...REVIEW and Swatches

From Urban Decay and Sephora

Naked Palette
THIS is how Urban Decay does neutral! Far from a group of boring beige shadows, this long, lean, seductive case is packed with TWELVE gorgeous neutrals. Shades range from delicate champagnes to dark, gritty gunmetal, and feature FIVE NEW shades with names like Darkhorse, Virgin and Buck. We’ve also included a range of textures: everything from glitter to shimmer to matte.

The chocolaty velvet case is emblazoned with the word “NAKED” in gold foil lettering. (Just wait ‘til your friends see you pull this sexy thing out of your bag. Jealous!) The mirrored case also includes our first double-ended 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, featuring Zero (our award-winning black) and Whiskey, a NEW deep brown shade. We’ve also included a travel size Eyeshadow Primer Potion in our original formula.

This is a shadow palette EVERYONE can use, and a truly spectacular gift. Experiment with office-appropriate neutrals, summertime bronzy looks, or sultry smokiness. With such a diversity of neutral shades at your fingertips, you’ll show there’s more to neutral than meets the eye.

Price: $44.00

This set contains:

- 12 x 0.05 oz shadows: Virgin (nude satin), Sin (champagne shimmer), Naked (buff matte), Sidecar (beige sparkle), Buck (brown matte), Half Baked (bronze), Smog (golden brown shimmer), Darkhorse (bronze-plum shimmer), Toasted (taupe-bronze), Hustle (mocha shimmer), Creep (near-black metallic), Gunmetal (dark grey metallic)

- 2 x 0.02 oz Double-ended 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (black) and Whisky (warm brown)

- 0.13 oz Travel Size Eyeshadow Primer Potion


If you haven't heard about this palette by now then you are out of the beauty loop! I finally gave into the hype and went out to get my own.

This is a new neutral palette from Urban Decay in a sexy new sleek package. The palette is intended to be permanently available at Urban Decay, Sephora and Ulta but as some of you may's already sold out on the Urban Decay and Sephora websites. But not to worry my can grab it at Ulta or just wait for the restock.

You may know that I am not big on neutral looks but I know many of you are. This palette is PERFECT for the neutral lover and for beginners as well.

My Thoughts and 4 P's....

This palette costs $44 for 12 eyeshadows, a duo-ended 24/7 eyeliner pencil and a travel size primer potion. Let's do some math here (put my calculus training to work...integrate this!).

Using just the eyeshadows (pretend the rest are bonuses) that equates to under $4 per eyeshadow. The single eyeshadows cost $17 each and contain 0.05 US oz. The eyeshadows in the palette are also 0.05 US oz. So that means we are pretty much getting a $204 value for $44. Now toss in the bonuses - the 24/7 eyeliner pencil is another $17 and a travel size primer potion???!!! Hello VALUE!


One thing I have disliked about some of the Urban Decay palettes is the packaging. They sometimes choose these oversized bulky packages that just take up space and add clutter. No more!

This palette is sleek and sexy. It's a simple rectangular flip top box with the eyeshadows organized also in rectangular tins along the inside. The outside of the palette is a dark brown velvet material emblazoned with a golden NAKED across the front. Inside it houses a medium sized mirror and a cutout for the eyeliner pencil and look out for the golden NAKED also marked on the inside. Very sexy indeed.

One thing I do not like is the magnetized flap that closes the palette. It's hardly strong enough and the flap doesn't completely enclose the palette. I see this being an issue if travelling with the palette. You will need added security to keep the palette and he eyeshadows protected.

On to the good stuff. The palette carries a variety of pinky nudes and bronze shades in an assortment of finishes. We have creamy mattes, silky frosts and beautiful sparkly shades as well. None of the eyeshadows are chunky or too glittery as some of the Urban Decay glitter eyeshadows tend to be.
On the contrary! These eyeshadows are buttery and soft much to my delight. There are a couple of darker shades too so the palette can easily translate from day to evening wear. I can't say one bad thing about these colors at all.

