Feb 28, 2011

M∙A∙C Jeanius Collection - HAUL and THOUGHTS...

M∙A∙C Jeanius Collection - HAUL and THOUGHTS...

Yessiree! I went a-hauling! Well not really. This collection is a pretty manageable one with a decent number of products but not enough to overwhelm. There are a few eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglasses, a couple blushes, and nail polishes mixed in with a couple penultimate liners for icing. Here's a link to the full collection DETAILS.

The eyeshadows in this collection are similar in size and texture to the M∙A∙C Tartan Tale Collection from Holiday 2010 and sport nifty denim designs. And of course, with the larger sizes come higher prices. I wouldn't say these colors are must-haves since they are not unique plus the texture leaves a touch to be desired. I had no issues with pigmentation but they eyeshadows felt a bit gritty against the skin. Also, bear in mind that the design itself is overspray and will go away after a few swipes. They are not bad eyeshadows by any means but for the price I think you can get much snazzier eyeshadows. I picked up two for keepsake and collection purposes.

The lipglasses and lipsticks didn't thrill me either. There are two sheer shades and a deep berry shade under each category and none of them really stand out to me to be honest. There are many dupes for these shades so no need to break your neck for these. Nice but passable...especially the sheer shades.

The penultimate liner and brow marker are what they are and I didn't bother to glance at them. : )

The nail lacquers are two intriguing shades. Frayed to Order is an interesting twist on a matte white nail polish with pink iridescence. It applies a tad streaky though and may take some work but pretty color none-the-less. Biker Blue is also a pretty shade but I own too many blue nail polishes to be smitten by this color. I think there are cheaper dupes to this polish - Orly Royal Navy being one of them.

Now onto the stars of the collection - the BLUSHES! I love both! And of course I got both!

Overdyed is a fuchsia/magenta color that seems loud in the pan but translates to a mute raspberry pink on the skin. This is definitely a more wearable bright fuchsia pink blush. If you wanted to try bright pink cheeks but didn't want to go too bright, then check this one out. It is labelled as a satin finish but there is very very little sheen to this blush....so much so that it seems matte.

 Pink Cult stole my heart once I swatched it on my cheeks. I was a bit skeptical about this one because it seems ultra light in the pan. It is described as a dirty neutral pink and that it is. I was in awe of how beautifully this applied to my cheeks. It adds the most natural hint of nude pink to my cheeks. I love this one and I urge darker skintones to try it out without being afraid of the seemingly light tone.

At the end of the day, I say definitely check out Pink Cult and Overdyed in that order. Take a gander at Frayed To Order and Biker Blue nail lacquers and maybe grab an eyeshadow for the memories!


Pink Cult Blush!


 Overdyed Blush!


Stovepipe Black                      Motorhead

Motorhead, Stovepipe Black 
Motorhead - A nice deep blue shade but not unique
Stovepipe Black - Is not black but more of a gunmetal grey/silver with some golden brown undertones.

Feb 27, 2011

M∙A∙C Cremeblend Blushes Collection - HAUL and SWATCHES...

M∙A∙C Cremeblend Blushes Collection - HAUL and SWATCHES...

M∙A∙C Cremeblend Blushes originally debuted with the M∙A∙C in Lillyland Collection back in Spring 2010. I grabbed all 4 colors at that time and I loved (and still love) the formula. The Cremeblend Blush formula is now being re-released and will be added to the permanent line at M∙A∙C.

They will be replacing the discontinued Blushcremes which I always swatched in store but never purchased. I stayed away from the Blushcremes because they were very thick and goopy and came off as greasy on my oily skin. The Cremeblend blushes are meant to refine and polish the M∙A∙C cream blush formula and make them more wearable for all skin types.

Here is a link to the collection details - M∙A∙C Cremeblend Blushes.

Remember these are permanent and also available in pan form so you have time to swatch and play around before committing and you can also avoid depotting.

I went ahead and grabbed two of the new shades. The formula remains the same (or mostly so) as the previous release. They are creamy and smooth with full pigmentation. They blend easily onto the skin and while they leave a sheen on the skin, they don't translate as greasy or oily. They dry to a satin finish with a slight powdery feel.