Virgin,  Sin,  Naked,  Sidecar,  Buck,  Half Baked

Smog,  Darkhorse,  Toasted,  Hustle,  Creep,  Gunmetal

Of course the true test is how usable the colors are and how blendable. The eyeshadows apply amazingly to the skin even without primer and blend easily. They also stay very true to color without any fallout (but I never usually have problems with fallout). I also did not experience any creasing or fading after a few hours (no real look just testing them out).
Virgin,    Sin,   Naked,   Sidecar
How divine is Virgin here? And Naked is a great creamy matte nude.

Buck,   Half Baked,  Smog,  Darkhorse 
Half Baked is a usual fave. Darkhorse is a nice crease color.

Toasted,    Hustle,    Creep,    Gunmetal
Isn't Gunmetal to die for?

This palette is a neutral lover's dream! It's great for light or dark skin too! The eyeshadows are fantastic and are velvety smooth. This is great for neutral looks and well as night time pizazz. Definitely put this on your wishlist but don't worry about rushing to get's permanent! I think Urban Decay did a great job with this palette!


  1. Could you please post some MAC dupes for the colors in the palette? I would really appreciate it! Thanks for the review!

  2. amazing swatches!! best I have seen..thanks for the great review

  3. Yeah Mac dupes would be great!!

    Look at this it looks interesting also

  4. i want this thing! i've been eyeing it for a while. love your breakdown. a real bargain! i can't wait to get one! seems like it would be awesome for travel as well! thanks so much for sharing Tina!

  5. You know I was not going to get this but after watching the swatches, I am about to hit up Sephora tomorrow, you see you, (Trini accent) that is all I am going to say, LOL

  6. I agree, this palette is overall FABULOUS. Lots of product and quality for the money. And a great intro product for Urban Decay newbies. I know I already love mine to pieces, lol. Definitely looking forward to seeing some looks from you with this palette.

  7. i really love this palette tina & your review. that palette is a must have. it sucks because its totally out of stock everywhere here in san diego :(. can you do some looks with it??:)

  8. Thanks for the review i was eyeing this also and i love the other ud palletes i have the quality in there shadow are great and im sure i will love this one as well thanks for the swatches and review look forward to a look with these and have a great one : )

  9. Thanks for the review Tina! Can you do some looks with this palette?? I love your creativity and would love to see what looks you come up! Thanks doll:)

  10. Hi Jillian. I will try my best to add some MAC dupes tonight so check back to this post later for that. No prob.

    Thx for that great link Camille. NYX is a good option too.

    Thx RN. I'm so glad they help.

  11. No prob Sha. It's a freakin' great bargain and the eyeshadows r all that!

    LOL Tysh! I thought u wud have gotten this already! I'm an enabler but this is a great buy. I'm thinking gifts!

    I agree completely Artemis. Such a great palette. I'm already thinking up looks. :)

    You r welcome Santana. It's a great palette. Don't worry Urban Decay is already making a lot more to restock so it should be available again soon. plus it will be permanent as well.

  12. Thx so much msjay. If u already love UD then u will be more in love with this palette for sure.

    Thanks alot Jen. I will be working on a couple of looks from this palette.

    I know this palette is already in great demand so the looks will definitely be coming up.

  13. your swatches are great! I have been looking at various swatches of this palette and yours by far were the most helpful.

  14. Thanks Anhycakes. I'm so happy the swatches help. Good swatches can make or break the buy right?

  15. yes! thank you for doing this review..i thought you weren't gonna do it..looking forward to looks with this palette! :-)

  16. I watched your tutorial on this product and also read your review and I have to say you've definitely sold it to me! Think i am going to have to get it asap! There are limited places to get it from here in the UK though :(

  17. Are you swatches wet?! They look amazingggg

  18. Hi Random Rants. No the swatches are dry and applied over UDPP.


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