They can be worn alone or under a powder blush for longer wear. I have not had an issue with these fading much throughout the day but they seem to stay more vibrant when used with a coordinating powder blush.


 Something Special -- Light coral
This color is a light pink coral color that may be a bit too light for darker skintones but it can work well as a highlight color. Lighter skin ladies will enjoy this shade if they like pinky corals.


Posey -- Warm peach 
On my skintone I didn't get warm peach at all as you may see in the swatch. This translated as more of a berry coral that shows as a wintry flush on my cheeks.


  • Use these before powder not after. If you use liquid or cream foundation, apply these after foundation but before setting with powder. If you use powder foundation, apply these before foundation and set with translucent powder rather than your foundation.
  • Be sure to blend these well across the cheeks to avoid 'skipping' or patches on the skin.
  • These work well with a stippling brush, fingers and synthetic bristled brushes.

Color Club REVVVOLUTION Nail Lacquer - NAILS

Color Club REVVVOLUTION Nail Lacquer - NAILS

Color Club for me has been hit or miss brand. The colors are always gorgeous but the texture and color payoff can be a bit spotty at times. I'm elated when the polishes actually apply well since the colors are divine. This is one such color - REVVVOLUTION.

This is a great pewter color and the result is beyond gorgeous. It's a gunmetal grey with golden iridescent sparkles. This is a perfect dark color for those who have always wanted to try black but prefer to avoid the harshness that black nail polish can bring.

I got full rich color in one coat but still applied two as I always do. The finish is similar to suede nail polishes but I added a top coat for a glossy sheen.

M∙A∙C Jeanius Collection - INFORMATION

M∙A∙C Jeanius Collection - INFORMATION

Jeanius is a celebration of the journey America made a national obsession. M∙A∙C keeps up with a Jeanius collection of moody blues and indigo ink, the quantum of modern cool, with four new limited-life denimized Eye Shadows, Lipglass, Blush and Biker Blue Nail Lacquer. Completely riveting.


Jeanius Eye Shadow
With its photo-transfer denim finish and limited-edition, goes-with-all-denim shade, this one-of-a-kind powder Eye Shadow finds itself solidly in the ranks of the M∙A∙C Jeanius collection. Colourfully shapes the eyes. Hugs close to the skin. Wear with your favourite jeans. Limited edition.
3 g / 0.10 US oz

White Jeanius - White w/ silver pearl
Diva in Distress - Midtone grey w/ silver 
Motorhead - Midtone dirty blue w/ copper pearl 
Stovepipe Black - Black w/ copper pearl

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.
3 g / 0.1 US oz  
Acid Washed - Grayish beige w/ gold pearl  (Glaze)
Pretty Please - Pale pink pearl  (Lustre)
Riveting Rose - Deep burgundy w/ blue pearl  (Frost)


A unique lip gloss available in a wide variety of colours that can create a high gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Designed to be worn on its own, over Lip Pencil or Lipstick, Tinted Lipglass is the perfect product for creating shine that lasts. It's pigmented, very shiny and can impart subtle or dramatic colour. It contains Jojoba Oil to help soften and condition the lips. Tinted Lipglass is packaged in a convenient bottle with a sponge tip applicator that provides a quick, smooth, even application.
4.8 g / 0.17 US oz  
Painted On - Grayish beige w/ gold pearl 
Docile - Chrome pink w/ gold 
Indigo Pink - Deep burgundy w/ blue pearl 


Powder Blush
Colour for the cheeks and face. Various formulas. Different looks.

5.6 g / 0.19 US oz  

Pink Cult - Midtone dirty neutral pink  (Matte)
Overdyed - Bright magenta  (Satin)


 Nail Lacquer

Revolutionary new high gloss formula. Three long-wearing finishes - Cream, Sheer, and Frosted. Visibly different. Provides no-streak/no-chip finish. Contains conditioners and UV protection. Go hi-lacquer!
10 ml / 0.34 US fl oz 

Frayed to Order - White matte with soft pink duochrome pearl  (Matte)
Biker Blue - Black base w/ purple & blue pearl  (Frost)


Penultimate Eye Liner

A liquid pen-style liner that provides the ultimate precise, bold line in a rich, deep carbon black shade. Goes on fluidly, in one steady stroke, to style any fashion of eye line.
1 g / .03 US oz

Rapidblack - True black 


Penultimate Brow Marker
A liquid, pen-style marker for colouring and styling the brows to a well-defined, natural-looking finish. Easy to control. Tapered tip provides precision and helps create the feathery strokes needed to fill in and perfect the brows. Flow-through, quick-drying formula means no smudges. Long-wearing.
1 g / .03 US oz  
Universal - Universal shade

Feb 24, 2011

M∙A∙C Sheen Supreme Lipstick Collection - INFORMATION

M∙A∙C Sheen Supreme Lipstick Collection - INFORMATION

There's nothing quite as worldly cinematic as a Lipstick. Imagine no muddy undertones, gliding in pearl or creme finish, moisturizing with no sticky/tacky feel. It's a new medium, with M∙A∙C in the lead. Sheen Supreme is retro/modern and devastatingly chic.

Release date (US & Canada) - March 3rd, 2011
Release date (International) - March 2011

This lipstick collection and it's new formula will be a new addition to the M∙A∙C permanent line. These are touted as similar to the discontinued M∙A∙C Slimshine Lipsticks of yesteryear. These are meant to be a cross between a lipglass and a lipstick to result in high color impact with glossy shine.
There are 14 shades available in two finishes and a multitude of colors - nudes, pinks, corals, reds, berries - you are sure to find a match for you.Since they are permanent you can take your time and feel these out.
Sheen Supreme Lipstick

Combining the colour impact of a Lipstick with the shine sheen of a Lipglass, Sheen Supreme creates the perfect hybrid - with no compromise. Lightweight, non-sticky, slick to apply and comfortable to wear. This is a must-have for all those who have craved this kind of fusion.


Supremely Confident - Pale nude (Cream)
Bare Again - Pinky neutral beige (Cream)
Can’t Get Enough - Beige neutral  (Frost)
Behave Yourself - Light blue pink (Frost)
Gotta Dash! - Pale clean coral (Frost)
Full Speed - Bright clean yellow pink (Frost)
Insanely It - Watermelon pink (Cream) 
Ultra Darling - Mid-tone yellow pink (Frost) 
New Temptation - Vivid blue red (Cream)
Quite the Thing! - Deep blue plum (Frost)
Can’t Resist - Golden purplish red (Frost)
Look at Her! - Metallic copper (Cream)
Impressive - Neutral gilded plum (Cream)
Good to be Bad - Deep burgundy (Frost)

M∙A∙C Cremeblend Blush Collection - INFORMATION

M∙A∙C Cremeblend Blush Collection - INFORMATION

For every contour control freak, for every persistent perfectionist comes this wondrous way to play with blush that gives you the most magnificent flexibility you've ever had...Starts creamy, stays creamy and proves that powder is NOT your only prerogative. Make powdery a thing of the past.

Release date (US & Canada) - March 3rd, 2011
Release date (International) - March 2011


M∙A∙C is re-releasing the Cremeblend Blush formula from the M∙A∙C in Lillyland Collection (collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer) that debuted back in January 2010. The formula was quite a hit and will now be a part of the permanent line as a replacement of the discontinued Blushcreme formula. 

The collection features 6 shades - one re-promote from the M∙A∙C in Lillyland Collection, three previous Blushcreme colors and two brand new colors. The formula is a great improvement on the Blushcremes that tended to be a bit too greasy for oilier skin. The Cremeblend blushes are smooth, creamy but do not add a greasy layer to your skin. Oliy skinned ladies can still enjoy the natural finish of this cream blush without worrying about the shine. They are also permanent so you can slowly test and build your collection. Plus they are available in pan form for palette lovers.

Cremeblend Blush
A blush that manages to make a simple blush state-of-the-art. Creamy, easy to blend medium coverage formula imparts a natural finish that's smooth, dewy-fresh, long-lasting.

5.6 g / 0.19 US oz
US$16.50 (Pro Pan)

So Sweet, So Easy - Bright yellow pink (re-promote from M∙A∙C in Lillyland Collection)
Something Special - Light coral  (new)
Posey - Warm peach (originally Blushcreme)
Ladyblush - Warm neutral coral (originally Blushcreme)
Brit Wit - Dusty rosey mauve (originally Blushcreme)
Tea Petal - Mid-tone reddish brown (new)

Are you getting any?

Feb 23, 2011

Kat Von D True Romance Pigments - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

Kat Von D True Romance Pigments - THOUGHTS and SWATCHES...

True Romance Pigments - A longwearing eyeshadow pigment that provides intense color payoff.

Nothing gets an eye bolder than the pure color in Kat's True Romance loose powder eyeshadows. Made with smart ingredients and concentrated pigments, each shade blends easily to create pure color lids. With Kat's sifter dispenser, the perfect application amount pours each time, helping you avoid the mess of some loose eyeshadows.

Each pot contains a huge amount of product, making this product an incredible value. Combine with one of Kat's High Voltage Eye Primers for an extra firm hold and lockdown. "Powerful, pure color that will tattoo your eyes." — Kat Von D., tattoo artist and reality television star.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Parabens
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Phthalates
- GMOs

Size: 5.0g/.17 oz.
Price: $16


My Four Ps

These retail for $16 each for 5 grams of product. Of course I will compare these to M∙A∙C Pigments that retail for $19.50 each for 4.5g of product. So they are cheaper by $3.50 and you get 0.5g more product. I will say this, I don't consider the Kat Von D line as high-end but more mid-medium end if that makes sense. I would not compare Kat Von D to brands like Urban Decay, M∙A∙C and Too Faced since the brand is new and an up-and-comer. So while $16 for 5g is literally cheaper than M∙A∙C Pigments, I think both are equally priced based on the quality and quantity. In other words for me this is not a bargain price for this brand. I think these are priced right where they should be. I hope I'm making sense here.

These come in similar packaging as M∙A∙C Pigments but sport a nifty little sifter jar (at least I thought so at first). The jars are very small for the amount of product so there is no spare room at the top. You are getting a fully packed jar with these. The jars themselves have signature tattoo print of most Kat Von D products and are very sturdy with screw-on caps. I was all good until I tried to get the product out of the sifter holes...major fiasco! Because of the product texture, the pigments do not work well with the sifters at all and barely any product will dispense (even after serious shaking and banging). Thankfully the sifters lids are removable which will allow you the access you crave!

The drawback to these pigments is in the product itself. These are not loose eyeshadows and do not have the finely milled texture of other pigments on the market. These are more of the chunky side and are comparative to M∙A∙C Solar Bits. Let's see if I can describe these - the texture is somewhat moist and the particles clump together into small balls.

There are 6 shades mostly in the blue/purple/gold family. Not a huge range or variety here but I assume they are a work in progress. The lighter shade had more clumping issues than the blue shade so I am not sure what to expect from other shades.

Now with the texture being what it is, it makes these pigments harder to work with. First you will need to 'crush' the little balls of pigment with your brush and then either use them wet or with a sticky base in order for them to adhere to the skin. When used dry these pigments seem to have a lot of fallout and spotty color payoff. The lighter shade I tried had zero color payoff when used dry and even when used wet it was still very sheer. The darker shade faired better and had decent color payoff but lots of fallout when used dry.

I'm not a fan and can't openly recommend these pigments at all. They are not horrid products but they are not the easiest to work with and there are too many alternatives out there to get stuck with just a semi-decent one. I hope the formula will improve but for now...not on my to-get list.

Starcrossed - (golden beige shimmer)
See the clumping effect?

Starcrossed - Dry/Wet
The dry swatch was over UDPP and the wet swatch is just using water. Both swatches are about 4 layers. Yes...it is THAT sheer!

Johnette - (royal blue shimmer)
Less clumping but there are still balls of pigment that need to be broken up.

The dry swatch was over UDPP and the wet swatch is just using water. Both swatches are about 2 layers.

Starcrossed, Johnette